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Podcasting Who Cares? Teacher Voice


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A presentation I gave to staff to help motivate them to share their work in the classroom. We need to share all of our stories and voices collectively to create a school voice so others can learn from us and vice versa.

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Podcasting Who Cares? Teacher Voice

  1. 1. Who Cares? PODCASTING:
  2. 2. What do these knobs all do ?
  3. 3. Why does the blind man’s wife paint herself?
  4. 4. What exactly do we have and what for?
  5. 5. Future Uses…. BMS Radio News Brief → Video Weekly Chat Series
  7. 7. There are- 76 crows 14 parrots and 10 squirrels on a tree. A hunter with a big gun approaches dangerously close to the tree. Crows are fighting between them for a piece of bone, so they don’t notice. Squirrels hide in a tree hole, Parrots notice the hunter and decide to fly. How many birds are left on the tree?? It’s simple. Isn’t it? The Riddle:
  8. 8. Some people are quick to answer: 76 crows are left on the tree. They know squirrels are not birds. Many people heard this kind of puzzle in before and respond NONE! When a hunter fires the gun, all birds will fly! But both of these answers are not correct.
  9. 9. Because the riddle tells us, ‘hunter approaches’ the tree. There is no firing of gun yet. The correct answer is: 90! Yes…90. There are 76 crows and 14 parrots on the tree. I can hear some of you protesting, “But parrots decided to fly!” That’s where lies the real lesson: They just DECIDED. They haven’t flown yet. Deciding something doesn’t make a difference. Until and unless there is an action on that decision, status quo remains.