commercial systems

Intelligent systems engineered
to save time and resources.
That’s Uponor Logic at work.

    Uponor Commercial Systems .................................................1               Permafro...
Unconventional thinking yields
                 innovative solutions
                 there’s a simple but often overlooke...
PEX Plumbing Systems:
                                                                                              The ne...
PEX-a tubing and ProPEX fittings:
                  An unbeatable combination
                  Uponor PeX tubing is clean...
Radiant Heating and Cooling:
Radiant systems                                                                              ...
“ The Academy’s main level is a
“ The radiant floor works exceptionally well in that it both
Radiant Heating Systems
Project: Beaver creek
“ The field is warm and moist
Project:   BmW-Welt
                                                                                      Location:    mun...
Systems you can build on,
     support you can rely on
     the advantages that Uponor brings to commercial structures beg...
For a complete listing of Uponor case studies
akron art museum
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Uponor Commercial Brochure


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Uponor Commercial Brochure

  1. 1. commercial systems Intelligent systems engineered to save time and resources. That’s Uponor Logic at work.
  2. 2. TAbLE Of COnTEnTS Uponor Commercial Systems .................................................1 Permafrost Prevention ............................................................19 PEX Plumbing Systems ...............................................................5 Turf Conditioning ........................................................................ 20 Radiant Heating and Cooling ................................................9 Pre-insulated Pipe Systems ................................................21 Project: the center for Water education and Western center for archaeology and Paleontology Snow and Ice Melting ...............................................................17 Innovation, Training and Support .................................. 23 Location: Hemet, california System: radiant Heating and cooling Product: 60,000 square feet 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus Chief Architect: tubing General Contractor: lehrer architects Consulting Engineer: lehrer + Gangi Design + Build LEED Rating: iBe consulting engineers The invisible revolution in commercial building Platinum An introduction to Uponor by Jan Lång, CEO, Uponor People marvel at the beauty of a bold architectural design or stunning interior. But some of the most impressive features of modern commercial structures are all but invisible to the naked eye: — Quiet, reliable plumbing systems that deliver pure water on demand — energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling systems that create a new kind of interior comfort — Pre-insulated pipe that maintains fluid temperatures in the most demanding conditions — Heating systems embedded in concrete or under pavement that eliminate snow and ice without plows or harsh chemicals — turf conditioning systems that let grass grow in the middle of winter Uponor continues to set the industry standard for plumbing and radiant heating and cooling products. Using technology proven and implemented around the world, these systems preserve natural resources and use energy more efficiently. We’re committed to offering unprecedented advantages to engineers, architects, general contractors, mechanical contractors, installers, developers and owners. Ultimately, our products and services enrich the lives of people around the world. in the following pages, you’ll find numerous compelling examples of Uponor leadership that yields impressive dividends at the job site, in finished structures and on the bottom line. everyone at Uponor is ready to help you select, install and enjoy the benefits of our products. We look forward to working with you. Uponor maintains a global presence that reflects the worldwide use of our products: 1620 Wirsbo company founded 1970 Wirsbo introduces 1988 Uponor acquires Wirsbo Today Uponor PeX systems in Virsbo, sweden PeX-a to market and is listed on the sold in 100 countries — corporate Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland Helsinki stock exchange worldwide — North american Headquarters: apple Valley, minnesota (Usa) — North american manufacturing Facilities: apple Valley, minnesota (Usa) and saint John, New Brunswick (canada) — North american Distribution: Burnsville, 1968 PeX-a invented 1984 Wirsbo opens North 2006 Wirsbo Uponor american headquarters changes name to minnesota (Usa), regina, saskatchewan in United states Uponor (canada), Brampton, ontario (canada) COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS 1 2
  3. 3. Unconventional thinking yields innovative solutions there’s a simple but often overlooked truth about innovation: if you do things the way that everyone else does, you’ll get the same results they do. and that’s where Uponor logic comes in. in it’s simplest form it means we’re always looking for a better way. and you’ll find evidence of it in every facet of our business: — Quality products proven by decades of testing — Partnerships with the people who use and benefit from our products — custom installation plans that increase efficiency, optimize system performance and reduce liability — training and support services that let you install our products with confidence and ensure reliable performance Uponor logic isn’t just a tagline or an advertising slogan — it’s a way of doing business that gives you a competitive edge, enhances the value of your projects and increased your profits. Sustainability: It’s just another word for thinking ahead not just better products — a better way to build individually, Uponor systems offer an impressive list Project: Hunter museum of american art While sustainability has become a popular topic for corporations to talk Location: chattanooga, tennessee of benefits for commercial applications. collectively, System: about, we don’t see it as a trend. We see it as a core business practice. our radiant Heating and cooling Product: 6,000 square feet 1/2quot; they represent a new level of efficiency, reliability commitment to sustainable building includes the ongoing development of Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing and performance that helps you build structures with Chief Architect: randall stout, Faia new materials and methods that reduce negative environmental impact. Associate Architects: Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson enhanced value and minimized liability: General Contractor: emJ corporation Mechanical Engineer: march adams & associates — systems that use less energy, reduce resource demand — efficient product transportation and delivery Mechanical Contractor: acs services — integrated plumbing, heating and cooling systems and perform reliably for years systems that reduce fossil fuel consumption — Faster, more efficient installations — efficient installation plans that ensure efficient — manufacturing processes that conserve energy, material use and minimize construction waste minimize waste and convert raw material waste — stronger, more durable materials through recycling or energy use — Product designs that incorporate environmentally — increased mechanical and workforce productivity responsible materials and avoid potential contaminants — reduced material costs — more energy-efficient systems — Power source flexibility — reduced liability COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS 3 4
  4. 4. PEX Plumbing Systems: The new global standard PEX-a tubing connects you to flexibility, efficiency and reliability Project: sovereign Uponor PeX-a tubing is at the core of all our systems, from plumbing, Location: atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia System: heating and cooling to snow and ice melting and turf conditioning. PeX-a PeX-a Plumbing system Product: Uponor aQUaPeX tubing and ProPeX Fitting features the highest degree of crosslinking available for added flexibility Chief Architect: smallwood, reynolds, stewart, stewart General Contractor: Hardin construction Group and durability, enabling installation plans that maximize efficiency in time Mechanical Contractor & Engineer: mcKenney mechanical and materials and minimize costs. Uponor pioneered the development of PeX tubing and led the way in developing new regulatory codes and standards for the industry, including the astm F876 and F877 standards. our PeX products are backed by 35 years of proven performance and a rigorous system of quality checks and controls that make PeX-a the most thoroughly tested PeX tubing in history. since 1973, Uponor has held the world record for long-term elevated temperature and pressure testing at 203°F and 175 psi. today, Uponor manufactures one-third of all PeX tubing sold in North america. over 12 billion feet of Uponor PeX tubing has been installed worldwide. and Uponor offers 25-year limited warranty on PeX tubing when installed by an Uponor-trained professional. supply line Hot Water re-circulation line Pressure-reducing Valve “ The use of Uponor PEX-a Plumbing System on the Sovereign Project proved to be ultra efficient. We have the peace of mind that we Water installed a highly reliable system Distribution ProPeX that will perform very well for our multi-port tee client. In addition to our highly skilled staff, we feel that Uponor Systems makes us more competitive and is in line with the top quality solutions we provide for our customers.” High-rise Application (gravity fed system) In-slab Application Uponor offers innovative applications and designs Using Uponor Pre-sleeved Uponor aQUaPeX tubing to help you maximize the value and performance for in-slab applications lets you install and bill earlier of our products. this design uses a cost-effective and eliminates scheduling headaches and trade Matt Terek and efficient PeX-a Plumbing system in a gravity coordination. it can also be easily replaced in the Vice President fed configuration for high-rise water distribution. unlikely event that it is damaged after installation. McKenney’s, Inc. PEX PLUMbInG SYSTEMS PEX PLUMbInG SYSTEMS 5 6
  5. 5. PEX-a tubing and ProPEX fittings: An unbeatable combination Uponor PeX tubing is clean, non-toxic and extremely durable. ProPeX is arguably the best fitting system the industry has to offer. together, they create a system in which connections require no glues, solvents or flux for installation, resist leaks, and lasts for decades. ProPEX fittings: PEX-a tubing: — the most proven fitting system on the market — Features a life expectancy of more than 100 years — Provide 100% visible connections and eliminate — resists freezing better than any other tubing Overhead Plumbing Application in this overhead plumbing application, dry fit concerns, making it easy for installers to do on the market Uponor aQUaPeX® tubing, multi-port tees and manifolds dramatically reduce the job right the first time the number of fittings required for an — Withstands potential oxidative effects of heavily installation, saving time and labor costs while reducing liability and risk. — made with yellow brass and the industry’s thickest chlorinated water fitting walls for durable, reliable installations — Features low thermal transfer, making it virtually — also available in red brass and engineered plastic sweat-free in most environments (eP) for performance and reliability in more — allows installers to make secure connections aggressive water conditions without glues, solvents or torches, thanks — Unique design with large internal diameter (iD) to thermal and elastic shape memory provides flow characteristics superior to other PeX — lightweight and flexible, with the tightest fitting systems bend radius available to reduce kinking and enable — eP multi-port tees provide design and performance quicker installations with fewer fittings optimization — installs in all weather conditions and performs Go to the “For Professionals” section at reliably without cracking, leaking or losing its shape Large Dimension Uponor AQUAPEX the use of cost-effective large for complete code and standard dimension Uponor aQUaPeX tubing, — Provides better water quality than metal pipe or cPVc labor-saving PeX expansion Joint Kits listings for all Uponor plumbing products. and reliable ProPeX fittings provide systems, with no caustic solvents, cement or solder the ultimate solution for long run vertical and horizontal installations. — Virtually eliminates water transfer noise: tests show up to 65% less noise than copper — available in sizes of up to 2quot; for use in vertical risers and horizontal trunk lines, as well as water service applications PEX-a tubing vs. CPVC and Copper 2 3 Uponor PeX-a, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (cPVc) and copper are all used in plumbing systems. But the similarities end there. PeX-a is more flexible, more reliable, easier to install and longer lasting than either cPVc or copper. Uponor PeX plumbing systems feature (1) Uponor aQUaPeX tubing in sizes ranging from ¼quot; to 2quot;, (2) expansion Joint Kit, (3) eP multi-port tees and (4) pre-sleeved tubing. features PEX CPVC Copper torches, glues, solvents and gauges necessary No yes yes Visual connection yes No No 1 Flexible for a tight bend radius yes No No 4 rain and high humidity affect install conditions No yes yes Quick and simple fitting connections yes No No Dry-fit connections No yes yes air testing recommended yes No yes PEX PLUMbInG SYSTEMS PEX PLUMbInG SYSTEMS 7 8
  6. 6. Radiant Heating and Cooling: Radiant systems Radiant Heating and Cooling Applications and energy savings — High-rise hotels — malls and shopping Creating comfortable centers a radiant heating and cooling — office buildings environments system can make a commercial — industrial warehouses — Gymnasiums and structure more energy-efficient recreational facilities — Government centers — even when it’s paired with a Energy-efficiency and cost savings, just below the surface traditional HVac system. Here — aircraft hangars — Nursing homes are six ways that radiant systems creating a comfortable environment in commercial structures is a critical — Distribution centers — childcare facilities conserve energy and save money: design and construction consideration. comfortable employees are more productive and comfortable customers are more relaxed, contributing to — car dealerships — Dormitories and school 1. radiant systems are based on the the success of a business. radiant heating and cooling are fast becoming buildings principle of low-temperature heating — Warehouse/big-box the global standard for creating comfortable environments. and Uponor, and high-temperature cooling. this retail locations — military facilities already the undisputed leader in radiant heating, is leading the way in is also known as low-exergy radiant cooling for commercial structures. — airports — correctional institutions design, meaning a system that creates greater output using — Hospitals and — museums radiant heating and cooling both take advantage of the energy less energy. the efficient energy healthcare facilities storage capacity of concrete floors for heating and cooling a commercial — churches conversion of a radiant system structure. in radiant heating, energy moves away from the heated surface, results in an overall decrease in — stadiums and arenas surrounding people with warmth. in radiant cooling, the opposite occurs, co2 emissions for commercial with energy moving toward the cooled surface, lowering the air temperature. structures. Uponor offers you the ability to combine both systems in a single installation, 2. radiant heating and cooling are allowing you to use the system year-round as weather conditions, seasons passive systems designed to run and climates dictate. primarily during periods when a building is unoccupied. this A solution for every type of building conserves energy by reducing Whether your project involves new construction or renovation, Uponor the load on traditional HVac radiant systems offer unique advantages — including the ability to work systems, and allows you to take with existing HVac systems to conserve energy during peak operating advantage of off-peak energy hours. (see “radiant systems and energy savings” sidebar.) radiant rates for lower operating costs. systems give you the ability to accurately control and vary temperatures 3. the water in a radiant system in individual rooms, areas or zones throughout a structure. Quieter than has a capacity to transport energy forced-air systems, they ensure indoor air quality by minimizing the 3,500 times greater than air, potential for bacteria and mold and preventing dust and allergens from so it can heat and cool using less circulating through the air. and no matter which installation method you energy than a forced-air system. choose, radiant systems save floor space by eliminating the need to install mechanical equipment in the conditioned area. 4. in radiant systems, fans are typically only needed for ventilation and humidity control. this can reduce needed air movement volume and mechanical equipment size by up to five times, and also reduce fan power and duct size. 5. radiant systems are easily integrated with alternative energy sources, such as geothermal, solar, waste and free sources of energy such as biomass. 6. radiant systems can help your building earn leeD™ points for reduced energy consumption. RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS 9 10
  7. 7. “ The Academy’s main level is a bare-box, high-ceiling space with glass exterior walls, making it an ideal application for radiant. The system Radiant system installation options keeps the heating or cooling near radiant systems are configured in one of two basic ways: High mass systems incorporate the mass the floor where the people are, not of the building in cooling, with tubing embedded in structural concrete. low mass systems use tubing blowing around the ceiling, as with embedded in surface-mounted ceiling, floor or wall panels. typically, the same panels are used for a conventional forced-air system.” heating and cooling functions. the installation options for high and low mass systems are as follows: Paul Switenki, Project Engineer, High mass: Arup on-grade with expansion joint concrete on metal decking slab-on-slab over high density insulation concrete on pre-stressed decking Project: california academy of science Location: san Francisco, california System: radiant Heating and cooling Product: 53,000 square feet 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing Chief Architect: renzo Piano Low mass: Associate Architects: chong + Partners General Contractor: Webcor Consulting Engineer: arup & Partners LEED Rating: Platinum radiant ceiling with Uponor Climate Control network System ˘ aluminum Heat emission Plates one control platform integrates heating, cooling, ventilation and water distribution to Qwik track ® Panels wall application provide complete functionality with remote access, efficient installation and simple setup. — integrates hydronic, air and indoor supports: air-quality functions — 99 hydronic zones — communicating network platform — 16 air zones — remote and web access — 12 digital zone control modules — 5 water temperatures — touch panel interface — 8 air handlers/furnaces/ac units — 5 boilers — cat5 cabling for easy installation — 8 heat recovery ventilation — 4 snow-melting zones Poured floor underlayment Qwik track ® Panels over wood subfloor — Flexible and powerful units (HrVs) RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS 11 12
  8. 8. “ The radiant floor works exceptionally well in that it both heats and cools. Having a 10-story atrium is quite dramatic Radiant Cooling Systems but making it comfortable at all times is equally as important, and we’ve been successful at achieving that.” 1 radiant cooling is a comfortable, quiet, energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial brian Schwagerl, Vice President of Real Estate buildings. a passive system, it uses off-peak electric power at night, reducing the need for energy-intensive HVac air and facilities, Hearst Corp. conditioning during the day and giving you the ability to downsize chillers and eliminate individual air-conditioning units. radiant cooling eliminates the drafts and temperature fluctuations common in traditional HVac systems, and is especially effective in high-glazing areas where solar gain is a concern. it also avoids problems with mold and allergens spread by forced-air systems, making it an ideal choice for hospital and healthcare environments. — energy savings from radiant cooling systems range — allows you to establish a centralized location for the on average from 17% in cold, humid climates to control system and mechanical equipment, simplifying 42% in warm, dry climates installation, operation and maintenance — Particularly effective for building designs — systems can be designed to transfer heat away from incorporating large glass surfaces that carry one area of a building to another when needed high direct solar loads Su n be am Radiant cooling: focus the cooling effect at the occupant level radiant cooling capacity averages 12-14 Btu/h/ft 2; when used in areas with high solar gain potential, it increases to 25-32 Btu/h/ft 2. Project: Hearst tower Location: New york, New york System: radiant Heating and cooling Product: 150,000 square feet 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX plus tubing Chief Architect: Foster + Partners Associate Architects: adamson associates General Contractor: turner construction corp Consulting Engineer: Flack + Kurtz LEED Rating: Gold “owner is radiant about lobby’s radiant cooling,” engineering News record, issue 12, Volume 259, page 15. 1 RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS 13 14
  9. 9. Radiant Heating Systems forced-Air Radiant radiant floor heating has a history that dates back 2,000 years to ancient rome and Korea. Frank lloyd Wright Radiant heating: Energy and comfort comparison 95ºf pioneered the modern version, encasing pipe in concrete slabs. today, radiant heating is the standard used 60ºf 60ºf 60ºf low temperature heating: radiant heating provides 85ºf throughout europe and increasingly in other parts of the world. Because radiant heating employs a much larger greater thermal comfort at a lower set point than 79ºf heating surface than forced-air systems, a lower temperature achieves the same level of heat transfer, allowing forced-air heat. 100ºf lower overall thermostat settings. 65ºf 65ºf 65ºf 68ºf — energy savings can range from 20-40% over — creates a more comfortable and aesthetically 110ºf 59ºf traditional systems pleasing environment, without unsightly ductwork 81ºf 81ºf 81ºf — installs in both ground floors and upper levels — concealed installation is ideal for public areas where of commercial structures hot or sharp, exposed surfaces could be dangerous — Works with concrete or wood floors and all types — one system provides heating and cooling — in some of floor coverings, including stone, tile, wood, climates, it may perform both tasks throughout the day vinyl and carpet Project: akron art museum Location: akron, ohio System: radiant Heating and cooling Product: 45,000 square feet 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing Chief Architect: co-op Himmelb(1)au ohio Associate Architects: Westlake reed leskosky General Contractor: Welty Building company Consulting Engineer: iBe consulting RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS RADIAnT HEATInG AnD COOLInG SYSTEMS 15 16
  10. 10. Project: Beaver creek Location: Vail, colorado Case Study: beaver Creek Beaver creek, a luxurious ski resort located near Vail, colorado receives an average of 330 inches of snow annually. snow removal was a nuisance and a liability issue. Beaver creek installed an Uponor snow and ice melting system, ensuring convenience and safety for its visitors. the system covers 80,000 square feet of walkways and driveways including resort hotels, condos, restaurants, Snow and Ice Melting: Put waste energy upscale retail stores, and a year-round, outdoor ice- to use and put away the shovel skating rink. Visitors now enjoy walking safely on the snow- and ice-free stairs, hotel and store entrances. the snow and ice melting system also ensures safe Uponor commercial snow and ice melting systems offer a safe, convenient, energy-efficient conditions in the parking ramps and loading docks. and affordable alternative for snow and ice removal. Durable Uponor PeX-a tubing buried in concrete, asphalt or sand circulates a warm water-glycol solution to heat the surface and melt Uponor’s snow and ice melting system eliminates ice and snow, eliminating the need for shoveling, salting and sanding. maintenance costs associated with the traditional snow removal methods as well as the associated noise and an Uponor snow and ice melting system is surprisingly affordable way to perform a critical task for traffic issues. Jerry Hensel, manager of operations for commercial structures, and can be paired with alternative energy sources to operate nearly cost-free. the Beaver creek resort company, is pleased with the results. “it’s just wonderful,” he says. “it’s relatively maintenance-free and the appearance is just amazing.” — Helps you comply with americans with Disabilities act (aDa) regulations and reduces liability Snow and — extends the life of paved surfaces Ice Melting — conserves gas and prevents pollution by eliminating Applications the need for snow blowers and plows — ski resorts Case Study: Westin Hotel — Keeps interior floors cleaner by eliminating snow and — Wheelchair access Built on the last remaining mountainside site on Whistler ice that gets tracked inside ramps mountain in Whistler, British columbia, the Westin resort — lets you take advantage of alternative heat sources and spa affords coveted ski-in and ski-out convenience to — Hospital such as biomass, geothermal or waste heat from two world-class ski mountains. With the installation of the emergency within a structure for virtually cost-free operation outdoor hot tub in an area where daily snowfall can reach entrances up to three inches, the Westin was challenged to keep the — Driveways pool deck free of snow and ice during winter use. — Parking lots, traditional methods of snow removal, such as shoveling garages and and salting, would be costly, messy and labor-intensive. ramps But Uponor offered a superior alternative with their snow- — Hotels melting system. the warmth from the water circulating beneath the pool deck warmed it to a temperature that — Helipads melted snow and ice on contact. — streets and sidewalks according to chris turcott, Vice President of cressey Development corporation, “the Uponor snow-melting — loading docks system was simple, reliable and offered ease of installation. and shipping areas Using a snow-melting system alleviates potential liability — airport hangars concerns for hotel owners when there is no snow or ice for hotel visitors to slip on.” Go to for more Project: Westin resort and spa snow and ice melting installation: Location: Whistler, British columbia slab-on-grade over high-density insulation information on this and other case studies. SnOW AnD ICE MELTInG SYSTEMS SnOW AnD ICE MELTInG SYSTEMS 17 18
  11. 11. “ The field is warm and moist enough that it can actually grow grass in December or even Permafrost Prevention: Subterranean January. The freezing point for the glycol mixture is -25° f, so protection against sub-zero temperatures the system can be filled with fluid year-round, without the hassle soil that freezes due to continued exposure to sub-freezing temperatures is called permafrost. and expense of draining and the frozen soil results in expansion that can destroy the concrete floors in a freezer plant. re-filling it prior to each season.” Permafrost prevention represents another creative problem-solving use of Uponor radiant heating technology. Chris bennett, combining a radiant heating system with thick layers of insulation, the system contains frigid Senior Vice President, temperatures inside the freezer structure while maintaining a continuous soil temperature to Althoff Industries ensure a stable and reliable surface for the building’s foundation. you can even capture waste heat from freezer machinery for a cost-effective and environmentally sound power source. — Protects foundations against freezing damage, stress fractures, heaving and cracking — Preserves the structural integrity of a building Project: toyota Park — ensures the safety of occupants and prevents costly foundation repairs Location: Bridgeview, illinois System: turf conditioning Product: 75,000 square feet ¾quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing — Promotes durability and long life in sub-floors, even in severe climates Chief Architect: rosetti architects General Contractor: sports construction Group Mechanical Engineer: althoff industries, inc. Turf Conditioning: Keep the Project: Us army corps of engineers Location: Fort mccoy, Wisconsin grass greener all year long System: Permafrost Prevention system Product: 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing Mechanical Engineer: Us army corps of engineers Uponor was first to use PeX tubing for hydronic turf conditioning systems. these systems are now used by the National Football league (NFl) and in numerous soccer and other athletic stadiums in europe, canada and Permafrost the United states to preserve natural turf year-round. an Uponor turf Prevention conditioning system uses PeX-a tubing installed in the soil beneath the applications turf to maintain an optimum soil temperature for the root bulb of grass plants. this promotes growth, faster recovery, a longer playing season and — refrigerated superior field conditions, which, in turn, protects athletes from serious warehouses injury in all climates and seasons. — Freezer storage facilities — ice skating rinks — coolers — chill coolers — Holding freezers — Blast freezers PERMAfROST PREVEnTIOn AnD TURf COnDITIOnInG SYSTEMS PERMAfROST PREVEnTIOn AnD TURf COnDITIOnInG SYSTEMS 19 20
  12. 12. Project: BmW-Welt Location: munich, Germany System: radiant Heating and cooling Product: 25 x 2.3mm PeX-a pipes Chief Architect: coop Himmelb(1)au Associate Architect: Paul Kath General Contractor: Kuehn Bauer Partner Ecoflex commercial and remote Heat source Pre-insulated Pipe Systems: industrial applications radiant Floor Heating/cooling — District heating systems Protection from cold, heat and energy loss — Hot water systems the Uponor Pre-insulated Pipe system uses ecoflex® piping to transfer hot and cold liquids within and between commercial and — Potable water systems ecoflex industrial structures. ecoflex piping incorporates PeX tubing surrounded by closed-cell foam insulation that retains thermal properties, — transport of fluids and a watertight outer jacket that protects against punctures and guards against moisture contamination. it can be installed directly off the coil into the trench across a maximum span of 656 feet without joints. installing a Pre-insulated Pipe system simplifies — transport of select chemicals installations and minimizes the risk of leaks and liability in challenging soil conditions and temperatures: — Process water systems snow and ice melting — lightweight, durable and flexible, ecoflex — Helps ensure 100% material use and minimal — Biomass pipe is easy to transport and install waste throughout the production chain — Wood boilers — ecoflex pipe bends around rocks, tree roots — corrosion-resistant and stands up to and other obstructions that would require unstable soil conditions an example of a radiant additional connection time and materials Heating and cooling system in — manufactured using recycled plastic which waste heat is captured for with other products a snow and ice melting system. PRE - InSULATED PIPE SYSTEMS PRE - InSULATED PIPE SYSTEMS 21 22
  13. 13. Systems you can build on, support you can rely on the advantages that Uponor brings to commercial structures begin with a comprehensive offering of PeX plumbing and radiant heating and cooling systems. But because crucial decisions are made long before the first blueprint is drawn, we support investors, developers, installers and construction service providers from the earliest stages of a project with control-strategy options and recommendations to maximize system performance and operating efficiency. Innovation and testing that drive performance Uponor pioneered the testing of PeX-a tubing and led the development of the codes and standards used to regulate the PeX industry. the research and product testing that goes into every Uponor system ensures superior quality, installation efficiency and long-term reliability. The industry’s top training programs since 1993, more than 100,000 professionals have been certified through our factory training courses and on-the-jobsite instruction. more than 1,000 professionals train in our manufacturing facilities every year. Uponor also offers e-learning seminars and american institute of architects (aia) webinars. throughout North america, our extensive network of Uponor technicians, professional trainers and sales representatives make sure our products are installed correctly, perform reliably and deliver the results that you and your clients expect and deserve. Design for form, function and efficiency Uponor maintains a full-service design department to help you negotiate the complexities of modern construction techniques and code requirements. We’ll create custom installation plans for your project that ensure the most efficient use of materials and maximize system performance. our experienced Project: suvarnabhumi Bangkok airport Location: Bangkok, thailand designers are ready to help you specify System: radiant cooling Product: 5/8quot; Uponor hePeX ™ plus tubing and implement the best solution for your Chief Architect: murphy/Jahn architects General Contractor: challenge — including fast turnarounds italian-thai Development Consulting Engineer: Dorsch consult, scott Wilson on any necessary plan modifications. Kirkpatrick & Partners/transolar call (888) 594-7726 or send an email to to discuss your next project. InnOVATIOn, TRAInInG AnD SUPPORT InnOVATIOn, TRAInInG AnD SUPPORT 23 24
  14. 14. For a complete listing of Uponor case studies go to Put Uponor to work on your next project Now that you know the difference Uponor engineering and ideas can make in a project, the next step is to start reaping the benefits. call us to set up a meeting with an Uponor representative and review a proposal for your next project. or visit us online for additional information about our products and services. in the United states, call (800) 321-4739, or go to in canada, call (888) 994-7726, or go to COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS 25
  15. 15. akron art museum akron, ohio Photo ©roland Halbe com_Folder_5_08 © 2008 Uponor inc., Printed in the United states Uponor, Inc. Uponor Ltd. 5925 148th street West 655 Park street apple Valley, mN 55124 regina, sK s4N 5N1 caNaDa tel: (800) 321-4739 tel: (888) 994-7726 Fax: (952) 891-2008 Fax: (800) 638-9517