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Ps Data Bank

  1. 1. Egypt 1st Quarter meeting Amany Samir Administrator Coordinator 11&12 March 2009 Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success
  2. 2. Bank Monetary Bank : It’s an organization to arrange any finance operation Product Support Data Bank: • It’s a new project to arrange any Product Support Data exchange Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 2
  3. 3. Bank One way to answer your question is to imagine, for a moment, a world without banking institutions, and then to ask yourself a few questions If there were no banks… Imagine Product Imagine a world Support bank!!! without without Data Bank!!!  Where would you go to borrow money?  would you go to borrow PS data?  What would you do with your savings?  What would you do with your data, material,..etc?  Would you be able to borrow (save) your dataas you need,you  Would you be able to borrow (save) as much as much as when need, when you need that would be convenient for you? you need it, in a form it, in a form that would be convenient for you? What risks might you face as a saver (borrower)?  What risks might you face as a saver (borrow) PS data? Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 3
  4. 4. Bank Role Regulates debtor and creditor Regulates debtor and creditor Product Support Data operation operation Saving Product Support Data Saving Money Loan Product Support Data Loan Money Transferring knowledge and Transfer financial resources experience from richer to poorer countries. Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 4
  5. 5. PSD Bank Source Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 5
  6. 6. PSD Bank Source Shua’a: • Establish since year 1993. • Issue three Bulletins: Khulasat – Business digest – Relations. • Arabic translations of the best selling books, have been published for executives and businessmen, which adds value to the Arab managerial knowledge. • Their main mission is to bridge the gap between the managerial practice and theories in the developed countries and the Arab business environment by providing concise and applicable information. Training Overseas Local Training Customer Seminar Internet Others Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 6
  7. 7. Needs Collecting data. Keeping original Materials in one place. Use the request data form and send it by mail. Good maintenance for the borrowing hard copy. Use and sign the circulation sheet for the borrowing/returning hard copy. Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 7
  8. 8. Bank Location Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success 8
  9. 9. VISION 2012 STRATEGIC GOALS Market Customer Profitable Leadership Loyalty Growth CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR 11 Contract Integrated Infrastructure Coverage People Management Solutions Operational Excellence Strategic Areas Of Facility Development 1 Improvement Cost Control People Development OUR VALUES IN ACTION INTEGRITY,EXCELLENCE,TEAMWORK,COMMITMENT Dependable Partners, Sustainable Success