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A description of common security issues that exit in PHP/MySQL and HTML/Javascript based websites, how to mitigate, and then how WordPress can help

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  • Hi Anders - thanks so much for the comments. I will update my next slideset with your information. :)
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  • Also... if you're interested... I've written a comprehensive WordPress Security Checklist which can be downloaded for free on www.wpsecuritychecklist.com... feel free to link to that in your presentations if you'd like...
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  • Hi Aaron,

    Great presentation... just wanted to let you know that the two plugins you recommend have been combined into one plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/websitedefender-wordpress-security/

    That's the most recent version, and it replaces the other two...
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WordCamp Milwaukee 2012 - Aaron Saray - Secure Wordpress Coding

  1. 1. Secure Wordpress Coding Aaron Saray
  2. 2. Why Trust This Guy? ● PHP programmer > than a decade ● Nerd since 8 yrs old ● MKEPUG ● Author ● you paid? :)
  3. 3. Why at WordCamp?● I use WordPress ○ even programmers do, yup● I like WordPress● WordPress is everywhere ○ I actually care about the world... you should too!
  4. 4. What is Security?● Physical, mental, emotional, resources● Secure programming? ○ protecting the user from... ■ themselves ■ the bad guys ■ glitches
  5. 5. Why you should care?Yay - its time for everyones favorite game show!
  6. 6. Myth: ...Fact: you should care - youre a nice person.Otherwise you wouldnt be here...
  7. 7. Myth: No one will attack meFact: Yes they will.● No one cares about my little website● Im not doing anything important● They can have it all, I have nothing they want
  8. 8. Thats Wrong!
  9. 9. Examples:● Testing Credit Cards● Hosting bad stuff● Stealing User Accounts (and passwords)● installing trojans ○ google now hates you● Who cares about Google ads? ○ Theyre only $0.02...
  10. 10. $132,994.97
  11. 11. Myth: PHP is so insecure that...● Bank vault is insecure with the door open● Haters be hatin● PHP users ○ Facebook ○ Yahoo ○ etc ■ if it were so bad, then why?
  12. 12. What Security Concerns in WebProjects Do We Have?● HTML begat PHP begat WordPress ● SQL Injection ● XSS ● CSRF *NOTE: examples are simple, and not necessarily indicative of real code.
  13. 13. SQL Injection● An attack that injects unknown SQL commands ○ usually done through a form filed ○ can be done in a query string● Consequence? ○ read all data ○ write / update / delete ○ drop tables!
  14. 14. SQL Injection Example
  15. 15. SQL Injection Example$sql = "select * from user where email=me@aaronsaray.com and password=monkey
  16. 16. SQL Injection Example What about password of ... say... x or userid=1; --$sql = "select * from user where email=me@aaronsaray.com andpassword=x or userid=1; --";
  17. 17. SQL Injection SolutionFilter user input!!
  18. 18. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)● An attack that allows a third party to add and execute client side scripts into a web page ○ Client side scripting (such as javascript) is fine (and useful) ○ but not if the site creator didnt approve it● Consequence? ○ form submission ○ steal cookie (login token) ○ Sammy!
  19. 19. XSS Example
  20. 20. XSS Example
  21. 21. Is this really that bad?Yup.
  22. 22. XSS SolutionFilter user input!!
  23. 23. Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)● An attack that sends a request from a malicious site masquerading as a legitimate request.● Submission or action originating not on your website● Consequence? ○ forms submitted ○ any user action done ■ potentially authorized users without knowledge
  24. 24. CSRF Example
  25. 25. CSRF Example
  26. 26. CSRF SolutionMulti pronged:● Use POST for data changes (RFC 2616)● Use $_POST, not $_REQUEST● Use a token ○ in Wordpress, theyre called "nonce"
  27. 27. CSRF Solution
  28. 28. CSRF Solution
  29. 29. CSRF Solution in Wordpress
  30. 30. ... so, who cares?Wordpress is a web project● Its PHP● Its HTML● Its Javascript● Its CSS● It takes user input● It displays user input
  31. 31. What can I do about it?Thanks for asking!● Security Scanning Plugin● Theme Creation Security● Practice safe plugin
  32. 32. If you remember just one thing...Use these Security Plugins:● Secure Wordpress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/secure-wordpress/● WP Security http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-security-scan/
  33. 33. Secure Themes● This isnt just filler ○ people focus on plugins usually. *slap*● Things to consider: ○ when using other themes or child themes ○ creating your own theme
  34. 34. Themes that you... borrow● Everyone grabs a theme ○ be smart about it ○ if its too good to be true...● Things to remember: ○ update themes when they ask you to ■ Remember the TimThumb-amo! ○ take a look at them ■ cdn.google.com/jquery.js ■ myhotbride.ru/funfreemoney.js
  35. 35. Themes that you sorta borrow● If you see a cool theme... ○ Child theme it! ○ Stay up to date with the parent security
  36. 36. and if youre in a rush...● Theme Authenticity Checker ○ http://builtbackwards.com/projects/tac/
  37. 37. so which security issues exist?● All of them!
  38. 38. Lets check out some best practices
  39. 39. Use built in functions● set_theme_mod()● Settings API
  40. 40. Use built in filters● esc_attr()● esc_html()● esc_textarea()● esc_url()● esc_js()● wp_filter_kses()
  41. 41. Filter example
  42. 42. Security through Obscurity● Not always that bad... ○ automated tools - why give them a freebie?● remove versions from your themes
  43. 43. Version examples...
  44. 44. O.P.P.● Other Peoples Plugins!
  45. 45. General Security● Security is really shared between plugins and themes● These can be applied to all of your programming, or other peoples programming. ○ For securitys sake - be careful when youre hacking other peoples plugins.
  46. 46. 2 Parts Left:
  47. 47. First, and foremost● Clean yo house
  48. 48. Clean it up● Update your Wordpress● Delete old things: ○ plugins ○ themes ○ user uploads from that hot babe● http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress
  49. 49. #2, Code Securely● Use NONCE● Dont let AJAX files sit around● Watch your SQL
  50. 50. Use $wpdb● It is a global variable ○ yup, I hate it too● Use these methods instead of creating your new wheelhttp://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wpdb_Class
  51. 51. $wpdb example
  52. 52. My Final AdviceIts Open Source Software for a reason
  53. 53. Aaron Saray Open Source Developer Milwaukee, WIQuestions? http://aaronsaray.com● Questions about @aaronsaray Secure Wordpress Coding? Milwaukee PHP Users Group http://mkepug.org @mkepug