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Infants in Need


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

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Infants in Need

  1. 1. INFANTS IN NEED! By: Cameron, Alexis, Alex, Eboni, Mekayla, and Skyla #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion #Bettpassion
  2. 2. PROBLEM  Babies all around the world and even in our community are in need of many things  Some of these item they need are things they need to survive
  3. 3. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Babies around the world and even in our local area are in need of many that infants should have
  4. 4. THINGS THEY NEED  Blankets (fleece)  Diapers  Formula  Baby wipes  Baby food  Clothing (newborn – 5 years)
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTION Our solution is to create fleece blankets and donate to the Women’s Choice Center (Bettendorf) Dimes for diapers
  6. 6. IN PROGRESS……? We emailed the Women's Choice Center and they said they are in need of fleece blankets because it’s almost winter time
  7. 7. RESOURCES Fleece for the blankets we plan to make for the babies Dimes for diapers
  8. 8. ROOT CAUSES BARRIERS Single parents Teen Moms Parents with no jobs