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Amsterdam Titanium User Group - Cloud Services for Apps Nov 2013


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Amsterdam Titanium User Group - Cloud Services for Apps Nov 2013

  1. 1. Amsterdam Titanium Meetup Cloud Services for Apps Aaron K. Saunders CEO Clearly Innovative Inc November 6th 2013
  2. 2. Who Am I • CEO Clearly Innovative Inc. mobile development agency specializing in HTML5, javascript & nodejs • Over 20yrs software development experience using mostly open source, java technologies • Appcelerator Partner Platform • 4+ years of working with Appcelerator • Working on book with Appcelerator Cloud Services and Alloy for Wiley & Sons
  3. 3. Why Cloud Services • Because You Might Need… – User Management – Social Media Integrations – Push Notifications – Hosting – Server side pre/post processing – Legacy Integrations/Connectors – Blob Storage
  4. 4. Where do you go? • • • • • • Hire a developer… Build your own custom API… Find Hosting Provider… Integrate a Push Notifications Server… Find Database Designer/Developer… Why manage all of this chaos!!!
  5. 5. Cloud Service Providers
  6. 6. Basic Services Provided • APIs Provided – JavaScript, IOS, Android, .NET, REST • Most have a free starter plan – See specific sites for more information • Basic Features Most Have – Custom Objects, Users, Push, Social Integrations, File Storage and Geolocation
  7. 7. Parse • Owned by Facebook, some consider it market leader • Features – Cloud Code – Simple Hosting Feature – Free starter Pack – Advanced Console, Great Documentation – POOR Appcelerator Support and responsiveness
  8. 8. Stackmob • There is a basic plan but it is rate limited and difficult to determine restrictions without calling support • Differentiators – Provides a marketplace of integrated services – Advanced Custom Code: Java,Scala,Clojure – HTML Hosting – Binary Storage through Amazon S3
  9. 9. Kinvey • Success Pricing Model – You only pay if your application is successful • Offline Cache is built into the solution • Custom Business Logic • Third Party Data Integration Feature – Location & Social
  10. 10. Appcelerator • Will focus more on Appcelerator in end, but key benefits are – Pre-built components – Fits with the stack if you already use Appcelerator – Node.ACS
  11. 11. How Long To Build an App • Kinvey says it takes approximately 18 months to build an app with huge effort spent on backend. •
  12. 12. Leverage the Cloud to get to MVP • Even if you don’t stay in cloud forever use it to mitigate risk in early phase of project • Build product and validate assumptions • Conserve budget for value added functionality • Conserve development effort for value added functionality
  13. 13. JavaScript, Alloy & ACS • JavaScript is EVERYWHERE • Cross-Platform Mobile development for more efficient development cycles • Integrated Cloud Services Platform to further enhance development cycle efficiencies • Code & expertise utilized on mobile solution, can be leveraged on web application
  14. 14. Alloy Benefits • Alloy comes with a clean well defined XML UI markup, style sheets, and reusable widget components. • Built-in Backbone.js and Underscore.js support
  15. 15. Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.
  16. 16. Backbone In Alloy • Models – Keep track of your data • Collections – Manage lists/arrays of your data • Sync Adapter(s) – Local Storage, SQL, Properties, extendable
  17. 17. Alloy Models & Collections • Collections inherit from Backbone.Collections. • Created a simple Javascript object and it is persisted as an model
  18. 18. Alloy Sync Adapter • Support for persisting application content • Based on common REST verbs – GET > READ – PUT > UPDATE – POST > CREATE – DELETE > DELETE • Can be integrated with local or remote data stores
  19. 19. Saving Models - Parse
  20. 20. Saving Models Kinvey
  21. 21. Saving Models Kinvey + Alloy • Recommended Approach when integrating with Appcelerator Alloy
  22. 22. Saving Models StackMob
  23. 23. ACS in Alloy Sync Adapter • We follow the standard Backbone structure to respond to the rest verbs and just include the API calls
  24. 24. Alloy ACS Model Definition
  25. 25. Alloy ACS Sync Adapter • Do some initialization for the adapter and associated models • Provide access to the library
  26. 26. Alloy ACS Sync Adapter • Handle the Sync entry point • Separate object functionality into distinct functions
  27. 27. Alloy ACS Sync Adapter • Creating a Photo using
  28. 28. Alloy ACS Sync Adapter • Creating a Photo using adapter
  29. 29. Use of Adapter in Alloy Code • Creating a Photo using Backbone save
  30. 30. Use of Adapter in Alloy Code • Creating a Photo using Backbone save
  31. 31. Appcelerator Cloud Services
  32. 32. Use of Adapter in Alloy Code • Creating a Photo using Backbone save
  33. 33. Node.ACS • Built using NodeJS, ExpressJS under the covers • Build and host custom services to extend Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) • Host your existing node.js app/service on the Appcelerator Cloud • Create Node.ACS apps directly from TiStudio
  34. 34. Look For the Book Out in January
  35. 35. Aaron K Saunders Twitter: @aaronksaunders blog: Facebook: Github : SlideShare: 1706 R Street, NW Washington, DC 20009