Mobile money opportunities in the bric countries


Published on announce a new report "Mobile Money Opportunities in the BRIC Countries" through its vast collection of market research report.

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Mobile money opportunities in the bric countries

  1. 1. announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection Mobile Money Opportunities in the BRIC Countries RSS Feed: report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights, including:• In-depth analysis of mobile money opportunities in the four BRIC countries:Brazil, Russia, India and China• A comprehensive and country-specific analysis of market attractiveness, coveringthe key trends, drivers and challenges across the four countries• Detailed mobile money market sizing and forecasts for 2011–2016 for each BRICcountry including volume, value and average transaction sizeSummary:A large unbanked population supported by a developed mobile and banking systemwill be the fundamental driver for the growth of mobile-based financial services in
  2. 2. Brazil. In Brazil the majority of mobile money initiatives are led by banks. The needto gain access to the potential market through the unbanked population is drivingstrategic business alliances between banks and mobile operators.In Russia operators are placing a strong emphasis on making contactless mobilepayment service available to users using the NFC standard, with NFC-enabledmobile payment trails initiated for making retail payments or on public transport.All three leading mobile operators in Russia, Megafon, MTS and Vimpelcom,collaborated to provide users with common access to each other’s mobile paymentservices.In India the growth of mobile money services increased as regulatory changes wereimplemented. Brought into effect by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the newregulations increased the per-day mobile money transfer limit to INR50,000(US$1000) from the existing limit of INR5,000 (US$100). The rapidly growingmobile money market in India is driving the established business correspondents(BCs) to directly offer mobile payment services.China is an upcoming destination for mobile money services owing to its largemobile subscriber base and increasing government support. China’s UnionPay, acard network operator in China, in collaboration with China’s leading banks,wireless operators and handset manufacturers, is forming a mobile paymentindustry alliance. This alliance is expected to enhance mobile payment coordinationacross industries by providing a single open mobile payment platform to users.Scope:• This report provides an extensive analysis of the mobile money market in the fourBRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China• It provides current and forecast market size for the mobile money market in eachof the BRIC nations• It offers a detailed analysis of business, infrastructure, technology and consumertrends driving the growth of the mobile money market in each of the BRIC countries
  3. 3. • The report highlights the key challenges faced by the mobile money market• It provides case examples of key mobile payment vendors offering mobilepayment services• The report details the new services launched by mobile banking operators in eachof the BRIC nationsReasons To Buy:• Gain in-depth insight into the mobile money market in each of the BRIC countries• Understand the various market dynamics within the mobile money market anduse the knowledge to capitalize on the potential of these high-growth markets• Take informed decisions and formulate effective technical and marketingstrategies based on the report’s detailed market insights on the mobile moneymarketTable of Contents :1 Executive Summary2 Mobile Money Market Attractiveness of BRIC Nations2.1 Key Competitors, Business Models and Success Factors in the Mobile MoneyEcosystem2.1.1 Key competitors and business models2.1.2 Critical success factors2.2 Benchmarking of Mobile Money Market Environment in BRIC Nations2.2.1 Relative positioning of emerging markets with regards to the adoption ofmobile money2.2.2 Market attractiveness benchmarking in BRIC2.3 Market Size and Future Prospects of Mobile Money in BRIC nations2.3.1 Benchmarking market size in value terms by financial services2.3.2 Benchmarking Market Size by Volume of Transaction and Average TransactionSize
  4. 4. 3 Mobile Money Opportunities in Brazil3.1 Introduction to Mobile Money in Brazil3.2 Mobile Money Market Size and Forecasts 2011-20163.2.1 Market size by value3.2.2 Market size by volume and average transaction sizeMore Related Reports:Mobile Money in Emerging Markets: 2010–15 OutlookGCash: mobile money case studyMobile money in emerging marketsMobile Money Transfer Report 2009: Profiting from cross-border remittance and global bankingMobile Money Transfer 2009-2014For More details Plz do contact :Aarkstore EnterprisePhone:08149852585Email: enquiry@aarkstore.comURL:www.aarkstore.comOur Website :www.aarkstore.comFacebook: