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11 12 19 Building Up Jan 2012 Vol. 1 Low Res


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Building Up is Westland Construction\'s new quarterly Newsletter. Enjoy!

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11 12 19 Building Up Jan 2012 Vol. 1 Low Res

  1. 1. News & Knowledge from Westland Construction Issue 1 – January 2012 IN THIS ISSUE The new Birds Hill CONCRETE SOLUTIONS FOR Provincial Park shower BIRDS HILL PROVINCIAL PARK 1 and washroom facility. THOUGHTS FROM WESTLAND’S CEO 3 CONSTRUCTION SNAPSHOT… AND THE THINGS THAT KEEP US UP AT NIGHT 3 WESTLAND PERSONALITY: DARRYL BERARD 4PROJECT PROFILECONCRETE SOLUTIONS FORBIRDS HILL PROVINCIAL PARKFrom floor to ceiling, from fixtures to soap dishes, from sinks to benches, everything in the new BirdsHill Provincial Park shower facility is made of concrete. Westland Construction was proud to serve asthe General Contractor for this 3,800 sq ft building that features solar panels, sloped walls, a greenroof, radiant in-floor heating, and a drain water heat exchanger. The building includes washrooms, 16regular showers, two family showers, and two barrier-free showers. continued on next page
  2. 2. continued from page 1 “It was an exciting they did to get a wood finish with concreteproject to work on,” said Peter Grose, When you’re pouring concrete required real precision and fine carpentry skills.”Westland Construction’s CEO. “The walls are on a job that dramatic and The facility, which opened in the spring28 feet high and have a rough-sawn timber intricate, you only have one of 2011, is expected to have a 50-yearfinish. It’s a striking v-shaped design that willimpress park-goers. And it was a complex job. chance to get it right. lifespan. As a concrete structure, it will easily withstand the wear and tear that comes withWhen you’re pouring concrete on a job that an annual park crowd of 750,000.dramatic and intricate, you only have one “With Agilia, the guys at Westland were ablechance to get it right.” to get the right type of pour for the angles, “We love it when a project like this comesTo get it right, Westland turned to Lafarge edges, and finishes they needed,” said Dennis along to stretch us,” said Grose. “We reallyto ensure that the best possible concrete Giesbrecht of Lafarge. “It was no easy task and enjoy working with innovative designs,was used for the job. Lafarge recommended they did a marvellous job. The edge on the angled remarkable materials, skilled suppliers,Agilia Architectural, a self-consolidating, wedge wall is sharp enough to shave with. What and engaged clients.”fluid concrete. BUILDING UP PAGE 2
  3. 3. THE GROSE REPORT ill and turned his attention to the future of We believe in fairness at Westland, THOUGHTS FROM the company he launched in 1979. Norm came to me in the summer of 1995 and and we expect ourselves to maintain a professional, progressive attitude. WESTLAND’S CEO asked me to consider buying into the firm. Construction is a fast-paced, high-stakes industry. Our success is based on some Norm was a decent man with remarkable key principles including attracting and My relationship business savvy and an outstanding keeping the best possible personnel, and with Westland reputation in the industry. He persuaded never walking away from a job until it’s Construction has me to see the buy-in as a great done right. come a long way opportunity. He was right. I put aside since the summer my CA studies, and instead earned We also believe in the importance of of 1989. I was still my Certified Management Accounting strong communication. I hope this first a teenager, and designation while working full-time at issue of “Building Up” gives you some spent the summer Westland. I took a swing at that curve ball insights into our company, our people, sweating on and haven’t looked back. and our projects. We’ll also be welcoming construction sites the thoughts of guest writers from the for Norm Young, After Norm passed on in 1996, his wife, industry and I thank Ron Hambley of the Peter Grose the boss back Aurlie Young, served as the company Winnipeg Construction Association for then. It was basic, President for a few years. It was an honour being our first guest. tough labour, but I worked hard, and to be her partner, but she was ready to quickly developed a respect for Norm and move on by 2003, so I bought her share Thanks for taking some time to look at a passion for his company. of the company. Today, I am proud to be our first issue. From all of us at Westland the firm’s Senior Principal and even years Construction, have a stellar new year. I worked the summers and part-time in after Norm’s passing, I am still inspired the winters to put myself through school. by his shining example and see it as Peter Grose is the Chief Executive Officer I was studying business at the University my responsibility to uphold Westland’s of Westland Construction Ltd. of Manitoba and started to work toward reputation and commitment to excellence. my designation as a Chartered Accountant (CA). Then came the curve ball. Norm took (204) 633-6272INDUSTRY INSIGHTS plant, new hospitals, recreational facilities, have embracedCONSTRUCTION and retail complexes. The local construction industry has managed to complete this work, LEED certification. LEED has manySNAPSHOT… AND THE but not without challenges. positive attributes,THINGS THAT KEEP US The busier our industry is, the more skilled however, the CanadaUP AT NIGHT people we need to meet the demand; there’s a Green Building Council has been labour shortage and it’s projected to continue overwhelmed by theBY RONALD HAMBLEY, GUEST WRITER well into the foreseeable future. In response, certification process, the industry has been actively involved in thus causingWithout question, there is a great deal of training and apprenticeship, advocating considerable delays,interest in the construction industry in immigration programs, enhancing aboriginal which frustrates Ronald HambleyManitoba. From my perspective, the ICI sector participation, and promoting skilled trades as a construction(institutional, commercial, industrial) and viable career option for women, young people, companies and owners sector (bridges, power dams) and those looking for a career change.have been extremely active in the past Industry strength and the demand fordecade. In 1999, construction dollar volume Several other trends are evident in our additional education—safety training inin Manitoba, tracked by building permits, was industry, such as the heightened awareness particular—encouraged WCA to seek larger$900 million. That number will reach almost of safety and health training. Construction premises and purchase a new building at$2.0 billion at the end of 2011. We have seen safety programs have been a huge and 1447 Waverley. Westland Construction Ltd.significant investments in infrastructure: expensive undertaking, but well worth the is our General Contractor on this renovationthe Red River Floodway Expansion Project, investment. Parallel to this is the attention project and we are pleased with the progress.Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson being paid to green building practices. Many On behalf of everyone at WCA and theInternational Airport, the new water treatment construction owners, including government, Construction Safety continued on next page PAGE 3 JANUARY 2012
  4. 4. continued from page 3 Association of Less than complete construction documentsManitoba, I thank Westland’s Peter Grose, result in expensive delays for owners. So Westland Construction is a full-Craig Hildebrandt, and Gerry Poirier, for their while we move in and enjoy our new space, service General Contractor serving theefforts in helping us create our new home. and the last of the construction dust settles, institutional, commercial and industrial I offer the following advice: take the extraIn other matters, we have been engaged in a sectors through new construction, civil time up front to ensure your constructiondiscussion with the design community about support and renovations. We care about documents are as complete as possible andthe inconsistent quality of document packages process and getting it right—for the it will pay off in a smoother build for you andreleased for construction. It’s a complicated buildings you see and the infrastructure your General Contractor.issue related to high construction volumes, you don’t.tight design schedules, tighter budgets, and Ronald Hambley is the Executive Vice- Westland Construction—building athe degree to which the design industry President of the Winnipeg Construction better way for over 30 stretched in the face of retirements and Association.recruitment difficulties. BUILDING UP IS A QUARTERLYWESTLAND PERSONALITY meet challenges head on and deliver the best NEWSLETTER PUBLISHED BY WESTLAND CONSTRUCTION LTD.DARRYL BERARD possible end result for our clients.” Berard is all about teamwork. That focus EDITORIAL BOARD comes from his easygoing nature and Peter Grose When fans are his attention to detail, all reinforced by a Darryl Berard cheering for the remarkable fastball career that started Aaron London Winnipeg Blue at the age of 12. He played senior fastball Bombers at a new almost until the start of his Westland career stadium in 2012 and EDITOR and played in major tournaments in Fargo, beyond, they won’t Stu Slayen Michigan, Wisconsin, and as far away as know much about the Argentina. intricacies of the DESIGNED BY infrastructure that Manoverboard, Inc. lies beneath them… like a 24-foot high CONTACT USDarryl Berard concrete overflow Westland Construction Ltd. chamber to capture 1641 Dublin Avenue water run-off. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0G9The chamber’s walls are 16 inches thick and Telephone: (204) 633-6272the concrete slab at the bottom is half a The overflow chamber in progress: the walls Fax: (204) 694-5484metre thick. It’s not a flashy part of the new are seven metres high and 16 inches thick. Email: info@westlandltd.netstadium, but like the man who oversaw itsconstruction, it’s essential to keeping the Berard learned about Westland over a decade www.westlandconstructionltd.complace running smoothly. ago from a neighbour and was immediately curious about the company. He applied to Westland enthusiastically after completingI like team-building so all the the 32-month certified engineeringplayers can meet challenges technologist (CET) program at Red River Winnipeg’s only ISO-certified General Contractor. We care about process.head on… College. Today, he continues to work as the Chief Estimator and he spends more than half of his time as a Project Manager.Darryl Berard, Westland Construction’s Vice- He takes great pride in the changes he’s seenPresident, takes the lead on most of the at Westland over the past 10 years. “Our staffcompany’s civil projects, like the stadium has quadrupled in size,” he says, “and we’vechamber. He also manages major projects, become more versatile as a company. I’m verylike a new community centre under way in excited about the variety of projects we’veÎle-des-Chênes. been taking on.”“The best part about the work is the people,” Darryl Berard is Vice-President andsaid Berard, who’s been with the company Partner at Westland Construction Ltd.for 10 years. “I like that feeling of working witheveryone to get on the same wave length. darrylberard@westlandltd.netI like team-building so all the players can (204) 633-6272