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Best ecommerce features to improve b2 b user experience


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and Magento extensions prove to be great support in attracting and retaining valuable business-to-business customers.

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Best ecommerce features to improve b2 b user experience

  1. 1. Best Ecommerce Features to Improve B2B User Experience User experience in eCommerce is defined as attracting, engaging, and converting visitors to buyers. However, the eCommerce industry has evolved to a great extent and it’s not all about personal shopping. Just like individuals, businesses are also buying supplies or merchandize online through the B2B (Business to Business) portals. A pleasant, intuitive user experience can make all the difference in business growth and Magento extensions prove to be great support in attracting and retaining valuable business-to-business customers. Buyers at the B2B portals are different to B2C in three ways:  They know exactly what they want.  They order in bulk.  They make similar orders repeatedly. The above points make it worth notable how important B2B customers can be for the business growth. It is, hence, worth putting effort into making the right decisions when creating strategies on delivering best possible experience to the corporate buyers. Here we’re showcasing the top features you can use to improve B2B user experience: Streamlined Product Navigation As mentioned above, a B2B customer is different to the personal shopper and knows exactly what to buy and the quantity is often in bulk. Streamlined and robust product filtering can be a huge benefit in ensuring that a particular type of product is located quickly. Mega Menu extension for Magento proves to be a great support in this journey, providing a better user experience by allowing buyers to shop easily. This allows customers to quickly narrow down products from their large catalogue. Usually, the B2B customers are already familiar to your product range and the catalog. The option to order by SKU is indispensable. Bulk Means Bulk Businesses are likely to order in bulk, whether purchasing for resale or stocking for business needs. This gives your online shopping portal a great opportunity for discount pricing incentives. Magento offers great flexibility to retailers, but there’s a lot that can be done to make the experience better. Allowing them to negotiate over the price when buying in bulk would turn the tables for better results. “Request a Quote” is again another great Magento extension, aimed to help you grow. Multiple B2B platforms are using this platform to allow their shoppers negotiate over the price when they’re buying products in bulk. Store admin can approve, disapprove or suggest a suitable price for the product order. This dramatically speeds up the shopping experience for B2B customers ordering bulk products from T-shirts to tattoo needles.
  2. 2. Repeat and Scheduled Ordering Since you’re targeting businesses, there’s a chance that your target audience may be busy creating growth and customer retention strategies. It makes sense to give them a peace of mind with repeat and scheduled ordering feature. Your partners might want to place and repeat the same orders on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. “Auto Reorder” will make sure they don’t spend too much time on ordering the same products. Instead, they can choose to reorder the whole cart products in a single click. Analytics of B2B Customer Experience This may not be in direct relation with the sales, but has a lot to do with it. You know what products are trending and what changes can be made to grow sales in a particular location. “Geographical Sales Report” proves to be a great support in assisting online retailers to understand how their customers behave and what they are really buying in particular locations across the world. This way retailers can create strategic marketing and business improvement plans for better growth. The sales report can be classified in different countries and is available for download in CSV file for better insight into the analytics. Final Words The number of success stories of personalized B2B platforms is rising. And the trend is going to grow in the future as well. In a couple of years, ecommerce companies without a portal with better B2B user experience might get lost behind. Ensuring the personalized and unmatched B2B experience is going to be the major factor for business growth in the coming years. And since developing custom functionalities seems to be a costly affair, Magento extensions prove to be great support for the business owners and the developers.