Aarts Business Coaching


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Aarts Business Coaching

  1. 1. Aarts Business Coaching
  2. 2.  What is Business Coaching and what’s not My Offering Your Benefits Why me, my Credentials My Business Coaching Expertise My Coaching Objectives and Approach My Philosophy, Values, Ethics and Standards My High Level Coaching Process and Action list Some of my Coaching Tools and Techniques Aarts Business Coaching
  3. 3.  The process of equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities you need to develop yourself and to become more effective (Peterson, 1996) Unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance (Gallwey) About a relationship of trust, empathy, acceptance, and honesty. A partnership, action orientated, data driven and focused on the present. It is supportive, challenging and stretching. Facilitating the exploration of needs, desires, motivators, skills, thought processes and to assist in creating possibilities to make real and lasting change. An experimental individualised process to help you and / or your team to be more successful in achieving your goals. A safe space to reflect and think, with the aim to optimise your potential, increase awareness, improve performance and to build responsibility for personal choice. You will set your own agenda and discover your best answers. Aarts Business Coaching
  4. 4.  Mentoring; often an internal senior person, not in the direct management line, with considerable knowledge and experience, who offers guidance, help and support to younger colleagues. Counselling ; may overlap with coaching but deals most of the time with emotional problems and borders often towards psychotherapy. Psychotherapy ; helping mentally ill people. Aarts Business Coaching
  5. 5.  Business Coaching in English, German or Dutch, to improve your performance, increase your effectiveness in business and for personal growth. I coach; individuals and teams, in person, one-to-one, over the phone, on-line, Skype, E-mail and Twitter. At your wish, I provide you with my perspective on your challenges and strategies. I Facilitate; workshops, off-sites, team building exercises and conflict mediation. Aarts Business Coaching
  6. 6. An opportunity to....Get the best out of you. Solve business problems with less effort.Achieve what you really want. Have a different prospective, new thinking.Work on real lasting change. Learn how to help yourself.Enhance your skills. Improve your business results.Obtain more options. Enhance management of yourself and others.Increase your competence. Reach your goals more easily.Advance your leadership skills, to be a Achieve your goals with greater creativity andbetter leader, manager and/or team builder. productivity.Grow and Learn. Get better at doing your job, make a difference.Increasing your self-awareness and Have a better understanding of your skills andpersonal effectiveness. strengths and how to apply them more effectively.Enhance your career opportunities. Improve work / Life balance . Aarts Business Coaching
  7. 7.  Over 25 years experience in international senior leadership positions, working and living in different countries. In addition to coaching, I serve on a number of boards as a non-executive. What people say about me; practical, wise, driven, knowledgeable, trustworthy. A-member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) Aarts Business Coaching
  8. 8.  Leadership development- Authenticity. Decision making. Conflict management, Mission, Vision, Strategy, Effective communication, Team dynamics & Politics. Cross cultural coaching- Living and working in another country. Returning “home”.- Merges and acquisitions. Career coaching- A stronger sense of where you want to go with your career, both short and long-term.- Preparing for your next move, transition into a new role.- The first 100 days in your new job.- Burn-out and Re-entering. Aarts Business Coaching
  9. 9.  Unlocking and / or enhancing your skills and competencies, to develop your full potential. Facilitating your personal and professional growth. Increasing your self-awareness and wellbeing. Better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and behavioural patterns. Aarts Business Coaching
  10. 10.  Client centred; You are leading the process and you are the ultimate judge of what’s best for you; my job is to allow that process to happen. Flexible, coaching methods and styles that will best work for you, to reach your goal. i.e. Non-Directional and Reflective. Sharing my experience and knowledge, if you wish. Keeping you gently accountable to your long and short term goals, through goal-setting and review. Aarts Business Coaching
  11. 11.  Unconditional positive regard, respect for and believing in others, open, honest and non- judgemental. Flourish ,wellbeing and living up to your potential. Responsibility for one’s own life. The realisation and understanding of ones existence and social responsibility. Living in the here and now. I believe that most of us have a natural desire to grow and develop. Aarts Business Coaching
  12. 12.  Integrity, honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, creative, focusssed, but also fun & learning. All clients can expect a high standard of practice and ethics from me. I am committed to maintaining best practice and adherence to the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for ethical, competent and effective practice, from the Association for Coaching (AC), 66 Church Road, London W7 1LB, UK. Aarts Business Coaching
  13. 13.  First meeting, does the chemistry feel right? Presenting / Explaining business coaching. Contracting. Goal setting. Data collection & Planning. Agreeing a baseline and measurements for success. Coach for change, dialogue, feedback, etc. Develop an action plan. Closure, review and evaluation. Follow up / Maintenance. Aarts Business Coaching
  14. 14.  Deepen the relationship, based on mutual trust and respect. Establish a safe place, an environment for clients to be, to explore and reflect. Listen, probe, have dialogue, search for truth and meaning. Discover the core of an issue and establish SMART goals Find and articulate gaps. Explore strengths and weaknesses Discover and explore possibilities Agree and Prioritise an action plan for lasting success Align values with goals. Give feedback and challenge, thinking and behaviour. Be a resource, provide learning material, reading suggestions, share knowledge, share own experience. Keep my client focussed and on track. Provide support and encouragement. Aarts Business Coaching
  15. 15. GROW Model Shadowing ListeningExercises FIRO -B NLP Humour Aarts Business Coaching
  16. 16. Aarts Business Coaching
  17. 17. Contact me :aartspeter@hotmail.comSee my profile:http://www.linkedin.com/in/peteraarts Aarts Business Coaching