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What's new in Mahara 1.9 & How to Contribute to Mahara


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Published in: Technology
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What's new in Mahara 1.9 & How to Contribute to Mahara

  1. 1. What's new in Mahara 1.9? and How you can help build Mahara 1.10 (and beyond!) Presented by Catalyst IT // 20th March 2014 Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0
  2. 2. Part 1: What's new in Mahara 1.9? Version Bugs Commits Files changed Lines added 1.9 205 292 876 32,289 1.8 179 299 2,112 114,292 1.7 54 217 520 17,618 1.6 129 400 648 17,084 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9
  3. 3. Accessibility The W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, AA level* *on the user side
  4. 4. Fixes upstreamed from (… and by the way, if you're not already on, go, register an account, and join in the community!) ReCAPTCHA No more forum spam* *or at least a significantly reduced amount
  5. 5. Catalyst Australia (It's hard to take a picture of Elasticsearch working with MySQL, but here's a picture of the code that does it.)
  6. 6. Institutions can customize homepages and default languages
  7. 7. Gregor Anzelj Cookie Consent EU “Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications” ● aka “the EU cookie law” Profile Completion Progress Bar
  8. 8. Saying goodbye The “Contact information” block... … converted into “Profile information” blocks … replaced by browser's spellcheck TinyMCE spellcheck button...
  9. 9. And another 120 or so things... Bug 778254: Split multiple user activity notifications into chunks Bug 1058416: Copying page in a collection only gives "untitled" title for clean URLs Bug 1081947: Use of CAST() causes extreme slowdown in large MySQL sites Bug 1237198: Make Elasticsearch plugin work with MySQL Bug 1239271: Skin description is not displayed Bug 1247715: Upgrade to 1.8.0 fails - can't connect to mysql Bug 1248307: Content chooser panel doesn't work on tablet Bug 1249123: Users who are in "No Institution" can't use skins Bug 1252497: editing a skin deletes the creation time from db Bug 1254394: Can't change auth method on /admin/users/edit.php Bug 1256118: elasticsearch install hangs if ElasticSearch Server not running Bug 1257953: public group forum info do not show up in elasticsearch Bug 1259359: Use of tabindex is confusing for screen readers Bug 1259378: Profile pictures have inconsistent alt text Bug 1259393: Required form fields are not obvious to screen readers Bug 1259397: Dropdown navigation is not accessible Bug 1259408: The status of notifications in "Recent Activity" is not accessible to screen readers Bug 1262867: Site search box does not have a label Bug 1262870: Textarea for posting to a user's wall does not have a label Bug 1262933: Drag-and-drop page editor is not keyboard-accessible Bug 1264105: Problem with deleting skins that are attached to a portfolio page Bug 1265629: elasticsearch setup by mahara causes Elasticsearch Server status to go from green to yellow Bug 1266317: Institution/group ownership of custom flexible layouts Bug 1266976: Update to HTMLPurifier 4.6.0 Bug 1268788: mobile_api_json_reply sends extra stuff at the top, making it invalid json Bug 1270752: "shared with me" pagination fails with IE 9 Bug 1270846: no message when incorrect username entered Bug 1270987: Modal dialogs are not accessible Bug 1271301: Search and filter forms need labels Bug 1273492: Group members list cannot be sorted when using elasticsearch Bug 1278428: No groups and group files visible although there must be many in 1.8.1 Bug 1279468: Error with saving extensions - > artefact -> file configuration Bug 1279523: "Use content from another text box" stops working if pagination is used Bug 1279530: Attachments section for Text box blocks is not accessible Bug 1281787: Artefacts not locked in in submitted view Bug 1283869: page editor adds blank block and screen goes black Bug 1288490: upgrade from 1.8 error Bug 1288542: Can't open feedback form when HTML editor is turned off Bug 1292303: Clicking 'All' and 'None' does not work in 'User search' page Bug 661602: Dates on external feed entries are not shown Bug 974855: "Generate sitemap" option has empty help file Bug 993676: Members did not show up in second search if the first search found no results Bug 1051500: Warning message before deleting journal Bug 1053708: A full list of Pages don't show up Bug 1058850: Warning when editing note that all instances are changed Bug 1070046: select query uses more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE on mysql Bug 1085744: Could not remove tags with special characters Bug 1086569: Lang string misleading when inst. staff doesn't have stats access Bug 1089136: "Add me as friend" results in error message Bug 1099811: group files error after upgrade Bug 1145156: Improve resume usability Bug 1174623: Correct schema drift during 1.0 -> 1.8 upgrades Bug 1187212: Handle timezone mismatch between webserver and DB (MySQL) server Bug 1224750: Site files located in a subfolder cannot be accessed by normal users Bug 1237177: Elastic Search does not find media in a group Bug 1245638: elasticsearch 'textbox' results should be under text rather than media Bug 1246576: Upgrade MobileDetect library to 2.7.1 Bug 1262899: Add buttons in "Edit Access" should move focus to the inserted row Bug 1246580: Upgrade PHPMailer to 5.2.7 Bug 1247722: Update PEAR libraries for 1.9.0 Bug 1254396: Skins description textbox should be expandable Bug 1255361: Error adding files to Institution pages Bug 1255378: Fill in the missing "key_exists()" method in ddl.php Bug 1255780: copying collection needs to sort table by collection Bug 1258970: "Menu" is hardcoded when viewed on small device Bug 1259372: "Edit Access" image has missing string for alt text Bug 1259373: HTML editor is not disabled when leaving feedback Bug 1259377: Explanation when there are no tasks in a plan is unclear Bug 1259379: Delete buttons need a descriptive (and consistent) value Bug 1259387: Tabs should include textual information to show their state Bug 1259388: Input help text should be linked using ARIA Bug 1259394: Help links in forms are not keyboard-accessible Bug 1259395: HTML lang attribute is not specified Bug 1259405: Screen readers are confused by Unsubscribe button in forums Bug 1259409: "Delete" and "Mark Read" checkboxes in Inbox need labels Bug 1259411: Table headers in Inbox are not read properly by screen readers Bug 1259685: Datepicker is not accessible to screen readers Bug 1259746: Username links are not always read out when using a screen reader Bug 1259764: Feedback form should use focus management Bug 1261239: Expanders in forms should use focus management Bug 1261610: JSDetector adds output to command-line scripts Bug 1261694: remember the limit parameter on view pages Bug 1262483: Forms should consistently have errors above the top-level heading Bug 1262903: The alt text of icons in the file browser should be changed Bug 1262904: Files cannot be moved from one folder to another without using the mouse Bug 1262918: Add/Edit buttons in Resume should use focus management Bug 1262932: Bad data in the DB can cause the schema correction SQL to throw a fatal error Bug 1263440: Improve lang strings for Cookie Consent Bug 1264014: Collection Navigation should be a list not a table Bug 1264429: Set up an institution_config table for configuring institutions Bug 1265086: "Completed" column for tasks is unclear for screen reader users Bug 1265102: Focus is not visually apparent when tabbing through the page Bug 1265104: spelling mistake in additionalhtmlfooter config variable Bug 1265696: Can't edit access to profile after "Logged-in profile access" turned on Bug 1265982: Add Creative Commons 4.0 as licence types to CC block Bug 1266923: Focus should be set to search results if they are loaded with AJAX Bug 1266934: Institution option for dropdown menus should take precedence over site option Bug 1267311: Elasticsearch page doesn't have textual description of tab state Bug 1267861: Page shared to group: notification to page owner Bug 1268746: Squelch PHP 5.4+ strict standards errors Bug 1271779: Resume layout on mobile devices Bug 1272297: Authentication plugin up/down and delete links should be buttons Bug 1273448: "Attachments" icon in Resume needs alt text Bug 1273841: Specific form errors should be linked with ARIA Bug 1273937: Skins form needs to use label elements Bug 1274083: View an artefact with related skin or theme Bug 1275481: Dwoo doesn't support Smarty's nl2br syntax Bug 1276397: Edit and delete buttons need descriptive alt text Bug 1277276: Results per page combobox needs a label Bug 1277290: Resume attachments form element should be made accessible Bug 1277297: Radio buttons in email selector need labels Bug 1278198: Close button in homepage information should be made accessible Bug 1278202: Skin previews need descriptive alt text Bug 1278216: Checkboxes when editing permissions for a page need labels Bug 1278238: Radio buttons used when importing need labels Bug 1278667: Two error messages when uploading files without accepting upload agreement Bug 1279943: Textbox attachments not showing on htdocs/view/artefact.php page Bug 1281877: Colour contrast needs to be improved for accessibility (default theme) Bug 1282214: Move "Edit site pages" under institution menu Bug 1283839: institution general pages not set as site default on upgrade Bug 1284869: Suspended user login attempts show up in "Online Users" list Bug 1286941: double call of language_select_form() Bug 1287262: unable to create group home page Bug 609167: Add group categories default action is page submit, not add Bug 620161: Distinction between Name and Profile not clear Bug 633658: Shouldn't viewing and downloading files have the same process? Bug 646691: Blog account settings still available when blog disabled Bug 707161: opensslcnf not set (on rhel at least) Bug 731062: Feedback ratings are not exportable Bug 731647: Ignore duplicates in CSV upload Bug 746418: Institution authentication plugin option doesn't exist when creating new instit Bug 852304: Sending a friend request should return you to the page you were previously on Bug 892684: Remove the Contact Info block Bug 898470: Inconsistent "required field" behavior on institution membership page Bug 995761: Use the same paginator throughout Bug 996337: Forum post delay setting only sticks after you clicked "Save" Bug 1047481: Groups menu 'I want to join' - improvement Bug 1053223: Publish/Unpublish a journal's entry should change the background Bug 1064219: "Add page to watchlist" not clear on artefact page Bug 1067550: /admin/users/bulk.php shows submit button for changing auth method even Bug 1067724: Unable to read language directory Bug 1075760: reporting objectional material with no message doesn't get sent to admin wit Bug 1115638: Empty masquerading report needs "none found" type string Bug 1195120: Delete superflous fullstop on /admin/groups/uploadcsv.php Bug 1196213: Linking of tags in tag search Bug 1203082: Change password warning contains escaped html Bug 1212541: GoogleSpell has been discontinued -- remove it from TinyMCE spellchecker Bug 1220410: MNet with port number requires port to be in wwwroot Bug 1220943: Warning when creating a new auth instance in 1.8dev Bug 1231920: Duplicate tags in page creation gives error message Bug 1240306: Styling error on add user page if there's a very long institution name Bug 1246024: error message disappears too fast Bug 1246573: Upgrade htmlpurifier to 4.5.0 Bug 1247729: Elastic Search: Set the second column to sort by to score Bug 1250235: View gives error if user could make skins then had option revoked Bug 1250239: Saving 'no institution' institution gives errors Bug 1250256: Support for changing the session directory Bug 1251089: Invalid value for licensedefault Bug 1253462: Undefined property: stdClass::$urlid after doing feedback Bug 1253835: Make profile page tabs design responsive Bug 1259366: Title of 'Tasks' page should be capitalised Bug 1259401: Dashboard info (Create and Collect, ...) is hard to understand when using a sc Bug 1259402: "Learn more" link when posting on a Wall is not descriptive Bug 1259689: Skin metadata lightbox is not keyboard-accessible Bug 1259757: Gender radio buttons need descriptive labels Bug 1261231: Allow a VERP "bounceprefix" that's not exactly 4 characters Bug 1261233: Allow a VERP "bounces_ratio" of 0 Bug 1262487: Row headers in "Edit Access" table are confusing for screen reader users Bug 1262490: Add buttons in "Edit Access" should have more descriptive text Bug 1262911: In-page tabs should use focus management Bug 1265061: Add support for regional languages to TinyMCE language detection Bug 1265091: Pieforms date elements should have "Not specified" before the date picker Bug 1265098: Register site page title should be more descriptive Bug 1265101: License icons need alt text Bug 1266300: hover over unselected tabs in admin -> users ->reports not showing pointer c Bug 1266624: When using small headers, action buttons break the logical ordering of the pa Bug 1267240: Clicking on new change layout icon needs to warn if navigating away without Bug 1267633: It's confusing to hide the "copy for new users" site page access option Bug 1271391: focus on help box close button in chromium has gap Bug 1271392: focus on help box close button in chromium has gap Bug 1275617: Allow CLI api to specify exit code Bug 1279529: All attachments tables should be collapsable Bug 1281121: Method view_has_token uses uninitialized variable Bug 1282872: Top right "Settings" image should not have alt text
  10. 10. 1.9 + 0.1 = 1.10 Some of the things that didn't make it into 1.9: ● Matt Kolb at Michigan State University – Send forum post now ● Ruslan Kabalin at Lancaster University – Report objectionable forum posts ● Gregor Anzelj – Customize user profile “Messaging” fields ● (no more having to explain to kids what ICQ is!)
  11. 11. Part 2: How can you contribute to Mahara? 19 ways to get involved in Based on a presentation by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner, Catalyst IT Even if you don't know the difference between &
  12. 12. 1. Use the software
  13. 13. 2. Ask questions
  14. 14. 3. Answer questions
  15. 15. 4. Report bugs
  16. 16. 5. Give feedback
  17. 17. 6. Spread the word
  18. 18. 7. Translate
  19. 19. 8. Write tutorials
  20. 20. 9. Create screencasts
  21. 21. 10. Provide training
  22. 22. 11. Squash bugs
  23. 23. 12. Test features
  24. 24. 13. Design themes
  25. 25. 14. Write books
  26. 26. 15. Create plugins
  27. 27. 16. Code review
  28. 28. 17. Develop cool features
  29. 29. 18. Sponsor features
  30. 30. 19. Make a contributor smile
  31. 31. Your gateway to the magical world of getting involved with Mahara: The Mahara community website: The Mahara wiki: The Mahara Launchpad project: (but it's usually easier to just link there from
  32. 32. About Catalyst
  33. 33. Catalyst Clients
  34. 34. Open Source Technologies