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Sell more, achieve more with blue dart shipping integration module


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Blue Dart Shipment Integration extension for Magento2 is the smartest way to let your customers check the availability of Cash on Delivery option for a particular region or the Total Price of the order. A PDF, including product and user details, is sent to sales department for every sale.

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Sell more, achieve more with blue dart shipping integration module

  1. 1. Sell More, Achieve More with BlueDart Shipping Integration Module Consumersthese daysdemandfast,seamless,andflawlessexperience whenbuyingonline.These expectationsleave little ornoroom forthose lengthyprocedures of checkout,paymentsandtocheck Cash onDelivery. Nearly67 % buyerspreferCashon Delivery asthey’dlike tohave afeel of the productthey’re goingto pay for.And‘Cash onDelivery’provestobe agreat supportforit and Blue Dart ShippingIntegration Magento Extensionmakesitpossible forthe store adminstomake available CODcheckfunctionalityon the front-end. Thismeans:  Shopperscancheck Cashon Deliveryusingzipcode.  You’ll neverneedtogenerate productshipmentemail manually.  You can create shipmentandsave time. Andwhat’sgreat aboutit isthat it’snowlive onMagentoMarketplace.The extensionhaswentthrough the rigoroustestingphase of the Magentoteam, makingita suitable extensionforthose who’relooking to integrate suitableandprofessionalshippingmethodontheirwebsite. I’ve mentionedhere Blue Dart ShippingIntegration Extensionbecause itisthe mostadorable and professionalcompany,offeringtimelydeliveriestoglobal shipment.Thisextensionisspecifically designedto helponline store ownerstoallow shopperstocheckthe availabilityof ‘CashonDelivery’ optionintheirregionandfortheir product. Note:Region where CODis availableis decided by BlueDart itself. Availabilityof CashonDeliveryisbasedupontwofactors:  ProductPrice – The leadingfactorthat decidesthe availabilityof CashonDeliveryisthe product price.COD isavailable only forproducts thatare pricedin a particularrange.  Delivery Region–The COD availabilityisbasedupon the terms&conditionsbyBlue Dart Company as the companyoffersthe facilityonlyinselectedregions. Blue Dart ShippingIntegration Extension,alongwithallowinguserstocheckthe Cash onDelivery, bringsa lot of benefitstothe store adminsasit createsa PDFfor the order placedbythe user.The PDF issentto salesdepartmentthroughemail.The PDFcontainsdetailsof user,productandcompany,and orderIDs of the productsinthe formof a barcode. Some of the greatfeaturesinclude: CheckCash onDelivery –The first,andthe most amazing,feature of BlueDartShippingIntegration extensionallowsonline buyerstocheckCash onDeliveryinstantlywithoutgoingthroughthe checkout process.The optionisavailable rightatthe productlistingpage.Theycansimplyputthe product deliverylocationzipcode andcheckwhetherBlue Dartisofferingfree deliveryinthe particularlocation or not. Create Shipment Creatingshipmenthasalwaysbeenaheadache forthe online retailersanditcan be eventougherif your webstore isreceivingagoodamountof orderseach day. Blue Dart ShippingIntegrationallowsstore adminsto create shipmenteasilywithjustafew clicksandsave time onthe tiresome processandeasily informBlue Dart aboutcustomerandproduct details.
  2. 2. GeneratesProductOrderPDF For the store owner,the real workstarts afterthe order isplaced.However,thisextensionensuresyou stay stressfree aboutthe tiresome processasitgeneratesaPDFthat includesall the productdetails such as user,productand company,andorder IDsof the products.All the detailsare availableinthe formof barcode and sentto the salesdepartment viaemail. Blue Dart ShippingIntegration comeswitha user-friendlyinterface andstraightforwardcustomization options toletstore ownerenjoythe seamlessexperience whilereducingthe workload.