Sketching As a Communication and Collaboration Tool.


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Product teams often consist of team members with various disciplines and approaches to product design, this can often present communication hurdles with team members (designers, devs, product managers, marketing,research, etc) as well as kinks in team collaboration. In this talk, Aaron will provide tools, tips, and insights into using sketching to help improve communication and collaboration within product teams.

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Sketching As a Communication and Collaboration Tool.

  1. 1. A Sketch is Worth a Thousand Wordssketching as a communication and collaboration toolaaron irizarryproduct designer Nasdaq OMX@aaroni
  2. 2. Communication is one of the largesthurdles we face in the productdesign process.
  3. 3. Sketching can help uscommunicate and collaboratebetter, by filling in gaps createdby varied understandings andexperiences.
  4. 4. Sketching is a visual aide that willhelp communicate productconcepts, flows, and designs.
  5. 5. Sketching can be used to quicklycommunicate concepts and direction tostakeholders helping get them on boardearlier in the design process.
  6. 6. When there seems to be a roadblock incommunication during a meeting you canuse sketching as tool to open upcommunication by visualizing ideas andconcepts out in the open.
  7. 7. “Words are powerful, but sometimes theydont cut it. We can try to describe what weare imagining, but a diagram often gets usto a common ground quicker.” ~ JaredSpool
  8. 8. Sketching is for everyoneYou really only need to be able to draw asquare, a circle, a triangle, and a wavy lineto sketch design concepts and flows.
  9. 9. Sketching allows us to quickly communicateideas to other teams members duringcollaborative exercises.Sketching also allows for rapid explorationand idea generation.
  10. 10. Things to keep in mind.You don’t have to be an artist to sketch.Sketching is a quick way to vet your own ideas.Anytime is a good time to sketch.Sketch in whatever way works best for you.
  11. 11. ToolsSketchpads.White Boards.Copic Markers (or any pen).Drafting dots or Painters Tape.iPevo web cam for sharing remotely.
  12. 12. iPevo Remote SharingReal time preview of sketchesiPevo Camera pointed atsketches and tattoos.
  13. 13. As with all things the key is finding what worksbest for you in the context of your organizationand with your clients.Don’t be intimidated by self imposed limitationsor concern over buy in, start small, every bit helpscontribute to positive progress.
  14. 14. ResourcesSketching: The Visual Thinking Power Tool - Mike RohdeiPevo Document Sharing Web CameraWhy We Sketch - Jared SpoolThe Fear of Sketching - Yaron SchoenSketching User Experiences - Bill BuxtonSketching Interfaces - Michael AngelesThe Sketchnote Handbook - Mike RohdeSketching Interfaces - Sam Smith & Jason Mesut
  15. 15. Thank you.aaron