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Hackathon : Competition


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Hackathon Competing against each other in a web development – Hackathon, conducted by SoftProdigy.

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Hackathon : Competition

  1. 1. Hackathon @ SoftProdigy - Testing Coding Skills of Web Experts “Whenhealthycompetitionprevails,youcome outto playand youplayto win.”Rightlysaid!And somethingsimilarisgoingoninthe house of SoftProdigy! Takinga break fromtheirhumdrumroutines,three of ourteams – The Sharks,The Eagles,andThe Lions are competingagainsteachotherina webdevelopmentcompetition –Hackathon,conductedby SoftProdigy. The teams are assignedthe taskto build innovative modules inapre-definedtimelimittoshowcase theirvigorand adeptnessinwebdevelopment. We wishthe teams,goodluck!May the bestteam wins.
  2. 2. For more information on Hackathon competiton visit our site.