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How Experienced Workers are Re-energizing the Workforce


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An AARP study shows how workers 50+ are critical to successful businesses and often bring vitality to the workforce.

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How Experienced Workers are Re-energizing the Workforce

  1. How experienced workers the workforce. AARP study shows how workers 50+ are critical to successful businesses. are (re)energizing
  2. • From 2002 to 2022, the number of workers age 50+ is expected to increase by 62%.1 • By 2022, the number of workers age 50+ will constitute 35% of the workforce.1 Candidates lack technical competencies/hard skills Candidates lack workplace competencies/soft skills An overall lack of available candidates 40% of U.S. employers report difficulty filling jobs.2 Top reasons they struggle: 1 Source: Aon Hewitt analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data, and Mitra Toosi, Monthly Labor Review, December 2013 2 Source: ManpowerGroup 2014 Talent Shortage Survey of 1,013 U.S. employers 1 Leverage your experience and (re)visit your opportunities. 47% 39% 36%
  3. 1. Skilled trades 6. Accounting and finance staff 2. Restaurant and hotel staff 7. Laborers 3. Sales representatives 8. IT staff 4. Teachers 9. Engineers 5. Drivers 10. Nurses Source: ManpowerGroup 2014 Talent Shortage Survey of 1,013 U.S. employers 2 Top 10 jobs U.S. employers are having difficulty filling: (re)think your opportunities.
  4. believe workers 50+ are a valuable resource for training and mentoring 3 Employers are taking note of the (re)markable benefits you offer. 87% A survey of more than 700 employers found: Source: Transamerica. “Baby Boomers Are Revolutionizing Retirement: Are They And Their Employers Ready?” December 2014 believe workers 50+ are an important source of institutional knowledge believe workers 50+ have more knowledge, wisdom and life experience believe workers 50+ are more responsible, reliable and dependable believe workers 50+ are more adept at problem solving 86% 82% 69% 59%
  5. 1 Source: Aon Hewitt Engagement Database 2009-2013 4 Take a moment to (re)view the positive factors in your favor. Workers 50+ have many of the attributes employers are looking for. 65% 81%of employees age 55+ are engaged, compared to 58-60% of employees under age 55.1 of workers age 55+ are motivated, compared to 77% of workers age 25-54.1
  6. 1 Source: Towers Perrin and AARP. Investing in Training 50+ Workers: A Talent Management Strategy. 2008. Survey results are based on a nationally representative survey of 1,048 workers age 50+ who were employed at companies with at least 10 employees. Survey was fielded in December 2006. 5 77% of workers 50+ are able to keep up with technology.1 79% of workers 50+ are curious and interested in using technology more in their job.1 Here’s how experienced workers are (re)energizing the workforce. Workers 50+ aren’t just engaged and loyal.
  7. 6 Your next job may be about more than just money. (Re)set your mindset about your value in the workplace. Always Be Learning If your current employer offers training, take it, or consider looking for free courses online. Keeping up to date with skills in your field is key to enhancing your prospects. Volunteer Use volunteer opportunities to make connections and learn skills. Get Connected Build your online presence through social media. Employers will look for you online in addition to evaluating your resume.
  8. Discover all the resources that can help you jumpstart your job search at It’s time to (re)examine your options.