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Research mobile commerce in virtual and augmented reality


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Research mobile commerce in virtual and augmented reality

  1. 1. || Research|| Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented RealityAarkstore.comOverview:Telecom Network APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure to create a vast arrayof business opportunities for carriers worldwide. In essence, these APIs allow carriers todisseminate a wealth of internal information or resources to third parties. This could entaileverything from network QoS for video service delivery to Subscriber Data Management(SDM) for advertising and profiling, the goal being to enable third party developers tooffer services in return for revenues.Today nearly 9 % of all Web and 5 % of all mobile applications utilize APIs. This figure isexpected to increase to over 68 % by the end of 2016, driven by growing investments fromthe vendor, developer and the carrier community. As a consequence, the Telecom NetworkAPIs market is expected to account for nearly $ 75 Billion in global revenues worldwide by2016, growing at a CAGR of 37 % between 2012 and 2016.This report provides an in-depth assessment of the global Telecom Network APIs market,including business models, value chain analysis, operator and vendor strategies and aquantitative assessment of the industry from 2012 till 2016.This report addresses the following key topics:The Business Case for Telecom Network APIs: An assessment of the business case forTelecom Network APIsAPI Aggregation: The role of API Aggregators, the total cost usage for APIs withaggregation and a review of aggregator API usage by category.Value Chain and Telco Operator APIs Usage: An analysis of the value chain of telecomoperator API usage for services including an assessment of revenue across participants inthe value chain from end users, developers, aggregators to the API owners, and how thiseconomic model will change over time.Network Operator, Application Provider & Vendor Strategies: An analysis of howoperators, application providers and vendors will position themselves to capitalize onnetwork APIsTelecom and Non-Telecom Network API Analysis: Evaluation of major Telecom network,Non-Telecom Network APIs, API "Mashups" globally, and an assessment of which APIswill lead the market in the future.
  2. 2. Market Analysis and Forecasts: A global and regional assessment of the market size andforecasts for the Telecom Network API market from 2012 to 2016Browse complete Report on : EnterprisePhone:08149852585Email:enquiry@aarkstore.comURL:www.aarkstore.com Mobile Gaming Asia: Market and Forecast Analysis, 2nd EditionLow Cost Pervasive Computing: Market Opportunities in Embedded Computing and The Internet ofThings LTE Solutions and Market Opportunities Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017 The Evolution of Google: Communications, Content, Commerce and Applications 2012 - 2017 Augmented Reality in the Battlefield 2012 - 2016 Augmented Reality in the Cloud Mobile Network APIs 2012 - 2016 Telecom Network APIs 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented Reality Wearable Augmented Reality: Google Glasses and Beyond Google Market Intelligence Next Generation Network Japan: Market Trends, Challenges and Prospects 2012 - 2017 4G Cloud Services for Mobile Governance Mobile Commerce Technologies Top Telecom 2012: Trends, Business Issues, Technologies, and Applications Computing, Content, Applications, and Commerce in the Cloud: Legacy Network OperatorThreats and Opportunities Mobile Commerce Carrier Strategies Next Generation Network China and South Korea 2012-2017: Market Trends, Challenges andProspects
  3. 3. SDP - The SOA-enabled Path to Integrate Legacy and IMS Networks: Market Analysis &Forecasts 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce in the Cloud: The Impact of Cloud-based Operations on Mobile BusinessModels and Operations Google in Mobile Commerce Apple TV vs. Google TV Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - 2nd Edition Telecom Compendium 2012 Personal Electronics Power-cycle: Smart-phones and Tablet Devices Drive Growth (withforecasts through 2016) Market Opportunity: Presence in IMS Mobile Commerce 360 Self Organizing Networks (SON): Challenges and Market Opportunities for LTE and Beyond,Second Edition LTE Operator Strategies: Key Drivers, Deployment Strategies, CAPEX, OPEX, Price Plans,ARPUs and Service Revenues 2012 - 2016 Mobile Commerce Vendor Analysis 2012 WLAN Market 2012: Wireless Local Area Network Market Study & Business Overview WiMAX Service Providers by Country 2012 The LTE Market by Infrastructure, Devices and Operator Services 2012 - 2016 WiMAX Service Providers by Operator 2012 Mobile Commerce 2012 Mobile Applications and Widgets: Portable Applications on Mobile Platforms, Fifth Edition Mobile Operator Subscriptions, Spectrum, Ownership & Infrastructure Contracts DatabaseQ12012 Telecom and Smart Grid: Technologies, Solutions, and Applications Public Safety LTE: A Global Assessment of Market Size, Technology, Vendor Trends andSpectrum Allocation 2012 - 2016 Google Revenue Drivers: Current Status and Future Prospects Gamification 2012 - 2017: Opportunities and Market Outlook for Next GenerationBrand/Product Advertising through Embedded Gaming Sony PlayStation Vita: Mobile Console vs. Cellphone-based Gaming Market 2012-2017 Cloud Services for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) Market State of the Cloud: Analysis of Cloud Services, Companies, and Applications Mobile Location Commerce 2012 - 2017 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) : The Market for Applications & Services 2012-2017 Global Semiconductor Marketplace: Industry Verticals, Growth Drivers, and Forecast 2012 -2017 The LTE Device Marketplace: Ecosystem, Roadmap, Key Trends, Shipments/Market Share,and Global Forecast by Vendor 2012 - 2016 Network Operator Monetization Strategies: Leveraging New Sources of Revenue