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A wright a3

  1. 1. Project Management and the Role of the Project Manager Assignment 3 ITC493: Information Technology Project Management By Aaron Wright
  2. 2. Brad Gordon: IT Project Manager Position: Managed Security Services Asia Pacific Deployment Manager Recent Projects with: Commonwealth Bank Coles Australia Post Mitsubishi
  3. 3. Working with the sales department to ensure the scope of the projects are inline with Managed Security Services order requirements. To work with the customer to ensure that those requirements meet the customer’s needs. A Project Manager should strive to meet the constraints of a project, which can include cost, scope, time quality and more. (Lohan, Conboy and Lang, 2011) What are your overall responsibilities as an IT project manager?
  4. 4. Day-to-day duties include managing project progress, maintaining status reports and communicating with project stakeholders. Some duties remain consistent across all stages while others are limited to single phase. The roles of Project Managers differs depending on the industry and organisation however there are some responsibilities that are common to all Project Managers. What day-to-day tasks does an IT project manager carry out?
  5. 5. MS Project Project Summary Reports Risk and Issues Registers Project management tools and techniques assist project managers to carry out their duties within the nine knowledge areas. Examples of these include but are not limited to, work breakdown structures, project scope statements, risk management plans, Gantt charts, metrics and meetings. What project management tools has he used in the past week?
  6. 6. Verizon has developed its own internal methodology based on PMBOK. Project methodology should be scalable and a good Project Manager should be able to utalise the tools they have been given to tailor them to the requirements of the project. (Cerpa & Verner, 2009) What framework (methodology) does he generally use and why?
  7. 7. Using a methodology is better than using none at all. The choice of methodology is not a critical success factor in outcome. When a methodology is used, project outcome success is consistently improved. (Chiu, 2012, Reich & Sauer, 2010) Does choice of framework (methodology) have an impact on project success?
  8. 8. Factors include: Working effectively with the customer to achieve the customer requirements. Managing and identifying risks before they become an issue. Excellent communication skills. Integrative approach. What is the difference between a good (successful) IT project manager and an average IT project manager?
  9. 9. Reduces the opportunity to build a strong rapport with the client. Different cultures have different expectations. More time resources need to be allocated and processes take longer. Inclusion of cultural factors can improve success. (Jetu, 2012) How does globalization affect the way you manage projects? Do you find issues with language or cultural barriers?
  10. 10. Conclusion Basten, D., Joosten, D., & Mellis, W. (2011). MANAGERS' PERCEPTIONS OF INFORMATION SYSTEM PROJECT SUCCESS. Journal Of Computer Information Systems, 52(2), 12-21. CERPA, N., & VERNER, J. M. (2009). Why Did Your Project Fail?. Communications Of The ACM, 52(12), 130-134. Chiu, A. (2012). Ten Tips For Smart Project Managers. Chemical Engineering, 119(1), 40-43. Jetu, F., & Riedl, R. (2012). Determinants of Information Systems and Information Technology Project Team Success: A Literature Review and a Conceptual Model. Communications Of AIS, 30455-482. Lohan, G., Conboy, K., & Lang, M. (2011). Examining Customer Focus in IT Project Management. Scandinavian Journal Of Information Systems, 23(2), 29-58. Napier, N. P., Keil, M., & Tan, F. B. (2009). IT project managers' construction of successful project management practice: a repertory grid investigation. Information Systems Journal, 19(3), 255-282 Reich, B., & Sauer, C. (2010). Roles of the External IT Project Manager. Communications Of The ACM, 53(5), 126-129. Schwalbe, K. 2010, Information Technology : Project Mangement 6e, Boston, USA : Course Technology, Cengage Learning