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How backbone.js is different from ember.js?


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Both Ember.js & Backbone.js are capable JavaScript frameworks. Are you confused to make selection between both?Hire a web development companies in PHP to reduce the amount of time and coding needed to carry out the development process.

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How backbone.js is different from ember.js?

  1. 1. How Backbone.js is Different from Ember.js Author: SoftProdigy
  2. 2. PAGE 1 Introduction This is 21st century! And we are living in a world surrounded by custom/open source development technology. This world is now a global village. And rapid advancement in the domain of open source development technology has turned the world into a digital village where everything is available through/on interactive websites and applications. Therefore, the role and responsibility of JavaScript has increased by manifolds. And Experienced open source development services providers know it perfectly. JavaScript is an open source technology which is used for making websites or applications interact with the client for carrying out vital tasks at client’s end such as: − Filling forms and tables with data − Allowing users to edit in forms − Validation of forms/data at client’s end In order to carry out these tasks, experienced open source web development experts make JavaScript Interact with the Data Object Model Element (DOM) within the HTML forms. Most of the web development companies define Backbone.js as a solution to messiness occurrences caused/found/noticed JavaScript logic while trying to take care of elements of Data Object Model. Backbone.js allows developers to write models and view code purely within JavaScript with JSON interface. The main objective is to enable JSON Interface to interact with the server side controller. In other words, it is a structured approach to allow to develop models having key-value binding of data with Data Object Model’s elements. You can hire PHP web developers because Backbome.js allows to create customized events and a lot of collections within client side. At this crucial juncture, views come into play and handle custom events with the purpose of updating data models on client side through RESTfull APIs incorporating data in JSON Interface. According to the open source development companies, Backbone.js is a medium for automatically handling that tiresome and time consuming task of taking care of the DOM elements within JavaScript Logic. It also takes care of its corresponding data value. It also eliminates the need of writing JavaScript code for updating every single DOM element separate in case of update. This is not the end of the picture! Backbone.js offers a lot more than this. In layman’s terms, web development companies in PHP define Backbone.js very much similar to MVC Controller framework. It is mainly JavaScript and clients side. To make it simple for you to understand, it is an effective medium to make browsers react appropriately to changes in data on client side without having bother about completely loading all the markup/HTML code from the server.
  3. 3. PAGE 2 WHAT IS BACKBONE.JS USED FOR? This is an important question. It is not so easy to develop a single page website applications and their extremely complicated user interfaces with jQuery. It is also not easy to develop extremely complicated userinterfacesof websiteapps. If you doso, yourweb app will simply become a nested pile of jQuery-based callbacks. It will be entirely tied to concrete elements of DOM. If you are planning to develop a website application then you should hire web development companies in PHP because Backbone.js is a very powerful library. This is why it allows you to build everything. And also because their professionals have a plenty of experience in the domain of programming. it provides a lot of value of architecture and design. Moreover, web applications developed using jQuery often violate “Single Responsibility principal”. Moreover, this incredibly small library but powerful library the facility of making your code modular. It saves your time. You can also add to any future project. Apart from this, the structure of Backbone.js is clear and flexible enough to help open source development service providers to avoid rigid guidelines. At the same time, your web application gets enough places to live.
  4. 4. PAGE 3 BUT BACKBONJE.JS HAS COMPETITORS Well! There is nothing without competition in market. Even Backbone.js has a lot of competition in market in the form of Ember.js. According to the experts, there is difference between all of them. And it is important to understand this difference between all of them to be able to understand them and their functionality. BACKBONE.JS Open source development companies define Backbone.js as a minimalistic framework responsible/used structuring the web applications by pulling your model out of the Data Object Model and incorporate/convert into the model of Backbone.js as well its collection and views objects. It is very easy in-terms of implementation on very small portion of a page. It does not take more than 5 to 6 KB for the entire production Version library. Just a little amount of code using Backbone.js means a lot of proper organization of the web application is easily possible. Most importantly, open source development service providers do not have to invest a lot of time and money to learn backbone.js because of the requirement of understandingverylessnumberof conceptsin comparison to the Ember.js. And developers find it very easy to get started with Backbone.js because they get full control over the method of implementation.
  5. 5. PAGE 4 DRAWBACK OF BACKBONE.JS Although backbone.js provides a lot of benefits. However, it does have its own disadvantages such as: − It does include data-binding. − It has ability to make changes. But a change made in one place triggers a change everywhere. − It can be set up on a per-case-basis which is time consuming. And it is not one of the core features of Backbone.js. − It gives data models the responsibility for data persistence and server syncing could be problematic in-terms of the decision taken for design. it can confuse you’re the your PHP developers in certain circumstances. − Its models are flat in-terms of definition. − It does not offer any support for deeper models. − You should hire an expert from a web development companies in PHP and he/she will call its ability to make a number of small updates in DOM for single user interaction a problem because it leads to a poor user experience in-terms of the large data-structures. − One more important thing that Backbone.js is generally opinionated about is the RESTful API. Taking this into account, it can sometimes be very difficult to support various URI schemes and work with non-RESTful APIs with Backbone.js − Its models are little too straightforward to unit test. It is not easy to unit test. Using Backbone.js, you have to write a lot of mocking code to make sure enough is covered for the test to be meaningful. − It creates an empty div element for every single backbone.js view. This is something that leads to a number of redundant div in the HTML generated. − A controller building block in it is also something that cause frowns on the forehead of developers. They expect Backbone.js to have one.
  6. 6. PAGE 5 EMBER.JS Talking about Ember.js, it is a framework used for the creation of rich web applications based onJavaScript. It increasesthe productivityof developersand makes helps them write better code.It is very much differentascompared toBackbone.js.You justneed to hireweb development companies in PHP and Ember will help their coding and development teams collaborate effectively. It is amazingly capable of handling router and URL. It is used for the development of long lived web applications like admin dashboards where user is surely going to keep their browsers active for multiple hours. Ember.js is totally based on MVC pattern and allows open source development service providers to develop single page web apps that are highly scalable. Incorporation of common idioms and best practices into a framework makes it possible. In addition to it, rich object model, declarative two way data binding,computed properties, automatically-updating templates powered by Handlebars.js as well as a router for the management of application’s state are some of the benefits offered by Ember.js to keep it different from Backbone.js. It also eliminates the boilerplate and ensure standard application architecture and has TML and CSS at the core of the model used for development purpose.
  7. 7. PAGE 6 DRAWBACKS − Open source development service providers can sometimes encounter silent errors while developing a web app. Silent errors are difficult to find. You will have to be very careful about it. These silent errors may occur in the code and cause failures even if there is no JavaScript error in the code. − Its deep linking is not reliable − Availability of less libraries, code examples /resources make it unreliable and complex to work with. − The design gets restricted − Added layers and its complexity make it difficult to work with it. Mentioned above are some of the drawbacks of Ember.js that make it different from Backbone.js.
  8. 8. PAGE 7 CONCLUSION: There is no doubt about the fact that both Ember.js and Backbone.js are amazingly capable JavaScript frameworks. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, if you need to choose one, hire a web development companies in PHP if you are seeking to rival native apps and reduce the amount of time and coding needed to carry out the development process, opt for Ember.js, otherwise Backbone.js is the best option for you.