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Continuous discovery improves continuous flow


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Continuously learn to improve continuous delivery

Published in: Software, Design, Business
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Continuous discovery improves continuous flow

  1. 1. Passionate Product Ownership Certified Scrum Product Owner Course Travel Weather Case Study The Weather Channel LeanUX West, 2013
  2. 2. Discovery release cycle development cycle wraps delivery Delivery
  3. 3. Answers four questions 1. Do people want (to buy) it? 2. Can they use it? 3. Can we build it? 4. Do stakeholders support it? 3
  4. 4. Pushes decisions down David Chao, CTO Crimson
  5. 5. Too much to ask of a person, or role
  6. 6. Requires a core (balanced) team to own the product or feature area
  7. 7. 1. Understand the problem 2. Explore Ideas 3. Refine and Validate 4. Create a plan Diverges and converges
  8. 8. Applies Design Thinking Frame.
  9. 9. “Design by community is not design by committee.” -- Leisa ReicheltLeisa Reichelt Leah Buley “Design isn’t something that designers produce, design is a process that designers facilitate.” --Leah Buley Practices team collaboration over organizational consensus
  10. 10. Helps solve wicked problems
  11. 11. Connects with the user
  12. 12. Targets user behavior
  13. 13. Sees the experience from the eyes of the user * Narrative Journey Map courtesy Duncan Brown of the Caplin Group
  14. 14. Practices team-level user learning
  15. 15. Promotes failing (and learning) fast
  16. 16. F i n d s t h e b e s t i d e a s i n t h e s h o r t e s t a m o u n t o f t i m e
  17. 17. Iterates fast and cheap towards good enough
  18. 18. Interacts with users two to three times a week
  19. 19. Keeps work visible
  20. 20. Discovery Balances Development