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UTN Namibia Special Offer Guide

  1. 1. Unique Travel NamibiaNamibia Special Offer Guide
  2. 2. Namibia Namibia, a “Land of Contrasts”, is indeed a true reflection of what nature has in store for all its visitors from around the world. Namibia has been blessed with natural wealth that is priceless. With an area of 826 400 square km and a population of2.1 million (latest official census) one can imagine the endless horizonsthat can take one through the scenic and diverse landscape of the oldestdesert in the world, the Namib Desert. Visitors spend days exploring theNamib, climbing the world highest sand-dunes and discovering the hiddensecrets that lies beneath this lifeless and barren land.The well-developed infrastructure throughout the country is comparable toworld standards, and Windhoek, the capital is one of the cleanest cities.The north-western part of Namibia is still very much an unknown touristattraction, hosting some of the great worldly wonders. The Skeleton Coastpark is an untouched wilderness area, with spectacular landscapes,stretching from the Ugab River northwards to the Kunene River. Thedesert-adapted elephant are found only in this region and is a must to see.People of NamibiaNamibia has a rich ethnic diversity and cultural heritagewith a population of 2.1 million. Inhabitants vary fromhunter-gatherers, herders and farmers to an urbanpopulation of semi-skilled, skilled and highly skilledpeople, including traders, industrialists, civil servantsand individuals providing professional services.
  3. 3. Notable examples of Namibia’s diverse cultural groups are Herero womenin distinctive Victorian-style dresses; the Nama and Damara who speakwith intriguing click sounds; Himba women with their intricate hairstylesand ornamental copper necklaces and anklets; and the San (Bushmen), thelast representatives of the hunter-gatherer tradition.If you are looking for a dream holiday to fulfill your appetite for diversity,Namibia is the destination that will offer you an unforgettable experience.Get exclusive packages for Namibia Safari Holidays and Namibia Tourswith an affordable Wilderness Safaris and Adventure Tours from us.UNIQUE Travel offers superb choice of Namibia Safari Holidays with anaffordable Wilderness Safaris and Adventure Tours in Namibia. ExploreNamibias wilderness, fantastic game-viewing and adventure tours inNamibia on either a self drive or group tour with us. Wilderness safarisfeaturing Namibias wild Skeleton Coast, Damaraland bush-country,wildlife plains of Etosha and mighty Namib Desert dunes of Sossusvlei.UNIQUE Travel is a Tour Operator based in Namibia offers affordabletour packages for:Namibia Self Drive ToursBotswana Wildlife Safari Camping Safaris Namibia Safari HolidaysNamibiaWilderness Safaris NamibiaNamibia Guided Tours Botswana Photographic SafariNamibia Adventure Tours Botswana Safari HolidaysWildlife enthusiasts will be surprised how easy it is to spot some of themost endemic mammal’s species, like the handsome black-faced impalaand other rate endangered mammals. Etosha National Park is the thirdlargest game reserve in Africa and lies in the North-central part of thecountry.Travelers from the Northern Hemisphere find it hard to believe that adestination can enjoy nearly 365 days of sunshine, providing endlessopportunities for outdoor activities ranging from horseback safaris, scenicflights, hot air balloon, dune skiing, soaring, hiking, mountain biking,
  4. 4. white river rafting, equestrian sports, angling, bird watching and manymore.Scheduled DeparturesSeveral short safaris and excursions areavailable for those who have a limitedtime to see the Southern Africanattractions, especially those on abusiness tour or attending a conference.These packages allow you to make themost of your time in the region as theyare designed to include most of themain attractions possible in short timeavailable. (Extensions are available onrequest.)• 4 Day: Sossusvlei Tour – Scheduled• 4 Day: Etosha Tour – Scheduled• 4 Day: Sossusvlei & Swakopmund• 3 Day: Guestfarm & Wildlife Experience• 3 Day: Wildlife & Wellness Experience• 2/3 Day: The Zambezi Queen Experience• 7 Day: Southern Namibia• 7 Day: Northern NamibiaTours & Safaris Southern Africa enjoys almost 365 days of sunshine, making it an ideal region for outdoor activities that will enable you to explore these beautiful countries with abundance of wildlife, birdlife and diverse cultures on a first
  5. 5. hand basis.We offer a selection of off the beaten track itineraries which are carefullyplanned. All our programs are customizable and can either be guided or bea self-drive tour (self-drives are ideal for the traveler who likes to discoverat own pace). Should you not find what you are looking for, please contactus for a personalized program:• 7 Day: Wellness & Deserts Tour• 7 Day: Wings over Namibia• 7 Day: Caprivi Tour• 8 Day: Authentic Namibia Tour• 8 Day: Classic Namibia Tour• 8 Day: Namib Naukluft Hike• 9 Day: Fish River Canyon Hike• 10 Day: Rugged Namibia Tour• 14 Day: Nature & Big Five Safari• 15 Day: Country Lodges Trail• 21 Day: Complete Namibia Self-DriveSelf-DrivesWe offer a selection of self-driveswhich are ideal for the traveler wholikes to discover at own pace.Should you not find what you arelooking for, please contact us for apersonalized program.• 8 Day: Classic Namibia• 16 Day: Namibia Country Lodges Trail• 22 Day: Complete Namibia Explorer
  6. 6. Contact Us for More information on each unique travel namibia packageUNIQUE TravelJulia AraesP.O. Box 20709Windhoek / NamibiaTel: +264 (0)61 309013Fax: +264 (0)61 309061Mobile: +264 (0)81 2321213