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Impact of internet & mobile penetration on recruitment


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Read this content to know how Internet and Mobile has impacted the Recruitment industry.

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Impact of internet & mobile penetration on recruitment

  1. 1. Impact Of Internet & Mobile Penetration On Recruitment
  2. 2. India is the second largest smartphone market in the world with over 220 million smartphone users in 2016. Interestingly, the number is still less than just 30% of the country’s population[1]. With the average smartphone prices plummeting every year, companies can be assured that more and more of their market is adopting smartphones but are they using mobile internet as well? Yes, they are. 81% OF INDIAN TALENT ACQUISITION LEADERS DO NOT USE MOBILE RECRUITING TOOLS
  3. 3. Reports suggest that over 370 million Indians are using mobile internet with the Y-o-Y growth rate of 56%, much more than the desktop numbers. India seems to be following the same trends as set by USA and Australia where in 2009, 70% of recruitment classified revenue was generated offline and was estimated to drop to 15% in 2015. Trends Recruiters Need To Notice 81% of Indian talent acquisition leaders do not use mobile recruiting tools.
  4. 4. LinkedIn had taken notice of the mobile trend to a couple of years ago itself. They reported that there has been a 90% increase in the number of users who use mobile to look out for job opportunities and 55% increase in the users who apply for jobs through this medium. This is probably why over the last 2-3 years we’ve seen LinkedIn work on their mobile app and web for the Indian Market. too, in 2014, blogged about their mobile first approach for job seekers. They claimed that 71% job seekers were more comfortable in applying to jobs via mobile than desktop. The Money Is Moving Online
  5. 5., the Indian recruitment giant with about 75-80% market share has also had a mobile first approach in the recent years. In fact, in April 2017, Hitesh Oberoi, CEO of Info Edge in an interview claimed that about 60-65% of’s revenue comes from their mobile app. On digging into our own database at we saw that almost 70% of our job seekers prefer to apply for jobs on the mobile site or app as compared to the desktop version. From The Companies In The Industry
  6. 6. The Indian job seeker is moving to mobile at such a rapid pace, that the industry is increasingly attracting investors from all over the globe. The Indian recruiters, however, will have to take notice of this trends and adapt accordingly or risk losing the attention of the best talents in the country. CONCLUSION
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