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Russell Duhon - Projects for Starting with xAPI #xapicamp


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Presentation from #xapicamp at #devlearn

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Russell Duhon - Projects for Starting with xAPI #xapicamp

  1. 1. @fugu13 Russell Duhon, CTO of Saltbox, Makers of WaxLRS
  2. 2. “xAPI is awesome!”
  3. 3. “Time to create new learning experiences! But…
  4. 4. …what do I do?”
  5. 5. “No, no, I see the nifty stuff that’s possible, I’ve read all the blog posts and watched all the presentations, but…
  6. 6. …what everyone’s doing looks really daunting.”
  7. 7. Five Projects from outside the rapid authoring box
  8. 8. These Projects Are • Completely feasible with none-to-modest dev assist • Aligned with serious learning research • Fun!
  9. 9. These Projects Aren’t • In your comfort zone • Trying to be for more than a single situation • Ends (think Beginnings)
  10. 10. Phishing Trial by Fire plausible looking internal email, do people click the link? Do they
  11. 11. Phishing Trial by Fire • Technical involvement: • Needs: Mail merge, email and webpage design • What to report: Lists. • Feedback loop: Followups for just clicking and for signing in.
  12. 12. Interactive Performance Support in Twine pertext branching scenario that loads instantaneously and can be
  13. 13. Interactive Performance Support in Twine • Technical involvement: • Needs: Twine, ability to include HTML+JS+CSS. • What to report: Final states, successes and failures, and notable choices along the way. • Feedback loop: reinforce what’s seen in the interface via decision support or realistic example scenario.
  14. 14. Spaced Repetition Learning by SMS ence, people receive, reinforce, and verify knowledge retention a
  15. 15. Spaced Repetition Learning by SMS • Technical involvement: • Needs: Twilio, server-side development. • What to report: Lists. Drop-off points. • Feedback loop: Boosts long term retention of knowledge and skills.
  16. 16. Hone Skills Punchcard set of skills to practice in a week or a month then mark practice,
  17. 17. Hone Skills Punchcard • Technical involvement: • Needs: HTML+JS+CSS, possibly server side dev. • What to report: Skill choice trends. Textual analysis of practice descriptions. • Feedback loop: Instant visual feedback. Completable. Further rewards can be attached. Fancy: surface decisions of others when choosing/looking at skills.
  18. 18. Crowdsourced Demonstration Videos s demonstrating a sales technique in varying situations, pushed o
  19. 19. Crowdsourced Demonstration Videos • Technical involvement: • Needs: Server side dev, xAPI attachments. • What to report: Manual review is best here. • Feedback loop: Show viewing counts. Make sharing easy. Reuse and draw ideas from videos in other contexts.
  20. 20. –Russell Duhon, September 29th 2015 “I’m going to put up working prototypes for all of these projects next week.”
  21. 21. Russell Duhon, CTO of Saltbox, Makers of WaxLRS @fugu13 Resources:
  22. 22. Questions? Icon used for technical difficulty is “technical assistance” by Mon Aguilar from the Noun Project