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7 things which should not be on your resume


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Read this content to know those 7 things which you should avoid in your professional resume.

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7 things which should not be on your resume

  1. 1. 7 Things Which Should Not Be On Your Resume
  2. 2. Salary History  You should never mention how much your salary was in the previous organizations  You should show the value of your previous job and the skills you acquired which is relevant for the current job post  If you are so concerned about your salary, talk to the interviewer or the HR directly and discuss it
  3. 3. Hobbies And Interests  Don’t mix your hobbies with your interests  Hobby is an activity done regularly in your free time  Feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone is your interest  Don’t put hobbies like playing football or dancing  Think whether your hobby will help in your job, you’ll get the answer
  4. 4. Crazy Fonts And Colours  Use fonts which are easy to read and won’t confuse the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  If you are applying for a creative job, showcase your design skills on your portfolio rather than on your resume  For the headlines you can use another font  Your resume should not have more than one or two fonts
  5. 5. Multiple Phone Numbers  The more phone numbers you add to your resume the lesser chances you have of getting shortlisted for the interview  Be clear about your contact details by providing only one phone number
  6. 6. Too Much Of The Past  Recruiters are interested in your most recent experience and how it relates to the job which you are applying for  If you are a fresher with no job experience then you need to focus on your achievements in college  Remove the dates from your degree, certifications or awards which fall outside the 15 years window
  7. 7. Irrelevant Information  Including your religious preference, or social security numbers (Passport or PAN card number) in your resume is irrelevant to get a job  This might have been the standard in the past, but all of this information is actually not required
  8. 8. Flashy Pictures  If you want to put your photograph on your CV, it should be decent, unlike your facebook profile pictures  Don’t ruin your impression by putting a flashy picture
  9. 9. I Would Like To Add One More Thing In case you are sharing your resume with the recruiter on the email, always mention a short summary of your profile in the email body. The summary helps in getting your resume shortlisted, based on the relevance of course. Also, creating a good impression on your recruiter with the resume is an important and first step towards cracking the interview.
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