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Project 12


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Published in: Education
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Project 12

  1. 1. Experts on EaglesIntroduction: Experts exist on a multitude of topics. A person who is an expert onbirds is called an ornithologist. Your student’s task is to locate where ornithologistswork in the community and contact them for any questions regarding eagles andpossibly a classroom visit.Subject Areas: English/Writing, BiologyLesson Objectives: Understand the definition of an ornithologist Learn where these professionals work in the community Contact an ornithologist to answer any questions that arise on eagles Extend an invitation to an ornithologist regarding a classroom visit to discuss eaglesMaterials: Internet connection for the students to conduct their research Paper and pencils for the students to write their lettersProcedure: 1. Discuss with your class, experts and their titles; for instance, a paleontologist studies dinosaurs, a botanist studies plants, an ornithologist studies birds 2. Ask students to research the job requirements, education, and duties of an ornithologist 3. Ask students to research the locations of ornithologist in their community 4. Have each student write a letter to the ornithologist identifying questions they may have regarding the Eagle Cam or the growth and development of an eagle. 5. Contact the closest ornithologist and set up a classroom visit to discuss your classroom’s experiences with the Eagle Cam and the questions they wrote in their letters. 6. After the visit, have each student write a thank you note to the ornithologist.Assessment Suggestions: Students can receive participation in discussion activities Students can be graded on their accuracy in writing letters Students can be graded for the amount and clarity of their research