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Facebook and Skype keep families connected. But Privacy is Important too.

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  • Today we will show you some ways that you can use technology to stay in touch with your family and friends. Without your computers, phones, or tablets in front of you we don’t want to get too “into the weeds” or get too technical – we promise to provide you guides you can take home and try out.Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!
  • Hi Larry and Kyoko!
  • In the past Jenn may have watched that movie, thought of her dad, and not done a thing. Calling him just to say she’s watching a movie isn’t really a way they’ve connected. Since Jenn is a power Facebook user it was easy for her to snap a picture of her tv and let her dad know she was thinking of him. They talked about the movie the next day and shared memories of when Jenn was a kid and used to watch it over and over again! Dad also shared with Jenn some of his recent trips to Chicago to see some of these blues artists and relayed where they’re at now.
  • Facebook brings families together and lets you share everyday memories. Kids grow up so fast! Capture those special moments on FB and share them with your friends. You can post pictures, videos, or just text as your “status update” and it will show up only to friends who follow you. You get to decide who your friends are on Facebook just like in real life! If you think something one of your friends has “shared” is really cool you can “share it” with all your friends as well. Once you share something with your friends they can “like it” “share it with their friends” or leave a “comment” so you can all start discussing it.
  • If you don’t want someone to miss something on Facebook you need to get their attention. Since Kyoko doesn’t go on Facebook every day Facebook has made it possible to “Tag” people. It’s like calling out to Kyoko across the room – HEY I’m talking about you! Kyoko wouldn’t have wanted to miss this post from her daughter. By tagging her brother and sister too everyone was “notified” that Sayaka had something important to say. Depending on how she set it up – Kyoko may have received an email, or her “notification” icon may have lit up red in Facebook to let her know something important was going on.
  • Once you’re friends with people on Facebook you never have to remember their email addresses anymore and it’s easy to send message to a group of people at once. Everyone can see everyone else’s reply if they’ve been included in the message. In the example I’m about to show you’ll see Larry’s daughter Ashley is organizing a Father’s day get together. She sent it to 7 members of the family. Within no time she already had a couple responses and transportation lined up for Larry’s parents! Facebook is a great way for families to stay in touch.
  • Show of hands how many people are on Facebook – ways they’ve found to use it. How did they learn to use it? This will help others in the room feel comfortable with it.
  • The good news is that over the last few years Facebook has made it a lot simpler to understand your privacy settings and who is going to see what on Facebook. In just a few clicks you can restrict who sees what about you on Facebook and you can actually open up or restrict each and every “Status Update” as you post it. Have you heard any Facebook Horror stories? Rule of thumb – don’t post anything on Facebook you wouldn’t want read in a newspaper or you wouldn’t say to a reporter .
  • Sometimes you don’t want the world to know everything about you. It’s not a great idea to tell the world that you’ll be away from your house for three weeks and it’ll be sitting empty. Facebook has made it easy to decide as you post who you want that post to be shown to. You can pick all of your friends or just a few by clicking the blue button underneath your post.
  • Really dig through those privacy settings and get familiar with them. They’re not hard but you should look at all of them and decide what you’re comfortable sharing. Pro tip: if you’re still concerned about Facebook Privacy or anything else they’ve got some great video tutorials out now at Facebook.com/help. The other great thing about Facebook is that with “a billion users” there’s always someone nearby who can help you out! Many tech schools now offer Facebook 101 as well. The only way to learn it is to get hands on with it.
  • Connect with us at Facebook.com/AARPIllinois – to be sure you get ALL of our updates you can click the “Get Notifications” button by clicking the LIKE button one more time! That way every time we post something you’ll get a notification. We post 1-2 times per day and we promise not to be boring!
  • Video Chat options include SkypeGoogle HangoutFacetimeAnswer any questions ab
  • Free video calls to Skype users all over the world – if you both have Skype and a webcam it’s as easy as “becoming friends” and clicking “call” A lot of phones also offer Skype now as an App so you can video call. Great way to keep in touch with your kids and grandkids over the internet or via smartphone. Skype also offers low cost non video phone calls all over the world from your Skype line to a landline.
  • As part of your Free Gmail address you can now easily start a “hangout” from your smartphone app or from your computer with a web camera. By inviting anyone else who has a gmail address to “hang out” with you. Google Hangouts are fun because you can have up to 10 people join in! Great for an impromptu family meeting. Looks like Larry and Kyoko’s kids are having a great time connecting with each other and their friends from Japan to Wisconsin to Illinois! We have no doubt that Larry and Kyoko will be joining in soon!
  • Tech schools are beginning to teach hands on Facebook 101 classesApple stores over lots of free classes as well on their apps, computers, products and services
  • Facebook connects people

    1. 1. Using “Tech” toConnect?!
    2. 2. Rule #1 Don’t Panic…
    3. 3. Meet Larry and Kyoko• They avoided using technology aslong as possible• Blended family, he has twochildren. She has three. Ages 21-30• He’s a photographer that lovesblues music.• She’s a nurse, and half of herfamily lives here, while the otherhalf lives in Japan
    4. 4. Eventually their childrenconvinced them to joinFacebook! How’s that workingfor them?
    5. 5. Last weekend Larry’s daughter Jenniferwas watching a movie that alwaysreminds her of dad…
    6. 6. She took a picture of her TV at hisfavorite part…and posted it on his“Facebook Timeline”• Jenn said “Look familiarDad?”• Dad commented “AlbertCollins on guitar, and wayto the right a very youngBilly Branch.”• The next day atbrunch…Dad filled Jenn inon where these bluesartists are now
    7. 7. Kyoko lives in Wisconsin but her newGrandson lives in Illinois…no problem• Her daughter Akinaposted a picture onFacebook.• Kyoko saw it and shared itwith all her ownFacebook friends• Now they can allcomment about howadorable he is!
    8. 8. Kyoko’s other daughter Sayaka is studyingabroad in Japan – she wrote a special “StatusUpdate” for Mother’s Day, and tagged hermom, brother, and sister so they’d see it too!
    9. 9. Facebook Makes it easy to send“messages” to a group of friendstoo!
    10. 10. How has Facebook kept youconnected?
    11. 11. Privacy is important!
    12. 12. Here’s a “Status Update” that Larry haschosen only to share with only a fewof his friends.
    13. 13. Check your overall “privacy settings” by clickingthe lock in the upper right hand corner. OfFacebook
    14. 14. Facebook Recap• You can “write on yourfriends timelines”• You can see andshare photos that yourfriends post• You can comment onposts that others putup• You can tell yourfriends what you’re upto through “statusupdates”• You can limit whosees your “statusupdates”• You can and shouldchange your privacysettings on Facebook.Footer (Arial 12) 15
    15. 15. That was just a taste of whatFacebook can do! There’s more!
    16. 16. Oh, and…Facebook can be usedeverywhere…
    17. 17. Larry and Kyoko’s kids didn’t quitthere…next stop video chats…
    18. 18. The Classic…Skype
    19. 19. The Latest – Google Hangouts!More People More Fun!
    20. 20. Questions?