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Examples of my work


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Examples of my work

  1. 1. Examples of my workAaron R. Crowell, PMPProject ManagerIntegrative Growth, Inc.
  2. 2. Utility program activitiesAnalyzed survey data and wrote reports about electricutility program activities, including:• Customer satisfaction surveys of nearly 400 government officials.• Energy efficiency program feedback from 5 stakeholder groups.• Retro-commissioning feedback from participants and utilities.Developed an online idea generation session forelectric utility stakeholders to brainstorm new conceptsfor energy efficiency programs.
  3. 3. Previous positionJune 2010 – May 2012Senior Technical Research AnalystBCS, Inc.Contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy
  4. 4. Knowledgebase developmentEnhanced the BioenergyKnowledge DiscoveryFramework by managingsite redesign, creatinghighlight videos, andleading demonstrations forgovernment agencies andindustry stakeholders.This online database andmapping toolkit houses datafrom the 2011 Billion-TonUpdate, a major study ofU.S. biomass resourcepotential.
  5. 5. Online tool creationLed outreach efforts bydirecting development ofinteractive, distributableapplications forrenewable energystakeholders.This flash widget highlightsthe vision, strategy, andR&D activities of the U.S.Department of Energy’sBiomass Program.
  6. 6. Project review coordinationImplemented the BiomassProgram’s Peer Review ofover 200 R&D projects,worth a total of over $175million in FY10 funds.Organized review panels,compiled scoring results,and created summaryreports for the Analysisand SustainabilityPlatforms.
  7. 7. Writing and outreachWrote, edited, andmanaged the creation offact sheets, reportsummaries, blog posts, andsocial media content tocommunicate bioenergyissues and R&D advances.This blog post describesfederal efforts to produceadvanced biofuels and thebiomass feedstock logisticsR&D needed for success.
  8. 8. Database developmentDirected development ofan online database ofenvironmental impacts forbiomass production andbioenergy industryadvancement.The Biomass Program’ssustainability databaseincorporates a system fortracking R&D projectprogress on baseline andtarget metrics.
  9. 9. More skills and experiencePlease click the following linkto view my LinkedIn profile: