Esri DevSummit 2013 Speed Geeking: Intro to Esri Geotrigger Service for ArcGIS


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5-minute speed geeking presentation on the new ArcGIS Geotrigger Service.

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  • EsriCorporate Templatev1.0, Jan 7, 2013See http://arczone/resources/presentations.cfmfor more sample files and help.
  • There’s great tech out there for dedicated GPS devices and real-time tech for devices running intensive GPS for short periods, In the ordinary world – everyone wants to be location-aware, but battery drain has been an issue. Consumer devices – the devices in your pockets vs. a dedicated GPS device. I thinkeveryone in this room has troublewith GPS being a totalbatteryhog. For on the go situations, we need a solution that prevents battery-drain while still providing location-based alerts and tracking. This is consumer-grade, ready for millions of devices. Holding back the market for consumer devices to get on using GPS.
  • Different from Geoevents team – with Geoevents, all the processing is happening on the server, with Geotriggers, much of it is happening on the phone.
  • A day in the life of Geotrigger . . . (video narration)
  • Example of GeoJSON format. Can add date and time conditions.
  • Example of GeoJSON format. Can add date and time conditions.
  • Example of turning the trackerinto real-time mode when you arrive in Portland. Only active during this week.
  • Esri DevSummit 2013 Speed Geeking: Intro to Esri Geotrigger Service for ArcGIS

    1. 1. Intro to Esri’s Geotrigger Service for ArcGIS Aaron Parecki & Kenichi Nakamura Esri R&D Center Portland
    2. 2. Geotrigger An Invisible Button
    3. 3. Calm Technology
    4. 4. The location Problem Battery Drain
    5. 5. All-day use without the battery drain Location services for smartphones at scale
    6. 6. Geotrigger Use Cases
    7. 7. Geotrigger Technology • SDKs • APIs • Battery Management & Tracking Profiles • Sample Code
    8. 8. Use ArcGIS iPhone and Android SDKs
    9. 9. Geotrigger Components • Condition (area) Polygon • Action (message, callback URL, or change tracking profile) • Tags (to group content) - Example: Wikipedia article data - Tags for Buildings, History - Can allow users to subscribe to a subset of the data
    10. 10. Creating a Geotrigger Rule (geoJSON) GeoJSON format
    11. 11. Setting a Geotrigger for a date and time Set the date and time in the dateFrom and dateTo fields.
    12. 12. Battery Conservation for Persistent Location
    13. 13. Geotrigger Tracking Profiles Adaptive mode • Optimized for Geotrigger™ events • Will use less power when farther away from triggers and content Rough mode • Only gathers approximate location data • Good for determining if a device is in a given city or neighborhood • The most battery efficient
    14. 14. Data collected by one person in rough mode
    15. 15. Geotrigger Tracking Profiles Real-time mode • Sends accurate location as fast as possible • Least battery efficient Logging • Tracks location data in areas of low connectivity • Sends to the server later, or when a connection re-occurs
    16. 16. Data collected by one person in real-time mode 2.5 million points since 2008
    17. 17. Using Tracking Profiles This code turns the tracker into real- time mode the user arrives in a given city.
    18. 18. Visual Geotrigger Editor
    19. 19. Geotrigger ArcGIS Integration Available through • • ArcGIS Online Summer 2013
    20. 20. Aaron Parecki CTO Esri R&D Center Portland aparecki@esri.comQuestions? Thanks! Kenichi Nakamura Platform Engineer Esri R&D Center m