Social Media Tips for NonProfits


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Presented to the AARP Driver Safety Program - Tips for using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to engage volunteers, sponsors, and participants

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Social Media Tips for NonProfits

  1. 1. Using Social Media to “Drive” Results AARP Driver Safety Presentation 5/9/14
  2. 2. Social Media is About Forming Connections
  3. 3. It’s About Telling People Why You Do What You Do “I love to volunteer for AARP, I Also Like Chocolate, and Biking. Let’s be Friends!”
  4. 4. So That They Can See Your Passion and Get Involved… As Volunteers As Sponsors As Participants
  5. 5. Today We’ll Be Talking About Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  6. 6. The Cardinal Rule(s) of Social Media Don’t Be Boring Visuals, Visuals, Visuals
  7. 7. How Many of You Are on Facebook?
  8. 8. The 50+ Are The Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook!
  9. 9. How Many of You Invite Class Participants to “Friend You on Facebook” as Part of Class.
  10. 10. How Many of You are Worried about Facebook Privacy? (which is why you don’t friend random class participants)
  11. 11. Here’s How You Check Your Privacy Settings…
  12. 12. Here’s How to Set Up Facebook Lists….
  13. 13. So That When You Post an Update…ONLY the People You Choose Can See It…
  14. 14. *2 minute Drill* What Could You Post on Facebook to Show Off AARP Driver Safety?
  15. 15. Want to Go Deeper on Facebook? Visit
  16. 16. Let’s Talk About Twitter
  17. 17. How Many of You are On Twitter?
  18. 18. The Media, Elected Officials, Non- Profits, and Boomers are on Twitter!
  19. 19. Here’s What You Need to Know About Twitter…
  20. 20. It’s All About “Hashtags” #AARPTEK #SecondWindIL
  21. 21. *2 minute Drill* How Could you Use Twitter to Promote the AARP Smart Driver Course, Safe Driving, or Attract Class Sponsors?
  22. 22. Want To Go Deeper On Twitter? Visit
  23. 23. Let’s Talk About Pinterest
  24. 24. Pinterest is Simply A Collection of Online Bulletin Boards
  25. 25. You Can Make as Many Boards As You Want… AND THEN Make Your Own Pins… Crafty! Crafty! Find Things From the Internet and Pin Them on Your Boards…
  26. 26. The Best Part? Pinterest Remembers Where You Found Your Pin in The First Place! Just Double Click The Pin!  
  27. 27. See How We Used it to Highlight This Awesome Volunteer on Our “Make It Better” Board?
  28. 28. *2 minute Drill* How Could you Use Pinterest to Promote the AARP Smart Driver Courses, Volunteering, Safe Driving?
  29. 29. Want to Go Deeper on Pinterest? Visit
  30. 30. Let’s Talk about Instagram
  31. 31. Instagram is an App for Smartphones that Makes Pictures Look Better…
  32. 32. For Example Photo Before Instagram Photo After Instagram
  33. 33. You Can Share Your New and Improved Instagram Pics to Facebook & Twitter & Instagram AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
  34. 34. *2 minute Drill* How Could you Use Instagram to Promote the AARP Smart Driver Courses, Safe Driving, Attract Class Sponsors or Volunteers?
  35. 35. Want to go deeper? Visit
  36. 36. For Inspiration Follow
  37. 37. Follow Me Too!