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Changing the Perspective of Autism


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Changing the Perspective of Autism

  1. 1. ❧ Changing The Perspective of Autism Paige Richardson Alison Donohoo
  2. 2. ❧ ❧ Are creating blogs ❧ Making Posters ❧ Making Websites By reaching Out, we …
  3. 3. ❧ To raise awareness that people that have autism are just as capable to do the stuff you’re doing. Our Plan…
  4. 4. ❧ People don’t know how to act around autistic people or any kid that is very different. Why…
  5. 5. ❧ There is not enough awareness to people that just because they autism doesn’t mean they can’t do anything you can’t do. They just do it at there own pace and in a different way. This hasn’t Stopped?
  6. 6. ❧ We need a place to put our posters that we are going to make, to make people aware of autism. Anyone who can help us reach our goal please contact us at Email: or . Resources