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Bettendorf ELP Showcase                    Schedule of Events2:55 – 4:45 – Students build, assemble, and finalizestations ...
Bettendorf Elementary ELP Showcase                                                         “Bald Eagles”Thank you very muc...
Bettendorf Middle School ELP ShowcaseThank you very much for coming this evening. Since January the BMS ELP students have ...
We would like to thank the following…..                    Presenters                                              Parent ...
ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World Showcase Handout
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ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World Showcase Handout


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The first of the final projects will be a recap of the ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World ELP Showcase presented by Bettendorf Elementary ELP students. We worked all third quarter on independent projects. Each student chose one specific aspect of the bald to focus on.

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ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World Showcase Handout

  1. 1. Bettendorf ELP Showcase Schedule of Events2:55 – 4:45 – Students build, assemble, and finalizestations (only students and parents at this time)4:15 – 4:45 – ELP students have dinner with mentors5:00 – 5:30 – Auditorium – Dave Murcia will be presentingon raptors and owls5:30 – Student displays open for public and community5:30 – 7:00  Showcases available for community to check out all 85 projects on display  6:00 – 6:45 – Zentangle Art Activity in room C16  Allen Holloway will be painting in J hallway all night  Lab 3 will have global projects on display from Bald Eagle Project  Auditorium – Bald Eagle Camera on display7:00 – 7:30 – clean up and head home
  2. 2. Bettendorf Elementary ELP Showcase “Bald Eagles”Thank you very much for coming this evening. Since January the BMS ELP students have been working very hard to prepare for tonight. For the th thelementary grades (4 and 5 grade) students had to work with the theme of Bald Eagles. Students have been working on two projects. The firstproject is a global project where students connected with nine schools from the Netherlands, Canada, North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. They havebeen studying Liberty and Justice, the eagles from the ALCOA Bald Eagle Camera, to further understand bald eagles. They have been networkingwith the students from the other locations online to create a cohesive global project. In addition to the global project, they have been working on asecond project. The second project students have been working on is their independent project where they chose one key aspect to investigatefurther.Tonight each student has prepared a station based on their independent project. The schedule below shows where each student will be stationed.Please feel free to travel from room to room to see different presentations. Feel free to come and go and ask as many questions as you wish. Letthem shine and impress you with their knowledge. Each elementary student has an interactive component for you to do in order to receive thecorrect answer for the Bald Eagle Scavenger Hunt. Can you get all 30 answers before time runs out? Room J1 Room B18 th thBrooke McGee, 5 grade – Law and Eagles Graham Besser, 4 grade – The Amazing Beaks and TalonsKaitlyn Walter, 5th grade – Myths of the Majestic Sophie Utsinger, 4th grade – We want our eagles to soar into the future…HelpRaptors protect them!Will Luebke, 5th grade – Raptors Stephanie Rice, 4th grade – How Eagles FlyPeter Whitmer, 5th grade – The Great Rivers of Aiden Broderick, 4th grade – Migration StationEagles Owen Schmidt, 4th grade – WingsPeter Hurd, 5th grade – Bald Eagle Millionaire Carter Wolf, 4th grade – Call of the WildCaitlyn Lynch, 5th grade – Bald Eagles Up Close! Callista Baker, 4th grade – Protection of Bald EaglesNick Schweizer, 5th grade – The Whole EggExperienceMaysen Clark, 5th grade – Bald Eagle NestsCarter Weyman, 5th grade – The Mighty BaldEagleMadison Temple, 5th grade – 9 Kinds of Raptors Room J7 Room J3Ryan Harris, 4th grade – A Boney Situation Justin Hettlage, 5th grade – Bald Eagle EggsJason McNab, 4th grade – An Eagle Eye View Emma Hovey, 5th grade – Stomach AcheRayanne Brackey, 4th grade – Bald Eagle Ashley McKim, 5th grade – Flying With The Bald EaglesPlumage Oskar Skogman, 5th grade – Bald Eagle Symbolism and CultureSamantha Foht, 4th grade – Protection and Laws Yue Horikawa, 4th grade – Home to the EaglesHavyn Fish, 4th grade – The Mighty Eagle Kaitlyn Flick, 4th grade – 7000 FeathersBen Wilkinson, 4th grade – Raptor TimesJaden Poole, 4th grade – Habitat and Nesting J Hallway Room C16Allen Holloway will be painting eagle paintings Are you interested in art? Try out zentangling! A very relaxing and amazing artin the hall. Walk by, say hello, and watch an technique and in the process learn about eagles. See schedule for when theexpert artist work his magic! sessions will be offered. Auditorium Computer Lab 3We will have the ALCOA Bald Eagle Camera liveand streaming so you can watch the eagles we In the computer lab we will have headphones set up at the computers. Eachhave been studying since January. Sit down, computer will have one of the global projects up and running for you to listenrelax, and enjoy! to the projects. A list of projects will be on display on the overhead projector so you can choose what you want to learn about
  3. 3. Bettendorf Middle School ELP ShowcaseThank you very much for coming this evening. Since January the BMS ELP students have been working very hard to prepare fortonight. Each student selected a topic that they are passionate about and had a strong desire to learn more information regardingthe topic. They have done extensive research (some have even conducted some unique experiments) to better understand theirtopic. They have even gone out in the community to interview professionals in the field, as well.Tonight each student has prepared a ten minute seminar to “teach” you about their topic. The schedule below shows where eachstudent will be presenting and when. Please feel free to travel from room to room to see different presentations. There will be fiveminutes between each presentation to allow time to get to a different room. Please, though, do not enter or leave a room during astudent’s presentation. Also, please feel free to ask them questions at the conclusion of their seminar. They have truly becomeexperts on their topic and would love to share more knowledge with you. Room B2 Room A145:40- Jordan Bayles How Dancing and Stretching Impacts the 5:40- Jack Stamper The Stock MarketBody 5:55- Mikey Pyevich The Human Mouth5:55-Emma Aanestad Saturated Fats and Trans Fats and How 6:10- Justin Nock The Physics of LightThey Impact the Body 6:25- Sam Snow Chemical and Biological Warfare6:10-Molly Seybert Changes in Music Over the Last Two Decades6:25-Laurel Braaten The Teenage Mindset Room B3 Room A155:40- Jenna Schweizer Multiple Sclerosis 5:40- Sam Naab Bullying: What it is and How to Deal with it5:55- Ryan Fleming The History of Scotland 5:55-Adejoke Mason Chicago Ganglands6:10- Max Herrmann Origami: Evolutions Through Time 6:10- Keegan Meuer Electricity and How it is Generated6:25- Lane Harris Jennifer Bricker 6:25- Luke Soko Hydrogen Energy Production Room B4 Room B85:40- Andrew Del Vecchio Brain and Brain Injuries 5:40- Anthony Callahan Crime and Criminal Technology By5:55- Willow Miller Egyptian Mythology Sherlock Holmes6:10- Ryan Longenecker Music Therapy: What is it? 5:55- Zach Bunn The History and Legacy of the Olympics6:25- Logan Quick Storytelling: Once upon a time… 6:10- Emma Doyle The Daily Life of the People of Haiti 6:25- Ben Tinsman How the American Revolution Began Room B6 Room B105:40- Mary Kainec Dissociative Identity Disorder 5:40-Minori Peters Japanese Literature5:55- Kaylin Kuhn Superheroes 5:55- Isabelle Kussatz Pop Art6:10- Morgan Hoffman The Moon 6:10- Louis Naab Fruit Power6:25- Christina Lothrop Program Coding-How it Works 6:25- Kaitlin Trainor The Art ofAnimation Room B7 Room B125:40- Katie Byrne The Science of Winter 5:40- Autumn Campbell Religion5:55- Mackenzie Slade Dolphin Intelligence 5:55- Drew Haffarnan Physics in the World Around You6:10- Sophia Pike Cat’s Anatomy 6:10- Josh Turner The Internet6:25-Mason Chin Sports Marketing 6:25- Soren Steinfeldt What is Art? Room E6 B145:40- Joe Martens Bass Fishing 5:40- Damaris Strocker Panama5:55- Justine Pearson Sports and How they Impact You 5:55- Hogan Mastanduno Asian Carp6:10- Jill Schenck Music in Science: How Music Effects the Brain6:25- Olivia Gasper How Music Impacts Society Library From 6:40-7:00 BMS students will have the opportunity to go5:40- Peter Sakalosky The Mystery of Bigfoot around to talk with and learn from elementary students.5:55- Bridget Quesnell How Today’s Society Would be Differentwith Neanderthals Students will be able to clean up their presentation props at6:10-Michaela Weindruch The Middle Passage 7:00.6:25- Andrew Ottavianelli John Deere Combines: Helping Feedthe World
  4. 4. We would like to thank the following….. Presenters Parent Volunteers Pat Bereskin – Artist, Teacher, Mrs. B’s Art: 563-  Bruce and Sharon Tinsman 359-4073  Celeste Miller Allen Holloway -  Clare Martens  Vickie Pyevich Marilyn Buell – Artist  Cathie Quesnell Stan Bousson – Outdoor Photography  Helen and Jeff Weindruch Dave Murcia – Naturalist/Director Wapsi River  Ronna Braaten Environmental Education Center Community Members To the parents…. John Riches - Public Affairs Manager at Alcoa Stan Bousson – Bousson Outdoor Photography Thank you so much for all the time and dedication at ALCOA home to make this happen. With the weather and little class time we really appreciate all the help at home.  Staff Bill Collett – Bus Driver, Quail Expert, Outdoor Specialist Carol Gronlund – Elementary ELP Instructor Aaron Maurer – Elementary ELP Instructor Rachael Dierickx – Middle School ELP Instructor Lisa Reid – Principal Jayme Olson – Assistant Principal All the teachers who let us use their rooms Special Thanks to ALCOA for awarding us the grant to create the Eagle Eye to the World Global Project Interested in Learning More About Bald Eagles? Eagle Eye To The World project - Twitter: #alcoaeaglecam Eagle Blog ALCOA Bald Eagle Site