Findability Bliss Through Web Standards


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Connecting with your audience is objective number one for any website. Findability—the discipline of helping users discover the content they seek—not only helps businesses get their message out, but it improves the user experience, too. The secret to attaining findability bliss, both with search engines and beyond, lies in the wisdom of web standards.

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Findability Bliss Through Web Standards

  1. May 5, 2009 An Event Apart Seattle, WA
  2. findabilitybliss
  3. @aarron
  4. Findability
  5. 3 simple goals
  6. find your site
  7. find stuff in your site
  8. rediscover your site
  9. Beyond SEO
  10. the common thread
  11. Findability is not ...
  12. Findability is ...
  13. Content
  14. great content + web standards =
  15. great content + web standards = findability bliss
  16. The Standards Connection Semantic Markup: machine readable Accessibility: legible to search engines Progressively Enhance: remove barriers Microformats: re-discoverable
  17. Semantic Message
  18. “Aboutness”
  19. Position Keywords
  20. <title>
  21. <h1>
  22. <h2> & friends
  23. <strong> & <em>
  24. <a ...>here</a>
  25. title=“here”
  26. alt=“here”
  27. More Keyword Placement Your URL Logo file name Naturally in your content (<= 7%)
  28. <h1 id=quot;logoquot; title=”description”> Site or Organization Name </h1> /* css */ #logo { text-indent: -9999px; background: url(image.gif); width: 200px; height: 25px; } image replacement
  30. Bad Karma?
  33. Keyword Research?
  34. WWMD?
  37. Check Your Work
  42. Find Your Competitors
  43. Accessible Message
  44. present the entire message
  45. <img src=quot;logos.gifquot; alt=quot;Client logosquot; /> <a href=quot;#footnotequot; title=quot;Image descriptionquot;>about this image</a> <div id=quot;footnotequot;> <h4>Our Clients Include … </h4> <ul> <li> Yahoo! </li> <li> John Deere </li> <li> CNN </li> … </ul> </div> description link
  46. <acronym title=quot;Web Content Accessibility Guidelinesquot;> WCAG </acronym> <abbr title=quot;Georgiaquot;>GA</abbr> anticipate search behaviors
  47. What about JavaScript?
  48. Ajax Pitfalls
  49. Ajax Pitfalls
  50. Progressively Enhance
  51. make it work without JavaScript support
  52. navigation can’t rely on JavaScript
  53. What About Ajax?
  54. Ajax Problems No unique URL JavaScript required to load Not search engine friendly
  55. Ajax Solutions Don’t use it for mission critical content Use the Hijax Approach Fetch content server-side
  56. Portable Content is Re-discoverable
  57. <div id=quot;hcard-John-Stewartquot; class=quot;vcardquot;> <span class=quot;fnquot;>John Stewart</span> <div class=quot;orgquot;>The Daily Show</div> <div class=quot;adrquot;> <div class=quot;street-addressquot;>123 Some Street</div> <span class=quot;localityquot;>New York</span>, <span class=quot;regionquot;>NY</span>, <span class=quot;postal-codequot;>12345</span> <span class=quot;country-namequot;>USA</span> </div> </div> hCard microformat
  59. <div id=quot;hcalendar-An-Event-Apartquot; class=quot;veventquot;> <a href=quot;http://aneventapart.comquot; class=quot;urlquot;><abbr title=quot;2009-05-04T09:00-05:0000quot; class=quot;dtstartquot;>May 4th 9am</abbr> : <abbr title=quot;2009-05-05T20:00-05:00quot; class=quot;dtendquot;>5th 5pm, 2009</abbr> : <span class=quot;summaryquot;>An Event Apart</ span> in <span class=quot;locationquot;>Seattle, WA</span></a> <div class=quot;descriptionquot;>For people who make websites.</div> hCalendar microformat
  61. Do search engines recognize microformats?
  62. Will I get a ranking boost from validating?
  63. Findable Websites Are Successful Websites
  64. Your Clients Demand It
  65. Thanks
  67. findabilitybliss