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Home of Hearts Action Plan


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Student created action plan for our project titled #BettPassion -

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Home of Hearts Action Plan

  1. 1. Home of Hearts “Every heart needs a home.” By: Alyssa Perales, Holly Harrington, Luis Henry, Kaitlin Morris, Ashley Lammers, Stevi Mulvehill, and Thomas Bey
  2. 2. Our Problem and Mission Statement Problem: Troubled teens and children don’t have a place to go, be happy, and escape from their troubles. Mission Statement: Our mission is to help children and teens by creating a place for them to go, have fun and be happy.
  3. 3. Resources and Causes Needed resources: Location, building supplies, funds/donations, supporters, troubled teens and children willing to have fun and be happy. Causes/ Barriers: We think the cause of no places for troubled kids to go is really sad because they have no place to go for help or just somebody to talk to. Some causes might be neglection, bullying, or maybe just absent parents.
  4. 4. Actions Actions people are doing: Some churches and other organizations have multi-step programs for a fee. Also, some churches will pray for that family or child without a cost. Counselors are available to help troubled people, too.
  5. 5. Steps of Action 1. We need a place to hold meetings 2. Happiness and fun time 3. After having meetings for a while, we can obtain a building to hold our meetings and have more special events 4. Continue this process at other communities
  6. 6. Responsibilities Everybody in this group can contribute equally to all the steps. We all are very committed to this project and helping these children and teens. We hope you will join us in this fight to change the world. #Bettpassion