AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: 14 Day Burn Phase


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AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge: 14 Day Burn Phase

  1. 1. 24 DAY CHALLENGE BURN PHASE: DAYS 11-24Your Cleanse is complete and now you start the burn phase of the 24 day challenge program.Your green cleanse box is replaced with the purple Metabolic Nutrition System box (MNS Max3). This phase will continue to teach you when to eat, how much and in what ratios of protein,carbohydrate and fat. It is still very important to not skip meals, over eat OR eat less than therequired amount. Not eating is just as much of a cheat as overeating! This is not a diet and weneed to strengthen your metabolism through feeding the body. Typical diets will weaken themetabolism and that is why most people yo yo diet. We are providing maximum nutrition andstrengthening the body’s ability to be able to burn food for energy efficiently.You will have 2 different meal plans that make up a 4 day cycle.It is very important to not eat additional carbs on your burn days and equally important to eatall the extra food on your refuel days. Your schedule for the next two weeks looks like this:Burn days 1( ) 2( ) 3( ) Refuel day 4( )Burn days 5( ) 6( ) 7( ) Refuel day 8( )Burn days 9( ) 10( ) 11( ) Refuel day 12( )Burn days on 13( ) 14 ( )After the 24 day challenge you have the option to move forward to the Carb Challenge or tomaintain the results you have achieved. Please discuss your progress and goals with yourAdvocare nutrition coach no later than your second refuel day to determine what is the nextbest step for you.** In your meal schedule chart means optional. Options are:1) Additional servings of Catalyst are optional for increased fat burning and muscle definition.2) ThermoPlus is optional for increased fat burning and recommended if you do not workout or are fairlyinactive right now.3) Muscle Gain is optional as your 4th meal on the burn phase. If you are busy and on the go, Muscle Gain isfast and more easily digestible and lighter on your system than other proteins. It is only $3 per meal.
  2. 2. Shopping Guide/Food Portion Chart Under 130lbs = small (S) 131-175lbs = medium (M) 176-225lb + = large (L) 225+ = (XL) Meal Replacement Low/Med (MR) Protein Fruit Vegetables Glycemic Carbs Healthy Fats Muscle Gain (MG) Add more green Shakes veggies at any time.Serving Size: Serving Size: Serving Size: Serving Size: Serving Size: Serving Size:MR: S – 3oz S – ¼ c, ½ fruit S – ¾ cup S – ¼ cup (2 oz) S & M – 1/8 cupS – 1 packet M – 4oz M – ½ c, 1sm fruit M – 1 cup M – ½ cup (4 oz)M – 1 packet L – 6oz L & XL – ¾ c, 1 lrg L – 1 1/2 cups L – 3/4 cup (6 oz) L & XL - 1/4 cupL – 1 packet XL – 8oz fruit XL – 1 cup (8oz)XL – 1 packet plus 1 Choose From: Choose From:scoop muscle gain. Choose From: Choose From: Asparagus Choose From: Almonds White fish Grapefruit Any Green salad Sweet potato WalnutsMG: Green apples Cashews Salmon Green beans YamsS (12.5g) – 1 scoop Seeds Tuna Peaches Peppers Brown riceM (25g) – 2 scoops Raw unsalted nuts only!!!L (37.5) – 3 scoops Chicken Pears Spinach Oatmeal**XL (50) – 4 scoops Turkey breast Any berries Onions Black beans Avocado Ground turkey Plums Tomatoes S – 1 ozChoose From: Prunes Cucumbers ** Measure when M – 1.5 ozMeal Replacement Eggs whites: Papaya Celery dry. Measure all L – 2 ozShake – can be S – 6 (3/4c) Oranges Cauliflower others once XL – 2.5 ozsubstituted for a M – 8 (1 c) Cantaloupe Collard Greens cooked.breakfast, lunch or L – 10 (1 1/4c) Honeydew Cabbage Peanut butter or Almonddinner meal. XL – 12 (1.5c) Kiwi Note – black butter Broccoli S – 2 tspMuscle Gain Shake- Figs Mushrooms beans have more 1 egg white = M - 1 tbsp.can be substituted for 3gr protein Zucchini fat than the L – 1.5 tbspprotein in meals Using yokes must be others. XL – 2 tbsp1-6. only when Purchase: Cooking Method: No added sugar, oil or salt!Add water and ice if combining a fat and Fresh or frozen Eat raw, steam, Cooking Method:desired a protein. Egg bake, or bbq Steam, bake, or Olive oil whites are for “just” broil S – ½ tbsp.DO NOT add any fruit protein. M - 1 tbsp DO NOT cook inmilk, juice, etc. DO NOT choose L – 1.5 tbsp oil. DO NOT choose Cooking Method: XL – 2tbsp canned or dried instant rice orWhen to have: Steam, bake, broilMR – refuel day When to have: oatmeal or add oil Egg Yoke or bbq Burn days - Meal to the carbs. Use when combining a fatMeal 1 When to have: 1, 3 and 5 & protein. DO NOT fry Refuel days only When to have: S – 1 whole, 4 whitesMG – Anytime for No skin on meal 2only Refuel days – Burn days – none M – 2 whole. 4 whitesyour protein serving No breading L – 3 whole, 4 whites Meal 3, 4 and 5 Rinse canned tuna Refuel days – XL – 4 whole, 4 whites or chicken. You can add more Meal 3 and 4 When to have: leafy greens or Burn days – Meals 1, 2, When to have: celery at any time. Burn days 3 and 5 All Meals (option on meal 2) Refuel days – Meal 5 Refuel days Meals 2-5
  3. 3. Burn Day ChartTime 2-3 hours Event What to Take Hydrationapart. Wake up  MNS “before breakfast” Packet Drink H2O  (3) Catalyst  (2) Thermo Plus (optional)20- 30 min after Breakfast  Protein + fat + veggie Drink H2Omns before pack  MNS w/ breakfast and w/ lunch Packets AM Snack  1 fat serving Drink H2O OR  ½ protein serving + ½ Fat serving Prior to Lunch  MNS “before lunch” Packet Drink H2O  (1-2) Thermo Plus (optional)20-30min after Lunch  Protein + Vegetable + ½ serving Fat Drink H2OMNS pack Afternoon Snack  Muscle Gain Shake or a serving of protein Drink H2O  Spark or Slam Dinner  Protein + Vegetable + ½ fat Drink H2O th Optional 6 Meal  Protein + Vegetable after dinner Before Bed (3) Catalyst (3) Omega PlexWater Water: 1.0 Gallon Per DayExercise Eat your next meal Daily Exercise – Follow the Plan given below Optional Post workout recovery within 15 to 45  Optional: Spark or Muscle fuel 15 minutes prior shake for those doing the 24 day minutes post  Take 3 Catalyst immediately before exercise. to for definition to lose the last 5 workout if you are Catalyst supports muscle and forces body to go after to 10 pounds AND have intense th not doing post stored fat as energy source while working out. workouts. No 6 meal after workout shake!  For weight loss do not eat 1.5 to 2 hours prior to dinner if you do the Post cardio so you maximize fat burn. UNLESS you recovery shake. workout within 30 minutes of waking then take (3) catalyst and a spark or slam and workout.Extras You may have 1 extra Spark, slam or Rehydrate, sugar free gum, sugar free jello, decaf tea, extra leafy greens, cucumber or celery. Use food portion chart to select or substitute foods within the same category. The portion size will be determined from the weight category on the top of the food portion chart. Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Burn o Refuel o Refuel o Refuel
  4. 4. Refuel Day ChartTimes spaced 2- Event What to Take Hydration3 hours apart. Wake up  MNS “before breakfast” Packet Drink H2O  (3) Catalyst  (1-2) Thermo Plus**20- 30 min after Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake Drink H2OMNS  MNS w/ breakfast and w/ lunch Packets AM Snack  ½ Protein + a fruit Drink H2O Prior to Lunch  MNS “before lunch” Packet Drink H2O  (1-2) Thermo Plus**20- 30 min after Lunch  Protein +Vegetable + Carbohydrate Drink H2OMNS Afternoon Snack  Protein + Vegetable + Carbohydrate Drink H2O  Spark or Slam Dinner  Protein + Vegetable + fat Drink H2O PM snack  ½ serving of Muscle gain** mixed in with ½ cup of Drink H2O nonfat plain Greek Yogurt (or just muscle gain) Before Bed  (3) Catalyst**  (2) Omega PlexWater Water: 1.0 Gallon Per Day  Spark or rehydrate anytimeExercise Daily Exercise – Follow the Plan!  Take 3 Catalyst just before exercise  Optional: Spark or Muscle fuel 15 minutes prior Refueling is vital for increased metabolism to create your success; make sure you eat everything you are supposed to eat! ** = optional Foods to Omit You Can Have:Flour Products: bread, all pasta, crackers, chips, tortillas, pita bread, small amounts of splenda or steviaflour products of any kind, fried or breaded food, etc. small amounts of zero calorie butter sprays or butter budsSweets: sugar, honey, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. all types of pure vinegarDairy Products: milk, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt, cream bases small amounts of yellow mustardsoups or sauces, etc. herbs, spices, and seasoning are great! **Snacks: soda, drinks, chips, popcorn, etc. sugar free gum, sugar free jello and teas are great!Starchy Vegetables: corn, peas, squash, potatoes, etc.Avoid: over salting your food, creamy dressings or sauces, BBQ **limit salt intake and keep it steady. To maximize after pic,sauce cut out salt completely the last 5 days and slowly decrease water intake.
  5. 5. Healthy Eating Tips1) Get rid of the food items that cause you problems (e.g., chips, cheese, etc.)  Sometimes we develop a “taste addiction”  Don’t buy these foods, don’t stock them in your house – in fact, purge them from your house so you won’t be tempted!2) Focus on “Good Carbohydrates”  When you do eat carbohydrates on your plan, make sure they are “good” carbohydrates (e.g., whole grain rice, sweet potatoes, etc.).  Eliminate all flour products if you can – these have a tendency to spike your insulin levels and if you are not immediately burning this off with exercise, you will store it as fat3) Make sure you are always stocked up on fresh cut up vegetables, proteins and healthy carbohydrates  It is always easier to eat right when it is convenient  For example, if an “eating trigger point” for you is when you first come home, then reach for the veggies!  Prepare several types of protein sources and other foods in advance and store them in the refrigerator for the week (e.g., cook a week’s worth of chicken breasts, and prepare some whole grain brown rice to reheat)4) Always ensure you are stocked up on the non cooking food items  Have plenty of Muscle Gain, Meal Replacement Shakes or AdvoCare Bars on hand in case you need a fast/ healthy snack or you need to take something on the go for later5) Space meals and snacks every 2 to 3 hours apart  Never go more than 4 hours without eating – DO NOT Skip Meals for it will slow your metabolism!6) Breakfast is a MUST!  Always have this within 30-45minutes of walking in the morning – ensure your body gets into “fat burning” mode” and not “fat storage” mode.7) Use Spark as needed to keep your energy levels up throughout the day  You can increase your Energy Drink consumption to keep your energy up8) Drink 1 to 1.5 gallons of water a day9) Continue to eat a sensible dinner  DO NOT have any carbohydrates at dinner time – FOLLOW THE EATING PLAN. But… if you are VERY hungry eat extra veggies!10) After Dinner Snack (OPTIONAL)  If you need to have a snack after dinner, your best option is a 1/2 of a serving of Muscle Gain.  Muscle Gain should really be thought of as "Muscle Lean" - this product feeds your muscles and increases your metabolism – which helps you to burn more fat.12) Night Time Refresher  Before going to bed, drink an AdvoCare Rehydrate - This flushes out the toxins from your system, and also keeps you well hydrated throughout the night.13) Take additional AdvoCare Omega Plex (Omega 3 Supplement) for better results
  6. 6. Supplement GuideAdvoCare Product & Benefits When to take it Special Instructions/ Additional InformationMetabolic Nutrition MNS consists of 4 plastic packets of pills: ♦ Be sure you have an empty stomach when st ndSystem (MNS) you take both the 1 and 2 Color Packets. st ♦ 1 Color Packet (Silver, Gold, or Yellow): ♦ Watch your time… EAT 30 – 45 minutes after◊ all-day energy Take this packet first thing in the morning each Color Packet to get the best effect the◊ appetite control when you wake up, on an empty stomach. product has to offer.◊ boosts metabolism You MUST eat 30 – 45 minutes later for it to ♦ If you get too much energy, you can eat food◊ full-spectrum of vitamins, work correctly. SOONER than the 30 – 45 minute time range.minerals, and herbs So, if you take your Color Packets on an empty nd ♦ 2 Color Packet (Silver, Gold, or Yellow): stomach and eat 15 – 20 minutes later, rather Take this packet half way through the day, on than 30 – 45 minutes later, you will tone downThree versions to choose an empty stomach. You MUST eat 30 – 45 the energy. If you still get too much energy,from: (not everyone has the minutes later for it to work correctly. switch over to one of the other versions of MNSsame biochemistry, so three for better compatibility to your biochemistry. rd thversions are available) ♦ 3 & 4 White Packets: Take both of these st nd ♦ Be sure to separate the 1 and 2 Color packets at the same time with food. Packets by at least 4 hours. Otherwise, you will♦Max Energy get “overlapping” energy. ** Your stomach is considered “empty” two ♦ With the White Packets, it might help to take♦Max Appetite Control hours after eating your last bite of food them in the middle of your meal, allowing food to surround them.♦Max 3 ♦ The White Packets are a CRITICAL component to weight and craving control. Be sure to take them every day.Spark Take Spark at anytime during the day that If you take Spark on an empty stomach, you will◊ mental focus you need an energy boost or a boost in feel the mental focus and energy at a much◊ energy mental energy/focus. greater level.◊ craving controlMeal Replacement Shake Drink for breakfast, 30 – 45 minutes after Do not mix this shake with other types of st◊ supports metabolism taking your 1 MNS Color Packet. proteins (milk, soy milk, etc.). It is best to mix it◊ supports muscle tone with water to desired thickness (or blend it with ice and water.) For faster weight loss results, do not add fruit or juice.Catalyst ♦ Take (3) Catalyst capsules on an empty ♦ The more Catalyst you take, the faster the◊ supports muscle tone stomach anytime you are not able to have toning results.◊ enhances strength & energy protein within a 3 hour window. ♦ Catalyst must be taken on an empty stomach.◊ supports appetite control ♦ Take (3) Catalyst capsules 5 minutes prior ♦ If you want to eat after taking Catalyst, wait at to your energy expenditures throughout the least 30 minutes before doing so. day.Muscle Gain Shake ♦ Take this in between meals or as often as ♦ Mix with water only. You can add ice and◊ Provides protein for muscle needed to meet your protein needs. blend if desired.toning and growth◊ High quality protein
  7. 7. Body Fat and Measurements Sheet Name:Body Measurements Measurements in inches on both sides of body (where applicable)DateNeckShoulders(Widest part of the shoulder)Chest(At nipple line)Waist(At belly button)Hips(Widest part of the butt/hip area) R L R L R L R L R L R L R LThighs(Between hip bone and Knee cap)Calves(Larges part of the calve)Arms(Largest part of the arm)Pics Taken- Facing front- Facing to the right- Facing back Notes: