Why Page Views & Performance Based SEO


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  • How many of 20 years ago went to the bank once a week? Once a day?How many of you or your customers have online banking? Of those that have it how many use it once a week?Once a day?<number>
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  • This is what being the authority looks like online
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  • Why Page Views &amp; Performance Based SEO

    1. 1. Page Views Interactive Become the Authority On-line “The 5 most important questions you MUST ask before you hire an SEO Agency”
    2. 2. Question #1 - How long has your SEO agency been in business? SEO agencies that have been in business for over 10 years have an advantage over those who are just starting. o They were around before Google was started o Have a history of understanding the Search Engine algorithms  Understanding the world wide web  Which search engines have the most eye balls  Proven track record  Staying Power
    3. 3. Study Performed By Cornell University  87% of all Internet users utilize search engines to find goods and services on line. (Comscore)  44% of the search traffic goes to the #1 organic position. (Cornell University)  Leaving 56% of the traffic to be shared amongst the thousands of other listings (Cornell University)
    4. 4. What Drives Market Behavior? Buyer Behavior drives Market Behavior Larry Small, Director of Research at YPA says this about market behavior: “They (online marketer) continue to raise the convenience factor for consumers by providing a wide variety of information in the ways that they(the consumer) prefer to receive it.”
    5. 5. Traditional Marketing  TV add revenues modest to flat growth. 2008 to 2009 = 1.5% Growth, 2009 to 2013 = 2-3% Growth (Informa Telecoms & Media)  Tribune's collapse rings alarm bells for newspaper industry (www.independent.co.uk Dec 15th 08)
    6. 6. Shift In Marketing Dollars  Prior to the economic downturn these marketing avenues were experiencing a downturn. Traditional Marketing | Direct Mail | Newspaper | TV | Radio | Yellow Pages  On the other hand Online Marketing is still experiencing significant growth in a down economy.  The internet is changing the way we function in society
    7. 7. What Is Happening Online Today?  U.S. commerce conducted over the Internet totaled $136.4 billion in 2007 (www.census.gov)  In 2007 eMarketer predicted that online retailers in the US will ring up over $100 billion more in sales in 2012 than they did in 2007 a 74% increase in 5 years. (eMarketer)  Just one year later from this outlandish prediction by eMarketer, 78% of the prediction had already been completed - $214.4 billion in 2008 (ComScore Friday, January 30, 2009)
    8. 8. How Is The Internet Effecting The Way We Function As Consumers?  15 years ago did you use online banking?  Do you use online banking today?  Do you use mobile phone banking today?  In 2007 less then 1% of the US population used mobile banking.  By 2010 35% of the population will use mobile banking (Celent)  Mobile Banking Growth Prediction for the next five years (Informa)  Number of estimated transactions : 300 billion (Informa)  Value of transactions estimated : $860 billion (Informa)  Number of mobile subscribers accessing banking on their mobile : 977 million (Informa)
    9. 9. Question #2 – Which search engines should I focus on to become the authority for my key words?  Why Google over the others?  98% of all searches take place on 5 search engines. (Comscore)  2% take place on the other 998+ search engines. (Comscore)  Google has 72.11% of the search market.
    10. 10. There are 1000’s of search engines but one is dominating the search market!  Google's mission is to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful” They want to give the user what they are searching for, thus, Google puts the companies that are the authority on top.
    11. 11. We Track Buyer Behavior And Then Get Your Keywords In Front Of Them
    12. 12. What is the value of being the Authority?
    13. 13. Question #3 - What strategies are you going to utilize to get my keywords ranked in the top positions? There are only two key strategies On-site Strategy Off-site Strategy There are however many tactics within each strategy
    14. 14. On-Site Tactics: You & Your web designer  Content Editing: re-writing content focusing on key words  Keyword Analysis: change key words to reflect consumer demand  Changes to Meta tags: properly defining pages using your key words, generic page names hurt you  Navigational Structure: proper site map helps in getting indexed  Code Optimization: enhance speed of site, slow sites receive lower rankings  Site Architecture Analysis: search engines “crawl” the web to find relevant content for its users  Building New Pages: search engines want dynamic sites/content. By adding new content relevant to your key words your chances of higher rankings are improved
    15. 15. Off-Site Tactics: Page Views Holistic Approach  Blogging: Micro sites with information about your business/keywords, the more the better  Archives: Preserving content digitally that is relevant to your site/keywords for future retrieval (data banking)  Press Releases: News about your business with your key words on the web is not good, it is great  Social Media: Posting your site specific content/keywords on major social networks give you leverage  Lenses: Lenses are pages/digital overview articles, that gather everything you know about your business/industry in a condensed format that is published on-line  Videos: Live content that is available to viewers regarding your business/keywords  Podcasts: Audio content about your business and keywords  In-bound Links: The more sites pointing to you the more credibility you have to the search engines, we call this “google juice”!
    16. 16. This is what your “Google Juice” should like times 1000!
    17. 17. Question #4 - What is my guarantee?  An SEO agency that knows they can produce results will be performance based  90% of the fees earned by an SEO agency should come after they have achieved specific rankings for your key words  The monthly maintenance fee should also be performance based
    18. 18. The PageViews Performance Model  The client pays $1,000 per keyword at agreement signing (min. 3 key words)  Page Views will propose a fee structure based on your keywords receiving specific rankings – no ranking, no pay!  Page Views will guarantee the top two rank positions for ½ the month or you only pay half the monthly maintenance fee
    19. 19. What are your most competitive key words?  That is right…we want the keywords that are going to make you the most money!  Beware of an SEO agency that is afraid to take on your most competitive key words
    20. 20. Question #5 - What is your track record and can you prove it?  If an SEO agency can not give you specific case studies of clients that they have produced results for then run the other way!  This is what we have done!
    21. 21. B2B CFO Before PageViews - Jan 08 to Oct 08
    22. 22. B2B CFO With PageViews – Nov 08 to Mar 09
    23. 23. B2B CFO Today  208 top 10 Listings, 146 top 3 and 75 #1 Positions  A sample of the #1 listings in Google  CFO Firm | CFO services | Part-Time CFO | Temporary CFO  Chief financial officer services  Interim chief financial officer  Part-time chief financial officer services  Profit improvement solutions  Sales improvement consultation  Sales improvement services  Temporary chief financial officer  #2 Tatum CFO
    24. 24. A few more success stories!  www.dentimax.com - when we took this project on for the keyword quot;dental softwarequot;, Dentimax was ranking #9. We were able to have them ranked #1 in Google in less than 3 months and they have held the spot since November.  www.appointment-plus.com - when we took this project on for the keywords quot;appointment softwarequot; & quot;scheduling softwarequot;, Appointment Plus had been bouncing between 6 - 15 for both of these keywords. We were able to get them ranking #1 or #2 within 3 months and they have maintained these rankings. We are now working on an additional 15 keywords for them.
    25. 25. Success continued…  www.vovici.com - when we began this project 2 months ago Vovici was not ranking in the top 20 for quot;online surveysquot; or quot;survey softwarequot;, they were also not in the top 10 for quot;web surveyquot;. They are now in the top 10 or 15 for these keywords and should attain the #1 ranking by the end of May for several of their key words.  www.completemedicalbilling.com - was not in the top 10 for their keywords, quot;lytecquot;, quot;medisoftquot;, quot;medisoft softwarequot;. They are now ranking in the top 10 for all of these keywords. All of them have been in the top 4 but have bounced in recent weeks. We have been working with them now for 2 months.
    26. 26. WARNING!  If online marketing is not done correctly your site could be banned from Google for one Year Black Hat vs. White Hat  Pageviews has never had a client site banned from Google or any other search engine
    27. 27. Why PageViews?  We have been doing search marketing for 11 years. We have the team, the experience and the track record  We have achieved over 75,365 number one (#1) positions for our clients and the majority of them are with Google, we know what Google and other major search engines want and we know how to deliver it  We only take on one client per keyword and we take on your most competitive key words, our goal is to turn your web site into a money site!  We are performance based – this is your guarantee! “If we do not get you ranked for your keywords you do not pay us”.
    28. 28. Just a FEW of the companies that have used PageViews to become the authority on-line!