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Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS-webinar


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In this presentation shows you how the benefits of AWS technologies can be combined with a new approach to Development and Operations.

It’s all about delivering new features and functionality faster, without compromising reliability, stability and performance.

* Understand the challenges faced by traditional Development and Operations teams
* Apply Continuous Integration/Delivery processes and tools to enable change
* Appreciate how various AWS technologies can be used to facilitate DevOps

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Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS-webinar

  1. 1. Enabling your DevOps culture with AWS
  2. 2. Who am I Aaron Walker CTO @base2Services
  3. 3. Who are base2Services base2Services is an Australian company that provides DevOps as a Managed Service and expert consulting for cloud-based infrastructure. ! ! Bridging the gap between software development and operations so that you get the best out of your applications in the cloud.
  4. 4. Traditional Thinking around Development and Operations Dev’s job is to add new features ! ! Op’s job is to keep the site stable and fast
  5. 5. But Dev’s job is NOT to add new features ! ! Op’s job is NOT to keep the site stable and fast
  6. 6. Their job is to ENABLE their business
  7. 7. Your business REQUIRES change
  8. 8. Choose: ! Discourage change in the interests of stability ! OR ! Allow change to happen as often as it needs to
  9. 9. – Someone smarter than me “The right culture is a requirement for survival and success at web scale”
  10. 10. How do we enable change • Automation • Continuous Integration/Delivery • not just for application code • JEDI - use the force Luke
 (Just Enough Developed Infrastructure) • Small incremental changes • NO BIG BANG • revertible • Fast detection of failures
  11. 11. How does AWS help?
  12. 12. Automation • CloudFormation • NO manual creation of environments • MUST BE Version controlled • OpsWorks
 (or Chef/Puppet etc choose your poison) • Simple WorkFlow • Route 53 If it can’t be automated DON’T DO IT
  13. 13. Continuous Integration/Delivery • Every commit triggers a change • including infrastructure changes • AMI’s are your friends • FAT vs Thin • Dev’s and Ops doing it the same • use the same tools (Vagrant, Packer, Chef/Puppet etc) • Test the SH#T out of everything
  14. 14. Small incremental changes • Simplify the deployment process • AMI’s as deployable artifacts • Built and tested by CI process • CloudFormation Stack Update and Rollback • Make deploying FAST • with little or no manual tasks
  15. 15. Fast detection of failures • Monitor EVERYTHING • CloudWatch - collect and push custom metrics • S3 - Archive metrics even if your not using them right now. One day you will, trust me • EMR - because it’s cool :)
  16. 16. The scenario You have an application that is developed by your dev team and you are running it in AWS
  17. 17. • Working towards a go live date • Timelines are tight • Investment accountability • Late nights and quick code releases You have awesome developers
  18. 18. You go-live and use your developers for support • Diverts focus away from their dev work • Need to learn infrastructure in detail • Security and Optimisation are missed • Experience in production Severity1 issues?
  19. 19. What happens next? • 24x7 pager duty • 3am issues • Impact on developers time • Come in late, tired and pissed off • Missing daily stand ups • Project slippage!
  20. 20. So, you hire an Ops guy as well • You have to find one first • Recruiters ;) • Seek? • Dev principles are not followed • Works 24x7, gets sick • Roadblocks ensue • Leaves!
  21. 21. How can base2Services help?
  22. 22. Cloud Focused Managed Service Provider with a strong background in application development & Integration
  23. 23. base2Services Support • We work closely with you to make the process and performance of the system better. • Consider us your extension to your architects and developers DevOps - We get it!!!!
  24. 24. base2Services Support • You gain access to our knowledge and talent of e-commerce, AWS, and almost anything to do with online services • base2Services is involved in some of Australia's largest e-commerce and classifieds sites. • Everyone has AWS certification Expertise and Talent
  25. 25. base2Services Support • We make sure that what the developers build can be tested first and deployed to production when you are ready. • Safe rollback points are created prior to production releases. Continuous Integration
  26. 26. base2Services Support • We constantly assess what the developer's have built. • We can pinpoint particular issues and advise you of the issues to make the system work better. • For example, we know which SQL queries cause issues and how to fix them. Performance review
  27. 27. Questions 1300 713 559 @aaronwalker