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Resume + 3 reference letters - Ahmet Arduc (v.2.8)


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Updated resume of Ahmet Arduc (Mathematics Teacher, Author).

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Resume + 3 reference letters - Ahmet Arduc (v.2.8)

  1. 1. 1 / 6 Ahmet ARDUC mobile: +852 9844 6487 e-mail: Address: 36/F, Flat C, Block 2, Waterside Plaza, 38 Wing Shun St., Tsuen Wan, NT HK SAR Personal Info HKID No: M409447(1) Teacher Registration Number:R287115 Educational Background 1977 - 1981 1981 - 1987 1987 - 1988 1989 - 1995 Barbara Grundschule, Bergheim / Köln, Germany. (P1 to P4) Fatih Private Schools, İzmir, Turkey. (from P5 to S5) Karabağlar Cumhuriyet Secondary School, İzmir, Turkey. (S6) Marmara Univ. AEF Mathematics Teacher Department (Eng.), İstanbul, Turkey. (Attended to the school with 531 Math points as the primary student and took MEB (National Edu- cation Ministry of Turkey) Scholarship for five years.) Teaching experience 2017-2018 2016 – 2017 2015 – 2016 2014 – 2015 Sai Kung Tutors (IB, IGCSE, SSAT, HSC), Hong Kong • Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong (by permission of SKT) o Mathematics: Year9 (Advanced), Year 10 (Additional), Year 11 (IGCSE), Year 12 (IB HL), Year13 (IB HL Options - Calculus) Sai Kung Tutors (IB, IGCSE, SSAT), Hong Kong • Yew Chung International School (IB, IGCSE), Hong Kong (by permission of SKT) o Mathematics: Year8, Year 10 (Advanced), Year 11 (Pre-IB), Year 12 (IB HL), Year 13 (IB HL Options - Calculus) o Physics: Year 11, Year 12 (HL), Year 13 (SL, HL) o Biology (supply teaching positionin secondary section) Kaplan (SAT, ACT), Hong Kong (part time, during the summer holiday) The Harbour School, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong • MS Math (Year 8) • Science (Year 6 to 8) • Homeroom Teacher (Year8) Rosebud Primary School, Tsuen Wan, New Territories Hong Kong SAR • Mathematics, Grades from 4 to 5 (+ IPC) • Head of Mathematics Department • Character Education, Grade 4 • Mathematical Games Club Coordinator Publications ✓ Author of the book “Mathematical Games, Alfa Publications, May 2003, ISBN 9752973000” ✓ Editor and Co-Author of the unpublished 484-page book “Mathematical Olympiad Preliminary Question Bank, with 1001 solved questions”. ✓ Editor and writer of the Solutions of the book “SAT II Mathematics: Advanced Calculation And Graphing Techniques with the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, Rush Pubs., March 2003, ISBN 0-9748868-0-7” ✓ EditorandCo-Authorofthebook“10RealisticSATIIMathICTestBooklets,RushPublications,March2003, ISBN 0-9748868-4-X” ✓ Editor and Co-Author of the book “10 Realistic SAT II Math IIC Test Booklets, Rush Publications, March 2003, ISBN 0-9748868-5-8” ✓ The author of the handbook “A Guide for the Mathematics Projects” which is distributed by the Interna- tional Mathematics Project Competition Staff to the participants in İzmit. ✓ An unpublished 131-page Chess book named “Chess for Primary School Students”. ✓ I started to write a new book called “Geometer's Sketchpad – Teaching Mathematics with Activities”. ✓ Anunpublished booknamed“HandbookforMathematicsExhibitions”whichingeneralconsistedoftopics about popular mathematics. ✓ Editor of the magazine Abaküs (the first mathematics magazine published in Sakarya - Turkey), May1997. ✓ Editor of the magazine MagicMaths (the first maths magazine published in Konya - Turkey), May 2000. Seminars and Courses Given ➢ I gave a seminar called “Popular Mathematics” in the Private Taş Elementary School (, İstanbul–Turkey. ➢ Did presentations of mathematics at İstek Vakfı Belde Secondary School (Istanbul-Turkey) on16 April 2008. ➢ On 16-20 December 2007, on behalf of Casio, I performed a presentation called "Problems That Can Not Be Solved without a Graphing Calculator in High School and Upper Level" in the 12th ATCM (Asian Technol- ogy Conference in Mathematics) in Taipei. ➢ On 15.05.2010, I gave a seminar named "The new Axis of Education" to the teachers of Eksen Publications in İstanbul – Turkey. ➢ On 25.12.2013, I gave a seminar named "Aesthetic Spirit and Power of Being Different" to the Architects and Engineers Group1 ( in İstanbul – Turkey. ➢ On 31.10.2013, I gave a seminar named "Mathematical Games" to the History and Cultural Studies Association ( in İstanbul – Turkey. ➢ On01.03.2014, Igave a seminarnamed "Mathematical Games" tothe teachers ofFatihPrivate Science Second- ary School in İstanbul – Turkey. Seminars and Courses Attended ✓ September9,2015 -Attended a full dayPD on"TeachingStudents with Learning Difficulties" and get Certif- icate of Participation from Inclusive Learning, The Harbour School.
  2. 2. 2 / 6 ✓ 23-28 December 2014 - Attended 36-hour Elementary School Teachers Workshop and Trainingand get Certif- icate from PASIAD. ✓ “Determinants of Student Performance and Achievement in the fields of Mathematics and Science in TIMSS 2011 Analysis for Turkey” seminar which had been held by the Education Reform Initiative ( ✓ 31st “Teachers' Advisory Services Training” seminar which had been held by the T.C. National Education Ministry between 19.10.1998 and 23.10.1998 ✓ “NewTrendsinMathematicsEducation” conference which hadbeenheld byPrivate BilfenSecondarySchool (Istanbul-Turkey) on13.01.2001. ✓ 160-hourComputer OperatingProgrammebetween19.02.2001and20.04.2001,and took “NationalEduca- tion Ministry's Computer Operating Certificate” with 96 points on July 1, 2001. Achievements (Mathematics Project Competitions) I was the advisor of my students’ 1. geometry project named "Regularity from Irregularities: Equilateral Triangle on a Scalene Triangle", got the Incentive Award in the 5th Salih Zeki Mathematics Research Project Competition. 2. mathematics project named “Finding the Complex Number with the Locus of Exponents is a Golden Spiral”, got the 3rd place in the 14th Science Fair and Project Competition, held by the Kültür 2000 Private High School. 3. mathematics project called “A New Pantograph”, got the second place award in the Marmara-Europe Region in the 44th TÜBİTAK2 Secondary School Students Mathematics Research Project Competition. 4. mathematics project called “Determination of the Optimum Range of Gain for Taxis”, got the first place award in the Marmara-Europe Region in the 43rd TÜBİTAK Secondary School Students Mathemat- ics Research Project Competition. 5. mathematics project called “A Regiomontanus' Angle Maximization Problem Application: Class Layout”. Among 613 mathematics projects, this project was one of the projects that have been awarded in the final exhibition in the 43rd TÜBİTAK Secondary School Students Mathematics Research Project Competition. Achievements (Mathematical Olympiad Contests) 1. Grade 8 students won the first place in Hong Kong in the international online mathematics competi- tion Purple Comet! Math Meet (2016) Competition in which 3188 teams from 59 countries took part. I worked as a maths olympiad trainer for the Mathematics Olympics Team at Mürüvvet Evyap Private Schools. We got the following achievements: 2. Ömer F. DÜZGEÇ (P7) won the silver medal, Zeynep Sena ARSLAN (P6), R. İlteber ÖZDEMİR (P6) and Barış ÇARKÇI (P8) won bronze medals on 17 April 2011 in the Burcistanbul Mathematics Competition. 3. P6 students won the World’s third place in the international online mathematics competition Purple Comet! Math Meet (2010) Competition in which 1617 teams from 28 countries took part. 4. Ömer Faruk DÜZGEÇ (P6) won another silver medal on 18 April 2010 Sunday in the IMATO Competi- tion – Mathematics and Turkish Olympics Test in which 1292 students from 360 schools took part. 5. P6 students won the World’s first place answering all of the questions right where 1764 teams from 25 countries took part in the online mathematics competition Purple Comet! Math Meet (2009). 6. Barış ÇARKÇI (P6) won a bronze medal in IMATO Competition – Mathematics and Turkish Olympics Test among 986 students from 275 schools on 18 April 2009. 7. Barış ÇARKÇI (P6) won a golden medal in COŞMAYA mathematics competition among 2842 students from 316 schools on 21 March 2009 Saturday. Extra-Curricular Activities ➢ Mathematical Games Club ➢ Popular Mathematics Club ➢ Geometer's Sketchpad Club ➢ Web Programming Club ➢ Turkish Calligraphy Club Professional Background 1. First time in Turkey: Held a live online mathematics competition using web-based Ellipse e-White- board software. 9 teachers took part in it. (19.01.2012). 2. On 18.12.2011, with Ellipse e-whiteboard, I gave my first web-based synchronous class. 3. Started using the Instant Test Evaluation System with the optical forms that I created by myself using OMR supported Document Camera (13.04.2011). 4. Started using the Online Homework Tracking System that I developed. (20.02.2011). 5. Prepared Turkish language support (by translating whole software from English to Turkish) for the Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella. (14.02.2011). 6. On 2010, was honored with the Online Commerce Professional after completing the 8-week Entre- preneur Education of the Commerce Professionals Online Program. 7. Supervised a group of student for two weeks from 07/06-07/16/2010 while completing their Intensive English Program at the International Language Institute, Washington, DC – USA. 8. In 2009, I was the advisor of the project “The Calculation of the Area of the Circular Section of an Apple” which was sent to “This is My Production Competition”, done by two of my students. 9. I was the advisor of the project “A Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) Application” which was prepared by my students for the TÜBİTAK Secondary School Students Mathematics Research Project Competition. 2 The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  3. 3. 3 / 6 10. On 9 May 2008, an education and training portal was started by the Ellipse Training and Consulting Co. Ltd. which I am the founder of. I organized the preparation of 15 university entrance and 15 high school entrance pilot tests with solutions with a staff of 35 teachers. I established Online Revision System and enabled teachers sending questions from different cities to revise their students online. I designed Ellipse e-whiteboard. 11. With my colleagues, we founded “Ellipse Training and Consulting Co. Ltd.” on 1 October 2007. 12. On 22.08.2006 I established the geometry e-group “Turkey Geometry Community”3. The group re- cently has 26 members of geometry teachers. 13. Took role in one of my students’ mathematics project named “A different way of calculating the tri- angle center 𝑿 𝟗” as an advisor teacher. 14. Took role as the editor and co-author of four SAT books published by RUSH Publications. The books became the most widely sold books in within the first three months, in their fields. 15. 14th March was announced as PI DAY at Doğan Private Schools (The first pi day celebration in Istanbul). In the framework, the works of the students who were in charge of the preparation were exhibited to the students and their parents in the canteen of the school. In addition, a pamphlet special to pi day was prepared. 16. On the 02.04.2002 opened the math e-group “Mathematics Group”4. The group recently has 107 members of Mathematics teachers. 17. On 22.05.2002 a visit to the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Centre in terms of the Science Club activity. 18. Established a mathematics exhibition from May 29 to May 31, 2000. The exhibition took place in Konya Trade Centre. It consisted of 46 different topics in 20 stands. 19. Took role as a Technical Organizer (coding, organizing, imprinting, etc.) in a quiz show which had been held among S2 students from 34 different schools in Konya - Turkey 20. Played the leading role in forming a Mathematics Room (equipped with more than 60 mathematical models constructed by the students within one year) in the School and made it possible to exhibit the room to the guests just like Computer or Science Laboratory. 21. Took role as a Technical Organizer (coding, organizing, imprinting, etc.) in the practice tests which had been applied to P6 and S1 students, twice a year. 22. Established the first Maths Exhibition in Sakarya, June 22-24, ′99, which arouse considerable interest. 23. Took place in the mathematics project works as an advisor teacher in 1996-1997. Attended the Inter- national Mathematics Projects Competition in İzmit - Turkey with two of my students. 24. Published the AhMath Website (, aiming to form a source of mathematics for the students and to endear mathematics to a lot of students. Language Skills Turkish - Native English – Advanced German – Mediocre References 1) Megan Berkle, Head of Science Department, The Harbour School Hong Kong SAR, Tel: 954-610-7282 (US), 2) Rustem Sultanov, Principal (Previous), Rosebud Primary School Hong Kong SAR, Tel: 9444 0461, email: 3) Catriona Townsend, Head of Upper School Mathematics, Yew Chung International School Hong Kong, Tel: +852 5690 3985, email: Interests and Hobbies ✓ Computer: o Web Programming: I’m a Senior Web Developer (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery). o I’m expert on almost all Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, FrontPage, Publisher, Power- Point, etc.). o I can use software like Algodoo (or Phun), FreeHand MX, QuarkXPress Passport, MathType, Camtasia Studio which are used in imprinting mathematics documents I also can use hundreds of Mathematics Software like Geometer’s Sketchpad, Cinderella for educational purposes. ✓ Art: Turkish Calligraphy, Ambigram, Music Instruments (piano and bağlama), Charcoal Drawing. ✓ Other: SAT Mathematics, SAT Subject Tests - Mathematics, IB, e-Learning, Online Remote Technol- ogy/Computer Aided Personal and Corporate Trainings, Mathematics and Geometry Presentations, Edu- cational software, Education and Science Policies, Instructional Design, Learning and Teaching Methods, Measurement and Evaluation Methods, Personal Development. 3 4
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