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Building Support for an Integrated Approach to Internet Strategy


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Presented at Connective DX Healthcare Executive Forum, this deck shares insight on building support as an organization's internal digital strategist.

The session was recorded and the audio released on the Healthcare IT Marketer's podcast. Listen here:

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Building Support for an Integrated Approach to Internet Strategy

  1. 1. Turning the Ship: Building Support for Internet Strategy Presented by Aaron Watkins, Sr. Director, Internet Strategy & Digital Content Marketing
  3. 3. 3 We connect the people of the world with the people of Johns Hopkins Medicine The Internet Strategy Team
  4. 4. A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Web Strategy Market Insights Performance Metrics Marketing & Engagement Strategy Content Strategy Web Technology Infrastructure Strategic Plan
  5. 5. 5 Lack of Strategy = A Broken Experience
  6. 6. The World’s First Academic Medical Center • Entrepreneurial • Innovative • Groundbreakin g • Caring • True World Leaders 6 • Highly decentralized • Selectively collaborative • Consensus driven rather than hierarchical • Individualized success metrics • Academic publishing
  7. 7. Connecting People to People
  8. 8. Connecting People to People
  9. 9. Web Strategy Today • #3 most visited hospital or AMC web site • Among highest visitor satisfaction rates in healthcare • 15 of 16 major service lines • first comprehensive physician-faculty directory • integrated multi-disciplinary health content • research profiles
  11. 11. Integrated Web Strategy All ships rise with the tides
  12. 12. We can not be seen as both legislators and innovators. Integrated Web Strategy
  13. 13. If you said something 29 times, you are just getting warmed up.
  14. 14. Embrace the Role of Educator I am quite frequently asked to convince executives to invest in user experience…Our success has always come from projects where the client team, including the senior management, already understood the value of great user experiences. – Jared Spool, Founder of User Interface Engineering
  15. 15. Going deep In data Source: Looney Tunes Bring In the Big Guns
  16. 16. Tools to Gain Support • Common Goals • Performance Metrics • Audience Insights (Voice of Customer)
  17. 17. Know Your Stakeholder Executives Doctors / Faculty Administrators / Marketing
  18. 18. Know Your Stakeholder • Know their role. • Know what’s on their minds. • Know their constraints. • Support their goals. • Respect their time. • Socialize ideas privately. • Listen carefully. • Make it visual. • Keep it simple. Executives Doctors / Faculty Administrators / Marketing
  19. 19. Know Your Stakeholder Executives / Doctors • Remember that they need to be the smartest person in the room. • Provide decision support. • Don’t overwhelm with a long report or complex data. • Share stories whenever possible. Executives Doctors / Faculty
  20. 20. Know Your Stakeholder Administrators / Marketing • The best know the problems of their leaders and their unit. • Leverage them to carry the message. • Don’t burn bridges. • Listen carefully. • They may not be decision-makers. Administrators / Marketing
  21. 21. KEY MESSAGES Our approach to presenting health information increases retention by nearly 50% How do consumers retain health information? – Remote Testing, Hallway Testing
  22. 22. KEY MESSAGES An inability to find information is the biggest obstacle to anyone trying to learn from, come to, or connect with us at Hopkins Medicine What are barriers to finding information from Johns Hopkins Medicine? – On-Site Survey, Intercepts, Structured Interviews
  23. 23. KEY MESSAGES We need to demonstrate the competence and compassion of our faculty-physicians. How do consumers choose where they go for care? – Structured Interviews. Market Research
  24. 24. Integrated Web Strategy Create a dialogue that relates web strategy to personal brand experience
  25. 25. Aaron Watkins Senior Director of Internet Strategy & Digital Content Marketing @aaronwatkins Blog: