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Online Reviews - The Human Backlink in SEO

A look at the evolving landscape of online reviews from customers on Google, Yelp, Facebook and how they shape search engine rankings and visibility. What part does the human opinion and feedback play in SEO today and what might happen moving forward thanks to mobile, social media, user profiles and more. Review best practices and data from, an online review management platform.

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Online Reviews - The Human Backlink in SEO

  1. 1. #IMSMN Reviews The Human Backlink @AaronWeiche
  2. 2. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Links have long been SEO’s cash
  3. 3. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche TRUSTED websites Link Ranking and visibility Trusted WEBSITE & business
  4. 4. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche via @MaryBowling at MOZcon
  5. 5. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche via @MaryBowling at MOZcon
  6. 6. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Reviews rank and structure the human web
  7. 7. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche TRUSTED people Review Visibility, information, confidence Trusted BUSINESS & website
  8. 8. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Reviews tie offline and online information together
  9. 9. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Why Can Search Engines Trust Reviews? User Profiles Social Web • Profile Data, G+ • Search History • Devices • Google product use • Purchases • They know who we are • Reviews, ratings, likes • Content, posts, tweets • Check-ins • Who we know • They know what we do TRUST
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  11. 11. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  12. 12. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  13. 13. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Sentiment and context will become factors
  14. 14. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Review Sites Are Ranking/Rewarding Users
  15. 15. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Reviews have massive visibility
  16. 16. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  17. 17. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  18. 18. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  19. 19. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche
  20. 20. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Humans trust humans
  21. 21. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche 73% Of Consumers Form An Opinion By Reading 1–6 Reviews
  22. 22. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche 69% Of Consumers Believe That Reviews Older Than 3 Months Are No Longer Relevant
  23. 23. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Only 13% Of Consumers Will Consider Using A Business That Has A 1-Star Or 2-Star Rating
  24. 24. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche via @MaryBowling at MOZcon
  25. 25. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Google Local Results 5 Reviews Get You Visible Stars 10 Reviews Give You A Bump In Rank
  26. 26. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Reviews improve with a strategy
  27. 27. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Ask every customer
  28. 28. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Paper Review Request Create your own Hand out to every customer eview-handout-generator
  29. 29. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Automate Use a platform Email feedback requests or landing pages Gather testimonials, improve, encourage online reviews
  30. 30. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Fix business problems
  31. 31. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Strong NPS = Reviews Optimize for Quality Service, Not Reviews Net Promoter Score Agency #1 NPS 60 Agency #2 NPS 90 Open Rates 38.9% 46.7% Review Site Visits 1x 3x Reviews Left 1x 6x Research from GetFiveStars & Mike Blumenthal
  32. 32. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Diverse Websites
  33. 33. #IMSMN@AaronWeiche Reviews offer structured data, from the source to the rating to the sentiment Reviews tie offline and online Reviews influence customers Make it happen, don’t wait Takeaways
  34. 34. #IMSMN Thank You @AaronWeiche