Top Free Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tools


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This document is about the top free mobile app development tools used by the developers to create cross-platform mobile apps.

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Top Free Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tools

  1. 1. Top Free Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tools As we know that the demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day and to create an app for different platforms is quite difficult for mobile app developers. It is because each platform is unique in many perspectives like their behavior, capabilities, features and many more. But the demand of multi-platform apps are more because everyone needs the same application work on their respective platform. Mobile app developers cant restrict themselves for creating an app for a couple of platforms at one time. Fortunately there are multi-platform mobile app development tools available in the market, which helps in creating mobile apps for different platforms. Here is a list of the top 5 dev tools for cross-formatting mobile applications. 1. RhoMobile: RhoMobile is an open-source framework based on Ruby. This tool permits the developer to create mobile apps spanning over a stunning range of Operating Systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and many more. RhoMobile is designed in such a way that you only need to code once and the same code can be used to develop apps for other smartphones also.
  2. 2. 2. Appcelerator: Appcelerator is a Titanium Development platform which aids the development of native mobile, tablet and desktop apps via web programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python and powers over 1,000 native apps per month. It also offers customizable metrics for actions and events. 3. PhoneGap: PhoneGap is a multi-platform mobile app development tool which uses standard web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript for developing mobile apps. It also allows the developers to work up with device hardware like GPS/location, sounds, camera and many more. You can create mobile apps for various platforms including Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS and many more.
  3. 3. 4. WidgetPad: WidgetPad is an open-source mobile app development tool which is used to develop smartphone apps, it uses web technologies which includes CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. This platform is used to perform various activities which includes project management, source code editing, debugging, collaboration and distribution. It is used to develop mobile apps for operating systems like iOS, Android. 5. MoSync: MoSync is FOSScross-platform mobile app development tool which includes integrated compilers, runtimes, libraries, device profiles, tools and utilities. This framework supports a large number of operating systems including Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Moblin. MoSync also provide a feature of Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming.
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