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TechcampSaigon Uni 2014 proposal


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This is a part of TechcampSaigon.
Techcamp Uni, which aims to be one of the most innovative events for student of technology, will be held on May 2014.
At TechcampSaigon Uni 2014, student can present about everything of technology, which may be products, ideas, knowledge about new technology ... That means the quality of the event depends on the community. There're also serial workshop, tech-showroom, contest or sth else to help quality for presenters.
Our values is about Entrepreneurship, Networking & Recruitment
We've just getting started. We welcome all hopes of joining.
If you are interested and would like to join with us, just give an email to! Or my hp: (+84) 984762661
No worries, we'll contact you soon and bring the coffee ;)

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TechcampSaigon Uni 2014 proposal

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Content • From TechCamp Saigon to TechCamp Saigon Uni • TechCamp Saigon Uni 2014 • Our Values • Why Sponsoring? • Sponsor Packages • Contact Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment 2
  3. 3. From Techcamp Saigon to Techcamp Saigon Uni • TechCamp Saigon will focus only to technology with high quality presentations and advanced topics. • By setting a high standard, TechCamp Saigon aims to bring the best people in the industry to the event and share with each other what they know really well. Techcamp Saigon Uni 2014 is a part extended from Techcamp Saigon Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment • TechCamp Saigon Uni aims to be one of the most innovative events for student of technology with 50-60 topics presented. • There are also serial workshops, tech-showroom, contest to help the quality high for speaker. • TechCamp Uni will be a chance for students who already have the ideas, knowledge about new product or new technology, and really want an innovatory step to the market, for sharing to community and finding mentors, partners or even consumers. 3
  4. 4. TechCamp Saigon Uni 2014 Key Focus: Our target market is Student of Technology. • 50% about ICT industry • 50% about other industries: electronics, chemistry, environment, geology … Time: May 3rd, 2014 Venue: on negotiations. Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment Target Reach: Media: • Facebook: 3.000 Like, 1.000 Discussions • Mobile App: 500 Downloads • Website: 5.000 Visits Event: • 600 attendants • 50-60 speakers • 50-60 presentations • More than 20 products on tech-showroom. 4
  5. 5. TechCamp Saigon Uni 2014 Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment 5
  6. 6. Values Entrepreneurship Recruitment Networking Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment 6
  7. 7. Why sponsor & partner? • Support the tech community, especially student: By creating a great community with knowledge sharing culture, you are building a healthy ecosystem that may bring lots of benefits to your company. • Strengthen brand awareness: Due to the fact, TechCamp Saigon Uni aims to be one of the most innovative events in Vietnam. The total of reaches is all of student of technology in HCM City. A sponsoring of TechCamp can help your company to be more visible in Ho Chi Minh City and to promote your products as well as yourself as an Employer. Or you can promote your services and products by sponsoring with your services, new customers can be won. TechCamp Saigon Uni attracts consumers as well as businesses. So, if you have products or services for the local market, you can get in direct contact with your potential clients and promote your services and contacts. You can also get feedback directly from your (potential) customers, how you may improve your product. • Be trendy: TechCamp Saigon Uni is a new approach, which is defined by it’s own charm and is supporting very much innovative spirit. With a sponsoring with TechCamp you can show, that your open to new approaches and that you support an innovative and open environment within your company. • Recruiting key talents: The participants of TechCamp Saigon Uni are desined as highly enthusiastic and communicative. Take the chance to promote yourself as the ideal spot to work and get also directly in touch with potential employees of your company. Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment Above all, when giving your help to improve local technology community, your company also can get invisible benefits. A strong community where people help each others and grow together is a stable foundation for your business. Let's establishing goodwill in the community! 7
  8. 8. Sponsor Packages Sponsor Level Amount We also have venue package, media sponsor package … opened to negotiating Silver (limit 5) Gold (limit 2) 11.000.000 22.000.000 Logo on website Logo in iOS, android & WP apps N/A Logo on banners, posters Logo in reminder emails Logo in marketing videos Booth at venue during the event   Hand out marketing materials at entrance  Having a topic (about technology or entrepreneur)  Other negotiable clauses Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment   8
  9. 9. Contact • Phuc (Aaron) Dang Lead Coordinator Hp: (+84) 98 4762 661 Email: Entrepreneurship – Networking - Recruitment 9