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Music 4 Change


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

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Music 4 Change

  1. 1. Music 4 Change Hannah Krug Kiara Burmeister Natalie Peters Bettendorf Middle School
  2. 2. Problem The problem that our community is facing is that disabled children aren’t being given enough opportunities to express themselves. Most people are judgemental about things like these and that is unacceptable.
  3. 3. Specific Goals Music 4 Change’s goal overall is to help mental, physical, emotional, or socially disabled kids express themselves, mostly through music. We want to change the mindset of the kids from “I can’t do anything, I’m stupid and worthless.”, into “I am able to accomplish anything!”
  4. 4. Data Required ● A place to host the program ● A time for the program to meet each week ● Donated or borrowed musical instruments ● School board and parental permission
  5. 5. Root-Caused Barriers This problem exist mostly because of society and the way some people think. Some people are judgemental because of a problem that is not their fault. Some kids have started to feel worthless and not needed in the world which is unacceptable.
  6. 6. Actions Already In Place Music 4 Change has already started it’s own twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts. We have also looked up facts to support our ideas about the power of musical healing.
  7. 7. Action Plan Our plan is to get our idea off the ground. Ways to make our plan be successful is to maybe start an email, get the word out more, contact other organizations with same passions. We could also contact the school board about maybe starting a morning or afternoon program in our school district.
  8. 8. Who is Responsible Natalie: E-mailing potential contacts Hannah: Putting Music 4 Change in the school announcements Kiara: Asking teachers for musical instruments and setting up the Music 4 Change e-mail All Together: Contact Bettendorf school board for permission to start Music 4 Change at school
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