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Berger paint

  1. 1. Berger Paints India Limited (BPIL) is one of Indias foremost paint companies,currently ranked as second largest on the basis of consolidated sales turnover inIndian paint industry.Mr.SubirBose is the Managing Director of this company.Established in 17th December, 1923, the company then known as Hadfileds (India) Limited; was a small paintcompany based in Kolkata having its only manufacturing facility at Howrah, West Bengal to produce ready mixedstiff paints, varnishes and distempers. Post-independence, towards the end of 1947, British Paints (Holdings)Limited, U.K acquired Hadfields (India) Limited and thus British Paints (India) Limited was incorporated. From aproduction capacity of 150 tonnes and sales turnover of around Rs. 25 lakhs in 1947, the company has come along way to become at one point of time; a part of the worldwide BERGER group in 1983 and thereby acquiringits present name Berger Paints India Limited to having subsequently gone through further ups & downs as wellas ownership changes to gain its present status wherein the majority stake is with Delhi based Dhingra brothersand business revenue close to Rs.2000 crs.Today Berger Paints India Limited, having solely used and developed the name and trademark BERGER and allits variants in India, is a household name in paint. With Head Office in Kolkata the company manufactures andmarkets a range of decorative & industrial paint products under various product brands and has it operationsspread throughout the length & breath of the country; with seven manufacturing facilities in India and more than82 depots, several regional & area offices, besides four facilities overseas. It has a workforce of over 2300employees and a countrywide distribution network of 12000 plus dealers.Berger Paints has clearly demonstrated its commitment to Indian consumers for over 85 years, by offering itsvaried range of high performing quality products backed by highest level of customer service. Companys highethical standards in business dealings and its on-going efforts in community welfare make Berger Paints IndiaLimited a responsible corporate citizen. While the companys decorative and Industrial paints continue to gain anincreasing market share, Berger as an organization has managed to achieve sustainable competitive advantagethrough innovations in all spear of business, desire to excel and by creating a winning culture & abiding faith in itsvalues & philosophy among all its stakeholders.With Berger Paints you can now see your imagination of colour unfurl in front of your eyes and watch your homecome alive telling a thousand tales.Transform you home with the POWER OF IMAGINATION.
  2. 2. Awards & Certifications Readers Digest Gold Award for the most trusted brand - 2008Certified to ISO 9001Certified to ISO Environment Excellence Award for Howrah Works – by West14001 Bengal Pollution Control Board & Indian Chamber of Commerce – 2001, Kolkata Genius HR Excellence Award 2011 - Excellence in Best Training Initiative Category A - 22nd April 2011, Kolkata
  3. 3. Certificate Trophy Best Supplier Award for outstanding Berger Paints received the 1st rank as fastest contribution in Product Development growing paint company at Construction from OEM customer M/S Whirlpool - World NICMAR Award -2005, Bengaluru. 2005, Faridabad.The following table depicts the ISO Certifications of the Company’s various Plants &Depots Under Plant location Certified ImplementationLocation ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO/TS -16949GoaJammuHowrahPondicherryRishra Other Locations / Depot cum Sales Offices:Location ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO/TS -16949
  4. 4. Corporate Office atKolkataBengaluru - IBengaluru – IIChennai – IChennai – IIFaridabadHosurHyderabadKalyan ( Mumbai)Kolkata - IKolkata - IIPunePunjabibagh
  5. 5. Prdouct Of bergerInterior Wall CoatingsExterior Wall CoatingsBerger Metal & Wood PaintsLiving Green1Interior Emulsions Silk The very name silk conveys soft to touch &feel, high sheen, aesthetics and premiumness. Hence to consumers Silk a symbol of refined taste, lifestyle and class . All of which come alive in Berger Silk - the first luxury emulsion introduced in India. Silk is considered as a niche brand among the range of Berger products. It represents premiumness, sheen, smoothness and colour which brings alive both the rich luxurious smooth feel of silk on the walls as well the premium silk lifestyle. Breathe Easy „Breathe Easy‟ is the only paint which leaves no smell after painting. It has been certified by Green Label Committee of Singapore Environment & Health Safety Standards as eco-friendly and healthy. Additionally, it is highly cleanable and resistant to fungus growth. All this and its impeccable sheen, make it a truly innovative product in premium interior emulsion segment. Rangoli Easy Clean Rangoli Easy Clean emulsion consists of special varieties of polymers and colourants. Its balanced composition and additives provide minimum porosity. As the emulsion is easy to clean, it maintains its new look for years. Rangoli Easy Clean is the best option for excellent finish at a reasonable price. Rangoli Super Acrylic Emulsion Rangoli Super Acrylic Emulsion is made of unique forms of co-polymers and pigments available. These ingredients along with exclusive additives provide an optimum dispersion level. It gives a rich matt effect and gives a superior covering when applied for interior walls with stain guard technology.
  6. 6. Bison Acrylic Emulsion Berger‟s Bison Acrylic Emulsion has a smooth and stylish matt finish, making it an ideal choice for the price conscious customer. It has twice the durability of distemper and is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. Made up of special colour fast pigments with excellent anti-fading properties, it comes in a range of 10,000 shades.Designer Finishes Illusions Illusions is a unique product in its lifestyle portfolio which is designed to inspire its customers to paint their imagination. The ultimate in stylish and modern living, the interior wall paints enliven spaces with their fascinating patterns created with internationally designed tools and techniques. Illusions includes designer wall finishes from Imagine, Metallica and Marble. Illusions Imagine Imagine includes a range of slow drying emulsions in non-metallic and smooth textures. The emulsions allow customization and their unique cross linking polymers make the designs washable and easy to maintain. Metallica Besides walls, the Metallica range of luxurious designer finishes which is non-blackening, is perfect for surfaces in metal and wood. With its two basic colours, gold and silver, a myriad metallic shades can be created. Marble Marble is a range that offers a wide variety of textures and colours in three finishes – satin, matt and gloss. Being 100% washable walls painted with Illusions Marble retain their gloss even after being cleaned.Distempers Bison Distemper Bison Acrylic Distemper is a-100% water based acrylic co-polymer emulsion designed for interior walls. Available in both factory-made ready shades and in a tintable format, it gives surfaces an elegant and durable mat finish.
  7. 7. Jadoo Acrylic Distemper Berger Paints Jadoo Acrylic Distemper is a complete water based acrylic emulsion meant only for interior walls. It comes in a wide range of colours and is India‟s most preferred brand of paints. Jadoo provides excellent finishes to walls at a reasonably low cost.2Exterior Emulsions WeatherCoat All Guard Silicon based paint with enhanced water resistance; WeatherCoat All Guard, a Premium Plus Exterior Wall Paint, is the first paint in the industry to use the Silicon Technology. Silicon is a powdered chemical which when added to paint imparts visible water repellency to the paint film and water rolls of it keeping your house 100% rain proof. Moreover, it comes with a 7-year warranty. WeatherCoat Smooth WeatherCoat exterior emulsion paint made of unique pigments and additives, can withstand extreme weather conditions. Further more, it has a unique feature called “one way barrier” which enables the wall to breathe out moisture. It also comes with the highest sheen from among its compatriots with Heat Resisting technology that keeps your house upto 5 degrees cooler. WeatherCoatLonglife WeatherCoatLonglife, a premium plus acrylic paint for exterior walls, with its Elastomeric property, ensures that the paint film stretches to cover hairline cracks thus ensuring that walls a look new for longer. The paint is suitable for buildings with hairline crack problems and structures in high rainfall areas where water seepage occurs through hairline cracks. WeatherCoat Tile Protektor WeatherCoat Tile Protektor is a tough, super protective 100% acrylic latex paint specially formulated for tiles and bricks. It is highly water resistant and protects tiles/bricks from dampness, algae and fungi caused by lashing/heavy rain. Its unique latex formulation gives tiles a long lasting new look.
  8. 8. Walmasta Berger‟s Walmasta is a-100% water based paint. Made of suitable pigments, it is ideal for dry climates. It has higher resistance to cracking and its matt finish makes it a less expensive alternative to cement paint.Primer WeatherCoatBiowash A fast acting anti-fungal pre-treatment to be used prior to painting. Biowash has been specially formulated with powerful broad spectrum biocides and fungicides combined with detergent properties to keep exterior surfaces free from a wide variety of microbial activity. A ready to use solution, the product can be applied on masonry, brick, plaster and wood. Low in toxicity. Biowash maintains its stability in high temperatures (upto 100 degrees C) and a pH range of 2 – 12. WeatherCoat Exterior Wall Primer The WeatherCoat is a water based primer which is suitable for exterior surfaces. Made of special pigments, it ensures longer life of the entire paint system. This primer seeps through the permeable surface and seals it. Moreover it primer provides exceptional whiteness and opacity.3Enamels Breathe Easy Enamel Breathe Easy Luxury water based enamel is a gloss enamel developed primarily for use on wood and metal though it can also be applied on wall surfaces Luxol Satin Enamel Berger Paints Luxol Satin Enamel is a solvent based paint that is washable and long lasting. It can be used in areas like kitchens, balconies, etc. Made out of exclusive micro fine pigments and extenders, its silky smooth finish gives the surface a glowing look.
  9. 9. Luxol High Gloss Enamel Berger Luxol High Gloss Enamel, perfect for all surfaces both interior and exterior, can withstand any Indian weather condition. Formulated with alkyd and select colourants, it gives a long lasting glossy finish to every surface it touches. Berger Butterfly GP Enamel l Butterfly Enamel meant only for interior surfaces can be applied on wooden surfaces and select mild-steel surfaces. It is a solvent based paint which provides maximum level of gloss and complete customer satisfaction. Jadoo Enamel The value for money Jadoo Enamel is a solvent based paint meant only for interior surfaces like doors, windows, furniture and mild steel surfaces like grills. It gives surfaces a glossy look.Clear Wood Woodkeeper PU Legend Woodkeeper, meant for wooden surfaces, is available in both matt and glossy finishes. It is an environment friendly paint as its composition is free from heavy metals like lead. This paint is easy to maintain because of its stain proof feature. It gives an excellent transparent finish and preserves the natural look of the wooden surface for years. Premium Wood Coatings from Becker Acroma – Italy The premium wood coatings imported from Becker Acroma, Italy enliven the aesthetics of your household furniture and woodworks, giving both interiors and exteriors an international look. 2-Pack (2:1) PU System Comprising of the complete range of finishes (matt, semi-gloss and gloss), which renders an appealing look to your furniture and table-tops, the 2:1- PU system is based on the CROMO-4 technology. The technology has a rapid-curing coating system offering a silky-smooth finish which has a scratch-resistance, a stain-guard-resistance and toughness-flexibility balance, which gives furniture an evergreen new look. It is also available in transparent and opaque shades.
  10. 10. 3-Pack Polyester Coating Based on the Italian technology, it offers a mirror-like, high-reflecting artificial glass-look for your table-tops. It is the toughest available coating, with the best abrasion and scratch resistance properties. It is a low-cost-maintenance coating, requiring no additional paint application in the renovation operation. Interiors: The parquet flooring lacquer for the interior flooring and furniture, offers the toughest and the highly efficient abrasion-resistant coating in the low-VOC, heavy-metal-free, child-safe coatings range. In addition to being an Eco-friendly coating, it is also a user-friendly and can be offered in 16 colours. Exteriors: These coatings, applicable on exterior woodworks like wooden-chalets, doors, window-frames, wooden grills, gates, etc. offer highly elastomeric and flexible coatings, which can expand and contract along with the wood-fibres. The coatings can withstand shuttle temperature and climatic variations, and thus retain the evergreen new look for ages.4Living GreenGreen initiatives undertaken by Berger Berger has pioneered a range of Green Products which include:Water-based Wall Coatings which conform to the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) limits of permissibleVolatile Organic Content (VOC).Breathe Easy, an emulsion with very Low VOC (8.4 gm/ltr). The product, certified by the Singapore GreenLabeling Scheme (SGLS), is particularly suitable for hotels and hospitals. It is completely odourless and leavesno lingering smell usually associated with freshly painted rooms. This means, rooms painted can be used within acouple of hours post painting as no airing-out time is required. Free of allergens and without carcinogens, it isone of the most eco-friendly wall coatings.Becker Acromarange of Water Borne Wood Coatings are innovative wood coatings from Berger, with very lowVOC. The flexibility of the paint film makes it suitable for exterior applications.Berger water borne wood coatings are environment friendly and have low VOC which makes the entire procedurehygienic and environment friendly. Quite unlike typical wood finishes like Melamine and PU that containisocyanide which is poisonous and makes the hardener non-eco friendly. Its effect on children and infants can befatal.WeatherCoat Heat Insulating Paint contains heat reflective additives. These additives help reflect thermal raysand keep the building cool resulting in energy saved and reduced heating and cooling bills. In addition, the paint
  11. 11. acts like an insulator for the wall providing long lasting protection against UV degradation and atmosphericpollution.WeatherCoat All Guard is the only Organo-Silicone based water repellent emulsion in Indian Market. It is knownfor its superior water repellence, exquisite finish and enhanced durability for exteriors.Innovative Designer Textures for Exquisite Exteriors are low VOC textures. The eco friendly textures aredesigned to take care of minor wall undulations and add to the aesthetics of the room. The designer texturesinclude Marble finishes, Metallic finishes, Spatula finish, Rustic finish, Dholpur Stone finish, Bubble finishes,Spray finishes, Roller finishes besides others.Illusions is a unique product in its lifestyle portfolio which is designed to inspire its customers to paint theirimagination. The ultimate in stylish and modern living, the interior wall paints enliven spaces with their fascinatingpatterns created with internationally designed tools and techniques. Illusions includes designer wall finishes fromImagine, Metallica and Marble.WeatherCoat exterior emulsion paint made of unique pigments and additives, can withstand extreme weatherconditions. Further more, it has a unique feature called “one way barrier” which enables the wall to breathe outmoisture. It also comes with the highest sheen from among its compatriots with Heat Resisting technology thatkeeps your house upto 5 degrees coolerSALES TURNOVER in croreCompany Name 10-11 09-10 08-09 07-08 06-07Berger paint 2,100.82 1,688.68 1,513.74 1,346.21 1,172.21Asian paints 6,322.24 5,125.08 4,270.05 3,416.16 2,821.29Kansai Nerolac 2,139.88 1,707.41 1,375.63 1,319.75 1,222.38Paints Ltd.Jenson & Nicholson 46.69 38.45 37.47 30.75 27.50(India) Ltd.Shalimar Paints Ltd. 405.83 367.28 370.77 340.14 290.49
  12. 12. SUBSIDIARY AND JOINT VENTURESThe Statement of the holding Company‟s interest in the Subsidiary companies namelyBeepee Coatings Pvt. Limited (“Beepee Coatings”),Berger Jenson & Nicholson (Nepal)Private Limited (“BJN - Nepal”), Berger Paints (Cyprus) Limited (“Berger Cyprus”), Cyprus,subsidiary of its subsidiary company Berger Cyprus - namely, Berger Paints OverseasLimited (“BPOL”), Russia, Lusako Trading Limited (Lusako), Cyprus, and subsidiary of itssubsidiary company Lusako - namely Bolix S.A., Poland and Build - Trade sp. z.o.o., Poland,a subsidiary of Bolix S.A., as specified in Sub-section (3) of Section 212 of the CompaniesAct, 1956 („the Act‟) is attached to the Report and Accounts of the Company.The Ministry of Company Affairs vide General Circular No. 2/2011, dated 8th February,2011 has granted general exemption to companies from seeking approval of CentralGovernment under Section 212 of the Companies Act, 1956 from annexing to this Report theAnnual Reports of the subsidiaries subject to compliance of certain conditions specifiedtherein. Hence, the Annual Reports of the subsidiary companies have not been annexedherewith. The Consolidated Financial Statement includes the results of these subsidiarycompanies, duly audited by their respective statutory auditors. Annual Accounts of thesubsidiary companies and related detailed other information shall be made available to themembers seeking such information and shall also be kept open for inspection at the HeadOffice of the Company by any investor during working hours. 15There were severe winter conditions in the first quarter of 2010 in Poland. The performanceof Bolix for financial year 2010 showed marginal improvement over 2009 against thisbackdrop. The building construction industry continued to be sluggish in financial year2010 though there are signs that the demand for External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS)products is improving gradually in the first quarter of 2011.Bolix has launched its newpremium HD (Heavy Duty) range of EIFS products in the first quarter of financialyear 2011 as well as exciting retrofitting renovation and repair solutions which have beenreceived well in the market and will help to reinforce Bolix‟s technology player platform. On20th October, 2010, Build - Trade sp. z.o.o. (BT) was incorporated as a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Bolix S.A. for the purpose of trading in certain third party products relating toEIFS. Consequently, BT has become a wholly owned subsidiary of your Company. BT didnot carry out any business in the financial year ended on 31st December, 2010.Results of BJN-Nepal, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, showed substantialimprovement. During the year under review, BJN-Nepal achieved a turnover of ` 450.6million and Profit Before Tax of ` 74.6 million.Beepee Coatings Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, with its entiremanufacturing facilities dedicated to processingVthe Company‟s products, achieved anincrease in the processing income from ` 101.6 million to ` 110 million. The erection of theemulsionVplant under the aegis of Beepee Coatings has been completed and will startoperations in the current year.
  13. 13. Berger Paints (Cyprus) Limited, Cyprus, is a special purpose vehicle for the purpose ofmaking investments in your Company‟s interests abroad and so is Lusako Trading Limited.Berger Paints Overseas Limited in Russia, in spite of improvement in sales by 47.10%,posted a loss of ` 13.5 million during the year on account of sustained pressures on marginsarising out of increases in material cost.Berger Becker Coatings Limited, the Company‟s joint venture with Becker Industrifarg,Sweden is a preferred supplier in the coil coatings market and during the year under review, itposted a profit before tax of ` 57.7 million.BNB Coatings Limited, the Company‟s joint venture with Nippon Bee Chemicals CompanyLimited, Japan substantially improved its business with a 46% increase in revenue and posteda net profit of ` 12 million in its third year of operations.Pursuant to an agreement with Punjab National Bank and Pnb Principal Insurance BrokingPrivate Limited on 23rd June, 2010, theCompany sold its entire holding of 125,000 equity shares of ` 100 each, in Pnb PrincipalInsurance Broking Private Limited, originallypurchased at face value, at a consideration of ` 50,138,750 on 12th January, 2011.