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Aan Sinanta Believes in Nurturing Children


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Writing children's books was not what Ann Sinanta had imagined he would end up doing when he was growing up on their family dairy farm in Anchorage, Alaska. Theirs was a close knit family who always had each other’s back.

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Aan Sinanta Believes in Nurturing Children

  1. 1. Aan Sinanta Believesin Nurturing Children
  2. 2. Writing childrens books was not what Aan Sinantahad imagined he would end up doing when he wasgrowing up on their family dairy farm in Anchorage,Alaska. Theirs was a close knit family who always hadeach other’s back. Along with his parents and siblings,Aan was fortunate enough to grow up in the companyof his grandparents who had a big influence on him. Inparticular his grandfather, Aan considers hisgrandfather to be a source of motivation. As a child, itwas his grandfather who read stories to him, andencouraged him to read.
  3. 3. In college, Aan had no plans of being a writer. Hestudied World History, and his wife Cathy, whom hemet in college, was a biological sciences major. WhileCathy was working at her job as an RN, Aan wasworking at a travel firm. It was many years later, thathe realized the significance of all that reading in hischildhood because that’s what made him a goodwriter. He is a food lover, and enjoys taking his familyout to try new restaurants. He enjoys living in thenorthernmost state of the US, and feels very patriotictowards Alaska. When he retires, he hopes to stay inAlaska and spend his last years admiring the beautifullandscapes.
  4. 4. Besides writing, Aan Sinanta enjoys a variety of wintersports like snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding, andskiing. He also likes to go for walks and treks with hischildren whenever possible. He is a great supporter ofSarah Palin, and has been a significant contributor toher campaigns.Aan began writing a few years into hisjob, and his first book was completed in two years. Hewas inspired to write for children because he believesthat they are the future. If nurtured properly, they havethe potential to achieve great things.
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