Research the evolution of google communications, content, commerce and applications 2012 – 2017


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Research the evolution of google communications, content, commerce and applications 2012 – 2017

  1. 1. || Research|| The Evolution of Google: Communications, Content, Commerceand Applications 2012 - 2017Overview:First revolutionizing search, Google is evolving to become a force in Communications, Content,Commerce and Applications.This research evaluates Googles current offerings and their anticipated evolution over the next fiveyears.The report analyzes key areas such as how Google is positioning itself to be a dominant player in mobilecommerce.The research also includes competitive analysis of Cloud Payments vs. NFC, Google Now vs. Apple Siri,SWOT analysis of Amazon Cloud offerings, and more.Target Audience:Google and their competitorsMedia companies and portalsIncumbent network operatorsBanks and other financial institutionsApplication development companiesMobile marketing/commerce companiesTelecommunications infrastructure providersWireless device and personal electronics companiesTable of Contents :1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 52.0 INTRODUCTION 73.0 GOOGLE IN COMMUNICATIONS 113.1 GOOGLE MOBILE APPS 113.1.1 GFS II 163.1.2 BIGTABLE 163.1.3 MAPREDUCE 163.1.4 MEMCACHE 173.1.5 APPENGINE 173.2 GOOGLE BUSINESS MODEL AND CLOUD STRATEGY 183.2.1 MARKET STRATEGY 183.3 GOOGLE APPS MARKETPLACE AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS 20
  2. 2. 3.3.1 MOBILE COMMERCE IN GOOGLE CLOUDS 223.3.2 ECONOMIC OF THE CLOUD AND ITS BENEFITS FOR GOOGLE 223.3.3 SWOT ANALYSIS FOR GOOGLE CLOUD SERVICES 233.3.4 GOOGLE MOBILE CLOUDS POTENTIALS IN THE MOBILE COMMERCE INDUSTRY 253.4 GOOGLE ANDROID 28Browse complete Report on : EnterprisePhone:08149852585Email:enquiry@aarkstore.comURL:www.aarkstore.com Mobile Gaming Asia: Market and Forecast Analysis, 2nd EditionLow Cost Pervasive Computing: Market Opportunities in Embedded Computing and The Internet ofThings LTE Solutions and Market Opportunities Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017 The Evolution of Google: Communications, Content, Commerce and Applications 2012 - 2017 Augmented Reality in the Battlefield 2012 - 2016 Augmented Reality in the Cloud Mobile Network APIs 2012 - 2016 Telecom Network APIs 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented Reality Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond Google Market Intelligence Next Generation Network Japan: Market Trends, Challenges and Prospects 2012 - 2017 4G Cloud Services for Mobile Governance Mobile Commerce Technologies Top Telecom 2012: Trends, Business Issues, Technologies, and Applications Computing, Content, Applications, and Commerce in the Cloud: Legacy Network Operator
  3. 3. Threats and Opportunities Mobile Commerce Carrier Strategies Next Generation Network China and South Korea 2012-2017: Market Trends, Challenges andProspects SDP - The SOA-enabled Path to Integrate Legacy and IMS Networks: Market Analysis &Forecasts 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce in the Cloud: The Impact of Cloud-based Operations on Mobile BusinessModels and Operations Google in Mobile Commerce Apple TV vs. Google TV Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - 2nd Edition Telecom Compendium 2012 Personal Electronics Power-cycle: Smart-phones and Tablet Devices Drive Growth (withforecasts through 2016) Market Opportunity: Presence in IMS Mobile Commerce 360 Self Organizing Networks (SON): Challenges and Market Opportunities for LTE and Beyond,Second Edition LTE Operator Strategies: Key Drivers, Deployment Strategies, CAPEX, OPEX, Price Plans,ARPUs and Service Revenues 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce Vendor Analysis 2012 WLAN Market 2012: Wireless Local Area Network Market Study & Business Overview WiMAX Service Providers by Country 2012 The LTE Market by Infrastructure, Devices and Operator Services 2012 - 2016 WiMAX Service Providers by Operator 2012 Mobile Commerce 2012 Mobile Applications and Widgets: Portable Applications on Mobile Platforms, Fifth Edition Mobile Operator Subscriptions, Spectrum, Ownership & Infrastructure Contracts DatabaseQ12012 Telecom and Smart Grid: Technologies, Solutions, and Applications Public Safety LTE: A Global Assessment of Market Size, Technology, Vendor Trends andSpectrum Allocation 2012 - 2016 Google Revenue Drivers: Current Status and Future Prospects Gamification 2012 - 2017: Opportunities and Market Outlook for Next GenerationBrand/Product Advertising through Embedded Gaming Sony PlayStation Vita: Mobile Console vs. Cellphone-based Gaming Market 2012-2017 Cloud Services for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) Market State of the Cloud: Analysis of Cloud Services, Companies, and Applications Mobile Location Commerce 2012 - 2017 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) : The Market for Applications & Services 2012-2017 Global Semiconductor Marketplace: Industry Verticals, Growth Drivers, and Forecast 2012 -2017 The LTE Device Marketplace: Ecosystem, Roadmap, Key Trends, Shipments/Market Share,and Global Forecast by Vendor 2012 - 2016 Network Operator Monetization Strategies: Leveraging New Sources of Revenue