Halloween recipe


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Have a happy Halloween tasting these magnificent cookies!!!

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Halloween recipe

  1. 1. A Halloween recipe: Jack-o´- lantern cookies Jam, jam
  2. 2. Preparation Put the sugar, milk and oil into a bowl. Beat the egg and pour it into the bowl. Mix everything up and add some drops of orange food colouring (depending on how orange you like the cookies). Next, add the self-rising flour little by little until you make a light dough. Next, flatten the dough with a rolling pin and use a round cookie cutter. Shape the circles into pumpkins using a fork. Make the eyes and mouths with green and red jelly beans and bake them for 15 minutes. Ingredients:  1 cup of milk  1 cup of sugar  1 cup of oil  1 egg  Orange food colouring  Self-rising flour  Red and green jelly beans
  3. 3. Good bye! Try it, and … have a yummi Halloween!!!