FAQs - How to maximise use

Aaron Tay
Aaron TayLibrarian at NUS Libraries
Aaron Tay National University of Singapore Libraries @aarontay How do we  increase   usage of FAQs?
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Point of need?
Road to FAQ 882% Visits increase 882%
Do you have the right FAQS? two
Sources? FAQs? Seek Solutions!
What does “frequently” mean?
Does Size Matter?
Page views vs Size No of FAQs Top 20% of Q&A (pageviews) To reach 80% of page views ≈  1500  71%  30% ≈  1000  54%  46% ≈  400 56%  41% ≈  200 70%  30% ≈  100 68%  44%
Hit ratios* vs Size ≈ 200 FAQS ≈ 400 FAQS ≈ 500 FAQS Academic  Library #1 Academic  Library #2 Academic Library #3 *HIT RATIO = SUCC + MATCH /  UNSUCC + SUCC + MATCH 55% 47% 60% 60% 55% 47%
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Translating queries
[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],Blackledge, A. and Creese, A. 2008. Contesting ˜language as ˜heritage : Negotiation of identities in late modernity. Applied Linguistics 29:  When will the medical library reopen?  Unsubmited questions How do I book discussion room?
Bug fixes Synonym match Hit ratio improvements
____ % of chats  can be answered by FAQ?* 42 *Sample of 189 chats from FAQ box Sept 2010 to Feb 2011
Better integration with LibGuides Full Text Search Integration with catalogue The Future?
@aarontay http://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com Thank You! Contact Information Four
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FAQs - How to maximise use

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  1. 35% from guides. 10% from Courseware. Other points are new, or planned e.g Mobile, password screens, eforms