How to Solve Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors?


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Are you getting error while upgrading to Magento 1.7? If yes then this document is to help you out. We have covered few Magento 1.7 Errors with their solutions in it.

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How to Solve Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors?

  1. 1. Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors with Solutions Prepared by: SoftProdigy Inc.
  2. 2. Error #1: Magento Connect Manager 404 ERROR Solution: Change the permissions of downloader/index.php from 0666 to 0644 Error #2: Magento 1.7.0 - Checkout problem After upgrading to Magento 1.7, the first stepof checkout process givesfollowingerror: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘get’ of undefined prototype.js:828 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘loadWaiting’ of undefined opcheckout.js:303 Solution: The basic reason behind thiserror is that when you upgrade to Magento 1.7, the CSS of new template differs from your old or previous template’s CSS. You need to make sure that “step-title” and “a-item” classes are on the proper div as shown below in the image: Error #3: “getAllOptions” error In most of the cases, after upgrading the Magento Store via command line, people getfollowingerror: Fatal error: Call to a member function getAllOptions() on a non-object in /var/www/html/magento/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Cache.php on line 455 Solution: In order to solve this issue, you need to download & reupload the newly downloaded AITOCextensions via ftp. Once thisis done, clear the cache and check the front end.
  3. 3. Error # 4: Google Analytics missing after upgrade to 1.7 Solution: We have seen that many users are also facing issue of missing Google Analytics after the update. In order to solve this issue, you need to make some changes in the base googleanalytics.xml. You need to add a tag- template="googleanalytics/ga.phtml" as shown below: The final code is <layout version="0.1.0"> <!-- Default layout, loads most of the pages --> <default> <!-- Mage_GoogleAnalytics --> <reference name="before_body_end"> <block type="googleanalytics/ga" name="google_analytics" as="google_analytics" template="googleanalytics/ga.phtml" /> </reference> </default> </layout> Error# 5:Reindex error- "Cannot initialize the indexer process." Solution: Many people also get reindex error while upgrading their Magento Store. In order to deal with thiserror, you are required to clear cache after upgrade: rm -rf var/cache/* downloader/pearlib/cache/* downloader/pearlib/download/* Apart from it, empty the catalog_product_flat_1 table. Error: 500 Internal Server Error Solution: This is also one of the most commonerrors that Magento Users face while upgrading. This can be done by using these 2 steps:
  4. 4. a) CHMOD 755 the following: - magento/index.php - magento/downloader/ - magento/js/* b) Login to Magento and clear your cache Facing any other Magento Error? If you are facing any other Magento Upgrade Error, then you can contact SoftProdigy’s Expert Team of Magento Developers who can fix all your Magento Bugs at affordable rates. Contact Us: Web Form: Contact Number: 1.866.235.9128 (Toll Free) Email: