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Mobile Search Marketing - SearchFest 2013


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This slide deck on Mobile Search Marketing was presented at SearchFest 2013 in Portland. Covering mobile search for organic search, local search and paid search as well as the mobile experience. Tips for Responsive Web Design SEO, mobile Google AdWords, sitelinks and more.

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Mobile Search Marketing - SearchFest 2013

  1. 1. SEMPDX - SearchFest 2013Mobile Search Marketing @AaronWeiche Minneapolis
  2. 2. Just The Start• Mobile search is booming … and therefor evolving• Desktop factors, but not a desktop screen• Paid is at a big turn, AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  3. 3. Mobile Search 1. Paid + Most control + Best real estate 2. Local + Most context + Best resultLOCAL PAID ORGANIC 3. Organic + Challenged
  4. 4. Mobile Search Visibility Matters A LOT-90% Google has outlined that a drop from from the 1st to 4th position in mobile ad SERPS can mean a 90% CTR drop. Only 3 to 4 “haves” and the rest are “have nots”
  5. 5. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Organic Search
  6. 6. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Organic Known Factors • Mobile & Desktop are still very similar, so follow both organic ranking factors for content and on-page optimization • Google is feeding us that users want the same content, just a better experience on mobile so chasing “mobile only” factors might be short sighted • Access for Googlebot Mobile • If you have a mobile site, make sure the robots.txt is in place, not blocking the site … use of VARY HTTP header
  7. 7. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Mobile Site Approach Responsive Advantages Parallel Mobile Site Advantages + User experience on all devices + Control the user experience + One URL, one set/version of content + Features just for mobile user + Links hit the same URLS + Better control over mobile SEO meta and content + Easier to maintain, one CMS + Better load time , , Dynamic Mobile Site Advantages + Easier technical implementation + Better than desktop user experience ,
  8. 8. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Future Factors • Just how much weight: Responsive Website or Mobile site ( • Links and activity from mobile social networks • Mobile meta standard introduced, mobile rich snippets (PLEASE) • SERP action success, clicks/touches and time on site • Speed, always consider speed improvements
  9. 9. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Future Factors Will the mobile user experience trump many ranking factors?
  10. 10. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Local Search
  11. 11. Local MobileSearch Is RightHere, Right NowIt’s not research mode,it’s NEED mode.
  12. 12. Mobile IS LocalLocal searches make up20% of desktop, thatjumps to 50% on mobileAll CONTEXT driven andPROXIMITY might be thegreatest context in searchMobile search results inaction, 70% within an hour
  13. 13. @AaronWeiche Local Mobile Search Local Ranking Factors • Use David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors report • Pay attention to changes in SERP delivery, they currently change often • Device specific serps (smartphone and tablet)
  14. 14. @AaronWeiche Local Mobile Search Dominance • Research and know the mobile terms that can produce a top and a dominant listing for you • Pure local results on mobile
  15. 15. @AaronWeiche Local Mobile Search Directories • Some directory profile pages carry significant weight • Yelp, Urbanspoon and Citysearch are most common, especially Yelp
  16. 16. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Paid Search
  17. 17. “Mobile ads are thefreaking bomb, they’re inmy pocket!”-@w2scott
  18. 18. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Enhanced Campaigns • Separate mobile bidding is gone! Yuck • Mobile bids are controlled by % adjustment from desktop • It is less work to build campaigns for mobile, but the fine controls have been removed • Sitelinks have more control, down to the ad level • Call length and number information is now included • Collection of blog posts by Luke Alley of Avalaunch Media:
  19. 19. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Enhanced Campaigns
  20. 20. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Enhanced Campaigns
  21. 21. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Enhanced Campaigns
  22. 22. SitelinksI LOVE sitelinksCustomer service foryour mobile search adMore characters, moreSERP real estateWill better sitelinks=better user adoption?Granular reporting
  23. 23. @AaronWeiche Understand the INTENT of the search, use sitelinks to meet the intentSOCIAL PRICE DEFINE DO IT!PROOF OUCH
  25. 25. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Case Study Dominate the mobile SERP Mobile PPC • Combine paid and organic Example: 7 location auto body shop Organic • 23.44% of their total clicks are mobile • CTR for mobile ads is 3.17% vs. 0.95% for desktop, 255.22% better • Mobile clicks are 33.02% less expensive than desktop clicks ($2.07 vs. $1.39) • Mobile conversions up
  26. 26. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Locations • Both Click to Call and directions sitelink • Give a better EXPERIENCE to the user with paid search over organic result
  27. 27. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Click to Call • 52% of smartphone users have called after search • Call extensions improve click through rate 6%-8% • Enhanced now brings call reporting to all Source: Google
  28. 28. @AaronWeiche Paid Mobile Search Landing Pages Create visibility & show expertise • Mobile landing pages have their own rules • We create 2 versions – all (trust) and short (simplicity) to test initially • Test mobile landing pages
  29. 29. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search The Mobile Experience
  30. 30. @AaronWeiche Mobile Mobile Experience The Search & Context The Mobile SERPs The Mobile Experience “My need, here & now” #1
  31. 31. @AaronWeiche Mobile Mobile Experience Mobile Friendly = More likely to buy Mobile Unfriendly = More likely to leave 67% 61% Source: Google
  32. 32. @AaronWeiche Mobile Usability The obvious goal is to create and enable an experience, not limit it Remove friction and simplify Take advantage of intuitive device experiences
  33. 33. Mobile UsabilityDon’t just pair down, meet thecontext of the mobile userFingers and thumbsUse prior analytics to understandimportance, utility and needs
  34. 34. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Responsive Preferred Both Google and Bing recommend Responsive Web Design (RWD) • RWD is preferred, but mobile sites work too using Vary HTTP header • Pierre Far of Google stresses the right build over optimization – FOR NOW
  35. 35. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Best Practices Responsive SEO • Less characters in the SERP displayed, more consistently in the 50 – 55 characters in meta title • Don’t change/shorten your headings h1, h2, h3 • Speed of load, always optimize speed • Allow the crawling of site assets (CSS, images, JS)
  36. 36. @AaronWeiche Mobile Experience Case Study Addition of a mobile site increased mobile traffic, page views, reservations • Mobile traffic is up 45.5% in 2012 vs 2011 • Mobile menu’s out perform majority of desktop pages in visits, TOS, entrance pages, bounce rate • Wine pairing feature provides utility for the customer • Mobile reservations up
  37. 37. @AaronWeiche Mobile Experience Subway Great example of mobile experience for numerous locations
  38. 38. @AaronWeiche Mobile Experience lululemon Great example of mobile experience for e-commerce
  39. 39. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search PAID PAID Summary of Mobile PAID PAID PAID PAID • The world of mobile search right now – Paid and Local are your best options PAID PAID • Research and know your wrinkles and LOCAL LOCAL opportunities LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL • Ensure that once your result is clicked, it has the ability to deliver with a great mobile experience ORGANIC • Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, it’s about to speed up
  40. 40. @AaronWeiche Mobile Search Marketing Thank you, let’s connect. @AaronWeiche Blog: