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Parenting - I Want a New Family (Roger Barrier)


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Parenting - I Want a New Family (Roger Barrier)

  1. 1. “the art of parenting”The Art of Parenting
  2. 2. What was the first human crisis? What was the first human crisis?
  3. 3. Genesis 2:18:“It’s not good…” What was the first human crisis?
  4. 4. “It’s not good for man to bealone!”
  5. 5. “The LORD God said,"It is not good for theman to be alone. I will make a helpmatesuitable (partner) for him." Genesis 2:18
  6. 6. Orlando ChildWho Reallya picture of a 3-year old Julie. I needKnows Your Children?
  7. 7. Teenagers don’t want to be alone!
  8. 8. LOVE ALONENESS Acceptance—Rejection Affection—Abuse Appreciation—CriticismApproval—Condemnation Attention—Ignored Comfort—Hurt Encouragement— Disappointment Respect—Ridicule Security—Abandoned Support—Neglect
  9. 9. We all haveneeds.
  10. 10. “People come and people go, but never get attached’cause usually by the time you do they drop you down the hatch.
  11. 11. People only care about what you wearas stupid people do,but they never look inside of youto see the real, true you.
  12. 12. Older sisters let you knowhow awful that they feelbut sometimes it is in a waythat shoots straight for the kill.
  13. 13. I know that life is full of twists and turns and the occasional little loop, but I feel I have to tell you that I really feel like poop.”
  14. 14. “the art of parenting”Practice the principle of “with”
  15. 15. The Principle of “With” Mark 3:14 “Jesus appointed twelve-designating them apostles-thatthey might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.” What was the first human crisis?
  16. 16. Childrenare a giftfrom the Lord. Psalm 127:3
  17. 17. We can impart life to our childrenby meeting their deepest needs.
  18. 18. When needs are met, good things
  19. 19. When Needs Are MetHealthy ThinkingPositive BehaviorsHealthy BehaviorsPositive Outcome
  20. 20. When Needs Are Met Julie, need happy, needs met child pictureWhat happens when those same needs go
  21. 21. When Needs Are UnMetUnhealthy Thinking Negative Feelings Unhealthy BehaviorsNegative Outcome
  22. 22. “the art of parenting”Only relationships remove