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Top 3 magento extensions for post holiday e commerce sales


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This might surprise you, but simply getting traffic to your Magento store—whether it is direct, organic, paid or otherwise—doesn’t guarantee sales. Fortunately, a plethora of extensions exists to help you boost credibility, enhance the buyer experience, and overall increase the conversion rate for your online store.With hours of research and consultation from the e-retailers we’ve compiled a list of top three Magento modules to drive sales during the post-holiday lull.

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Top 3 magento extensions for post holiday e commerce sales

  1. 1. Top 3 Magento Extensions for Post-Holiday eCommerce Sales After holiday can traditionally be a lull point for online retailers. With people done with gifting something to their friends and parents looking towards springs, online shopping stores are at a loss and wondering how to drive more sales in January and February. With buyers having no interest in grabbing those attractive offers, how do you entice them to make purchase from your store? The Magento extensions market is quickly filling up with optimizations, enhancements, and upgrades for online retailers, aiming to help them promote their products in the most amazing way possible to make them buy. With hours of research and consultation from the e-retailers we’ve compiled a list of top three Magento modules to drive sales during the post-holiday lull. Auto Re-order Coming from seller’s perspective, while retaining online buyer’s perspective, we love it when we can easily place order the entire cart products that we’ve recently purchased through the online shopping website. Auto Reorder Magento Extension makes the whole process, allowing online buyers to save a lot of their time on order placement of the products they’ve recently purchased. They can simply choose to click on the ‘Reorder’ button to place order. Auto Re-order Features:  One-click option to place order to whole cart  Place order to receive products daily, weekly or monthly  Store admin can check orders placed through ‘reorder’ feature  Admin is allowed to set reorder rules  Cron job runs daily to check reorders Bulk Orders For the wholesale product sellers, festival is never end as they’re always in demand and retailers are always buying something from them. Going through the same order placement process (visit website, explore products, add to cart and then make payment) can be a hectic task for the buyers who’re looking for bulk products. It is always good to make the process easier for them and Upload CSV For Bulk Order Magento Extension makes the process all-time easy. Order placement is just a few-click process as buyers can simply upload the CSV file to create cart and then proceed to pay for order. The CSV file includes all the required product details such as SKU codes, quantity, etc. Bulk Order Features:  Shoppers can purchase large number of products using a simplified method  Website admin can easily change the CSV header titles from backend  Shoppers are provided with a separate page to upload CSV file  Shoppers must get registered to have access to their cart page
  2. 2.  Supports back order for better shopping experience  Enable or disable the extension from back-end Mobile App Builder Festivals may be over, but it’s always good to give your buyers a reason to visit your store again and again. Mobile App Builder turns your web shop into a fully-functional and native mobile app, allowing your shoppers to explore your products with ease. This module is not only beneficial for marketing and brand awareness purpose, but also to promote your latest products, events, offers and to entice shoppers have a look at what’s hot at your store that too with just a single click through a Magento mobile app. Mobile App Builder Features:  Your mobile app comes with your own brand name and logo  Native mobile app designed by expert professionals  Pre-installed payment gateways including PayPal, PayU, Cash on Delivery  Change app color from backend to match with website theme  Send push notifications for orders, abandoned carts or events  Set multiple slide banners at the home page with custom link  Supports all types of Magento products  Login through social media platforms  Home Page Layout Customization  Google Analytics & Product Sharing  Option To Rate The App on play Store